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An Ankle-biters Agenda

My Valentines 2014

February 16th 2014 10:45 pm
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Hello Dogster, Mom finally has a computer in her new place. When they first moved here, I was left with gran and gramps, and ended up being a nuisance. Mom was told that if I didn't shape up, I wouldn't be able to stay there anymore, so they took me to the Apartment with them, and here I am, trying my best, and Iv'e actually been eating dog food. I let mommy clip my nails, and now we are just relaxing on the reclining sofa. I think i like this place ;)



Maximum capacity?

July 25th 2013 7:13 pm
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Hello everyfur!!Its been a while. I wanted to tell all of you that, mom has been training me still, but we also welcomed a new puppy to the family, and it really threw me off a bit. I am VERY good at my sit now, and I am friendlier toward Neight, but ever since mom brought Lexi home, I have been stubborn .
Mommy said I am a good dog, but i don't know any more tricks, i still wont eat the dog food, and I am anti social with puppy and strangers. Is this normal for dogs like me? Or am I simply unable to learn? Is mom going to start putting more effort into it? cause I think she should give up! I dont potty in the house anymore! That's all Kaya, so no one has been mad at me lately, I think I've been doing good. Either way moms been asking if any of your owners could send training tips in the paw mail. Either for me, or puppy. She has been working on the both of us lately and likes to hear new methods and techniques, Even if you ever trained a stubborn old dog, you could pass it on to us, we need to re-potty train Kaya. Thanks for your time !



The park on Easter

March 31st 2013 11:04 pm
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Dogster, today was Easter and it went well, if i do say so myself. There wasn't any family gathering (Thank god, I would never enjoy all that company) but we went to the park. Mommy and her boyfriend walked Prince and I there , the place was so occupied! Kids were hunting for eggs., families holding barbecues , flying kites, just families spending time together, and there we were with mum and her man. Like a little family. It was rather nice, and ma said we did good too.
After he left mom stayed in her room while her sister came over. Prince and I stayed in the living room barking at her and the 5 yo she invited over, im not to fond of kids, actually. They chased me around the house and I got so scared I peed, which resulted in my "grandpa" kicking me out-back until everyone left. Other than that though. I had a good easter. How about all of you? message me.



Warmer days, and a summer daze

March 29th 2013 11:57 pm
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As a Chihuahua, I adore the warm weather, and today was surprisingly nice! Mom said it probably wont last long, (though shes hoping it wont, mom is a winter person.) but I rather hope it does. Prince and I got to spend most of the day out back in the nice weather rather than in the crate every time the family had to leave. However , last night both of us slept in the crate. Mama's "man candy" stayed the night and they didn't want us bugging them. we were quiet for the most part!
After spending alot of time in the sun today , I got my fur rather dusty. Prince did too, he has more fur than me, making it worse.Ma needs to give us baths tomorrow, she really thought about it today, and one thing is for sure, I am NOT looking forward to it! Wish me luck.




March 24th 2013 10:13 am
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Hey everyfur. How are y'all doing? mom said I could fill you in and tell you I'm doing great with my training! I dont wine in the crate or potty in it, so me and prince have both been doing good on going outside! :) I like going on walks, though it seems mom only does it when her boyfriend is here, maybe shes just too scared to go alone? lol she seems so ridiculous sometimes!



More training...

March 22nd 2013 11:26 am
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Man pals, mom has really been toughing up! when they leave she puts me and Prince in a crate, and even at night while she is sleeping! I DON'T GET TO BURROW UNDER THE BLANKET ANYMORE! it kind of upsets me, but there isn't much I can do about it. I am honestly starting to enjoy walks, its time I never got to spend w mommy before, I feel like she enjoys it too, and we have been bonding w her boyfriend as well, which is hard for me, I hate men other than my grandpa. Last time we went on a walk I got car sick on the way to the park, and that worried mommy. There were a ton of kids there and I was pretty stressed out. I like it better when the park is quiet. Thats all I have to fill you in on buddies.



