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November 15th 2012 2:06 pm
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So, about a week ago my husband came home from work and told me about one of his co-workers who is having puppies from her German Shepherd's. She is unable to keep them therefore she is planning to give them away.. well I jumped right on that lol. They were just born the day before and of course I had a million questions and no answers.. (he never seems to ask the questions I need the answers to lol)

She had told my husband that she would be bringing in photos the next day well.. she brought us personal hard copies with her contact information and said that we could come by any time to see them. In the photos, you could see mom and her puppies -- there are 7 total.. all girls! 3 black, 3 brown/black, and 1 white. The mom is a brown/black and the dad is a white .. both German Shepherd.

Now, it's been 1 week since they were born and I can't wait to see them. However, the holidays have arrived and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, we will have to wait until after. I am hoping to visit the weekend after Thanksgiving because I would like to bond with them and see what their personalities are like and of course play with the bundles of fur =) She said that she wanted to wait until they are 6 weeks of age which would be right before Christmas and how exciting would that be.. a Christmas puppy!! And of course.. I LOVE decorating for Christmas and baking the Christmas goodies and all that so I will have to get her a Christmas Stocking.. even if we don't get her until a little after Christmas she could still have her stocking a little late.. speaking of stockings -- we did ones for us as well lol.. this will be our 3rd Christmas together and we have yet to buy any..

Anyways, so last night he came home and said that the vet said they were doing so well that they could be ready to go at 4 weeks! I'm not sure how I feel about that though because I thought they needed to be with their mom for a certain period of time (6-8 weeks), but if they are happy and healthy then of course I would be glad to bring her home.

When I go to visit, I want to try to get some photos so hopefully i can update =)


5 weeks old

December 15th 2012 8:25 am
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Eric and I went to visit the puppies and they have grown so much! They are soooo adorable and I had the hardest time trying to figure out which one we should get. I wanted to decide on their personalities, but the owner is letting people take puppies home already! So, I didn't have much time to choose because since we asked her to keep ours until 8 weeks, we are the last to get ours which bothers me a bit. Why don't these people care more? She informed them that its best to wait, but they didn't care.. they wanted the puppy right then. So because of all that we had to choose which one we wanted so that other people could get whatever one they wanted and so on.

However, I'm getting very excited about bringing her home in the meantime. The closer it gets, the more real it becomes. We picked up a few pet supplies the other day like dog bowls, puppy pads, leash and collar, ect.. next week we will go pick up a crate and whatever else supplies we might need.

Yay for puppies =D


Puppy comes home Monday!!

December 28th 2012 6:03 am
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I am so excited for Monday to get here! She comes home with us.. yaay! =D I bought the crate, bedding, collar and leash, puppies pads, I have 1 rope toy.. hopefully I will pick up some more.. and I will be picking up the dog food here soon. I don't remember if we got accident cleaner or not.. I think we did.

Anyways, I am just really super excited to see her and bring her home. I've been cleaning the house and getting it ready for puppy and I have also been trying to create new, better habits that are more puppy friendly. For example, putting shoes and coats into the coat closet instead of leaving them around where a puppy could reach them. Which I should learn to do anyways just to keep the house cleaner.

Everybody that works with Eric has gotten their puppies already on Christmas Eve and they have told him about their first few nights. One person said they only got an hour's sleep because the puppy cried all night. So, if thats the case then its a good thing we are bringing here home on Eric's days off.

I typically take Christmas down on New Years, but I guess I will be taking it down on the 30th before we bring her home so I won't have to worry about taking it down with her here.


Welcome Home Mika! =)

December 31st 2012 5:50 pm
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Today, we brought Mika home and it feels great =D We have settled in nicely, introduced her to her crate and started to slowly change her food to a grain free product. She seems to really enjoy the nylabone we got her and she is just the sweetest ever.

At first, getting into the car she was a bit nervous because I guess she didn't understand what was happening, but not too long after she calmed down and started to smile and nuzzle into my arms. Since getting home, she has already started to follow us everywhere and does not like us to leave the room.

She's already learned to give a hand shake! I feel like a proud mommy who can't stop looking at my little one. As a married couple with no children.. it definitely feels like our baby. I look forward to the memories to come =)


First few nights..

January 2nd 2013 4:07 pm
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So, we have now had her for 3 days and she has already learned some tricks and things. At first she fought the leash, but has since gotten better to where we can somewhat walk. She has learned how to shake your hand, sit, and is learning fetch.

She also seems to like her crate, but unfortunately doesn't like to be enclosed so at night every 2 hours she wakes up crying and we have to get up and console her. This morning, while Eric was in the shower, I tested it and I closed the bedroom door and then I went and got in bed to see what she would do... she went into her crate on her own and she laid there a bit, then she went and laid at the foot of the bed using one of my boots as a pillow which I honestly should have taken a photo of.. it was super cute! lol

She seems to cry a bit when she needs to go out so I am thinking about testing it a bit further and maybe take a nap during the day and keep her crate open and close the bedroom door so that she has the bedroom and see how she does. I have been taking her up into the bedroom and closing the door so that she can play in her crate a bit (our bedroom is upstairs and we stay downstairs unless we are going to bed or getting dressed) and just get comfortable with it and not have us close her up in it every time she gets in.


Crate Training Woe's

January 7th 2013 7:16 am
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At this point, Eric didn't have the heart to keep her in the crate at night so she's been sleeping on the foot of our bed. I put her blankets down on the foot and she's only allowed on them and not the rest of the bed (i love my comforter and don't want it to get messed up lol plus I feel there should still be some boundaries). In the meantime though, I've been trying to crate train through when I leave the house and putting her in and giving her treats before and after. Usually, if I give her a good treat when she goes in she's so content with the treat that she doesn't cry at all, but by the time I get home she has realized nobody is there and shes crying so loud you can hear her outside the house.. which I hate, but I know its all about tough love.

However, with her sleeping at the end of the bed she sleeps much longer and we are getting better sleep, but it has changed my sleeping habits to where I am now getting up at 6-7am and going to bed earlier (I used to not go to bed until midnight or after and getting up around 10am). So, I am currently getting used to that.. although thank goodness for hubby -- Monday-Tuesday is our weekend with his work schedule and so this morning, he got up with her and let me sleep in.. although I think because she woke up at like 2am and I was so exhausted I felt ill, but I am looking forward to things getting easier and us just getting used to the shift in everything.

And before I go, I did want to mention how excited we are to get Diary of the day today and thank you for all the puppy love we have received from members.. it is greatly appreciated! =D

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