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Puddles, Mud and a Wet Dog

April 6th 2014 6:16 pm
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The weather has been really nice here in NY. Just about every day this week it has been over 35 degrees F. For Delta, this means that she has her driveway puddles to play in. She found a really muddy one the oh her day and played in it for over an hour. Of course, she was DIRTY. She looked like a chocolate lab.

Luckily most of the mud came off after she was left outside for a few hours, but she still got a bath anyway.


Wildlife Blues

November 11th 2013 8:44 am
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I love living in the company of wildlife, but I really wish that they could find another place to eat.

This morning I woke to a pleasant surprise. The trash bag was ripped open, and garbage was scattered all over the front porch.

The smell was the worst. It stunk like a cow barn in the middle of summer.

Of course, Delta begged to differ. I nearly fell down the stairs when she darted out the door to investigate.

I said "Heck with that" and resumed my day. Clean-up will have to wait for later.



October 9th 2013 6:27 am
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The neighbors complain of the foxes and coons but I think that the coyotes cause the most trouble.

Last night I let Delta outside to do her business, and I heard a coyote howling. It must have been close, because it scared the heck out of Delta.

Delta, not being the most observant dog, continued doing her business while I was screaming "Come here!".

I hope that i didn't encourage the coyote to visit again tonight.


Rain, Rain, Went Away! But It's Going to Come Again...

September 22nd 2013 11:45 am
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So, it rained all day yesterday. But when I woke up this morning, it was not raining! Yay!!! Dad came home late today, and I am so mad at him because he woke me up in the middle of one of my beauty naps! And it was a great dream! Uggg!!!


Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day...

September 21st 2013 9:50 am
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Rainy day here in NY...Darn! I was planning on spending the day out and about today. I am contently licking my owner's feet while I am waiting for the rain to stop. The temperature has been awfully strange this day it's freezing, one day it's raining and another day it's boiling fire hot outside.

My owners went to the pet store and got me and Snowball some presents-YAY!!! I got a bunny toy, a bone toy and a new octopus toy! Snowy and I got some freeze dried chicken treats. They are yummy. Grandma gives her kitties this kind of food that they go CRAZY for, and Snowy likes it as a midnight snack, so Mom got some for her. I think that it's yummy too. I steal it off the plate when Mommy and Daddy aren't looking.


Butcher Bones!!!

September 9th 2013 6:03 pm
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Yesterday I got quite a treat! My owners discovered some beef marrow bones at our local grocery store and bought me some! They are so delicious!


My Day (so far)

June 29th 2013 7:18 am
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First of all, I want to tell you about my party. I had a slice of my dog cake last night with my dinner, which I loved. My family even lit a candle for me! Snowy had some, too, because she is my best friend and I didn't want her to be left out. We finally agree about things now. My family bought me three presents other than the one I got yesterday morning. One of them was a box of Claudia's Canine Cuisine Biscuits, and I love them. They are not your average biscuit. They are a gourmet treat. Next up was a KONG Wubba. I got a bear. I haven't destroyed it yet, mainly because I was having so much fun watching Snowy play with the strings. The final present, which was my favorite, was a plush tiger. It looks just like the lion I got earlier, except it has stripes. I slept with my toys all night.
I got to wake up at 8:30 this morning. I finally got to sleep in. I was really tired after swimming in the pool. We just got it filled yesterday. The water company didn't come until 6:00, and didn't finish until after 6:30, so we were swimming in the dark ( we were going to go to the pond, but the pool is much closer and the coyotes were out.). We were swimming until 10:00. I fell asleep on my pool raft. Me and Snowy have our own rafts, in case you had to read it again :). We are floating on a raft as we speak. Snowy fell into the pool earlier, because she missed her raft. So were are just cuddling together right now, drinking our tuna smoothies. I'll get a picture of that up pretty soon. For a cat, Snowy LOVES water. Our rafts contains old blankets/towels and a pet bed. We got pretty comfortable until it was time to go inside.
For breakfast we had a slice of dog cake and some beef ribs. Me and Snowy usually share dinner, and I don't mind at all. Snowy usually tears off her portion and I tear off mine. For my party Snowy gave me a present: a good wet lick. I loved that.


Chicken Leg Quarters...Yum!

June 28th 2013 3:35 pm
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My mom picked up some chicken leg quarters for me today. I had four for dinner! Chicken leg quarters are my favorite food, mainly because I like it when the blood squirts all over me and when I crunch down on the bones it makes them crack. My sister took a picture of me eating some of the chicken, so she will post them in a little while. I am waiting until my dad comes home so that I can open the rest of my presents and eat my cake. My family is having grilled salmon for dinner tonight, because it finally stooped raining. My humans always save the head, organs, bones and skin for me and Snowball to share. We can't wait!


Gotcha Day!

June 28th 2013 7:18 am
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I am so excited that today is my Gotcha Day. My family made me a cake, got me presents and took me for a nice walk this morning in the rain. Too bad that it's raining outside. Here in Central New York, it has been raining nonstop all week. Earlier this morning, I opened up my first present. It was a plush lion from PetSmart! It is so cute. I can't wait to open up the rest of my presents! As I type this, I am laying down on the sofa with my lion. The best thing about it is that it squeaks! I love squeakers. The dog cake is going to get frosted today. It will have peanut butter smeared on top with a drizzle of honey as icing and shredded carrots as sprinkles. The cake has all of my favorite things: carrots, sweet potatoes, honey and PEANUT BUTTER! Peanut butter is one of my favorite things, and I like it almost as much as I like squeakers. My mom is picking up some chicken for my dinner tonight. But, that is a topic for another day. See ya! Woof!


My Hiking Adventure!

April 5th 2013 12:39 pm
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Today was so much fun!
First, I slept in until 8:36 AM.
Then, I went out to go potty and daddy almost left me outside. Well, maybe that is not so good.
After that, I ate breakfast!
Then, a few hours later, I went for a long hike at the state park. In the middle of the hike, we stopped on a ledge and ate lunch. i had some apples with peanut butter, cinnamon and olive oil. We walked for 3 hours and traveled over four miles. I also went swimming too!
We just got home and I am zonked out on my crate.
Stay tuned! Bark!

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