Been a long while

March 20th 2013 9:51 pm
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Hello dogster :) I'm glad to be back on this website! sorry moms been so busy with school and her relationship! I finally have time to fill you in again though. Lately mommy has been trying to get me and my "cousin" prince to eat dog food instead of just people left overs every night. Him and I aren't to thrilled about it to be honest. Shes been really toughing up too! like trying to conform us.
I used to really hate going for walks, I dont recall telling all of you. I'm always so anxious and frightened, I just cant enjoy the walks, However, recently mom has been taking me and prince with her when she goes to the park with her boyfriend and they've been teaching us to walk on the leash like the other dogs do. Prince was a natural but it took me a few days. they say I'm doing good now though and mommy is surprised at how comfortable i've gotten. Its all thanks to my thunder-shirt!!
Of to jump back into the fun here on dogster!


Dogster everyday

November 28th 2012 2:50 pm
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Sorry I havent been on much since I joined guys, my ma's just really busy and its hard for her to hop on dogster everyday ! Shes been trying, but I'm able to fill you in now.

I started wearing a harness as of late, but my skin is sensitive so it bothers me, mommy said shell only make me wear it when im out now-a-days. It has my name tag and everything. Today mom says she thinks im sick because my waste was runny snd i was gagging under her bed, Ive been inside most of the day, which I dont mind because its getting cold.\\



Trip To The Pet Store

November 9th 2012 5:41 pm
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Today was the first time I've ever visited the pet-store and I needed mom to carry me the whole time. =X I was so nervous, bigger dogs were there and people kept wanting to pet me.

Mommy dressed me in my thundershirtTM and we got in the car ( I dislike car rides as well, they make me dizzy). When we got the the shop, mom put me down and tried to coax me into an isle, but I freaked out and tried to run the other way, but when the leash caught me off-gaurd, it freaked me out more, so ma just carried me the rest of the time.
we browsed bed and carriers, but mama ended up buying me a blue harness, and a name tag shaped like a bone.

The ride home: Once we got in the car I started to relax instantly but after a while, I became car sick and spit up on moms sweater, she hardly reacted but she told me she was sorry and that i could calm down, we where on are way home. It was a long day, and I got a warm bath, though my walk tonight didn't go so well, I can tell mom is proud of me :)

Next time, Champloo


_NEW TO DOGSTER! _ ~*Anxiety and "general fearfulness"- therapy *~

November 7th 2012 1:15 am
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Hello every-dog! I'm new on this website and decided to introduce myself in a diary entry. My name is Champloo and I'm the alpha dog of the house! Mom keeps me in most of the day, unless it time to go out and do my business, and I like to stay with her, I am most definitely the apple of her eye! so she doesn't often see how I misbehave with other humans. I'm 9 months old but i grew up as a malnourished and neglected dog, hence I've been very skittish around home since I got here, and just untrustworthy of most people, especially guys.
I like to hide in quiet rooms and howl when I'm left outside.Mama new my situation when she adopted me , but she just noticed the extent of my anxiety.Worrying, she brought me to a local pets-mart trainer and began asking questions.
"Is there any way I can train him to be less of a scaredy cat" Is what she had practically asked , and he replied with a matter-of-fact suggestion. " I would start treating him with aroma therapy, and calming therapy. we sell these brand harness called ThundershirtTM that seem to have a swell reputation as well. " I am para-phrasing , of-course, "After he regains his confidence with the combined methods , he may start to prosper and be eager to learn tricks, or even walk on the leash" The man had gone mad! Mommy was carrying me then and there was NO way I would ever go on a walk . The loud streets, the children playing in their yards. one would be crazy to enjoy anything of the sort.
Though after coming home and receiving a peppermint oil calming massage, and wearing the thundershirtTM a second time, I feel rather optimistic. I still snipped at my house-mate J_lo, but I haven't taken refuge under the sofa once today.


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