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Koda Bearr's Diary

The let down...

November 4th 2012 12:10 am
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When my parents got me they always told me how pretty i was, mamma soon began to take photos of me. I liked the attention so much i pose and do cute things in hope of my photo begin taken. One day we were outside and i decided to play in the field behind the house sooo much fun, anyways mamma took a few shots and they raved about how great they were. A few weeks later mama saw a Photo Contest for Petco's 2013 Calender contest was going on. They got the great idea to enter me... I made the final 36, shortly after i found out i didn't make it. It was terrible, but made my month to know i was a finalist! I thought i was a shoe in! I wont give up ill be a model i will, i will!!


Trails Trails Trails....

November 16th 2012 12:25 am
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Yes we went for a hike yesterday!!! How i have missed it all the smells and the sounds, i was bounding off with one human while the others played. JeNova does not like the hikes as much, she has no energy to keep up, but i can always go go go. When the snow comes we will go less, which makes me sad, i love to sneak into the lake when the humans stop and do that thing with their feet. But i never get off the leash they are scared i will get lost =[ and i would not like that but I really can not wait to go again!


Blazing trails

December 20th 2012 12:44 am
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We recently got a break in the cold weather, so we headed to the Statepark 4 days in a row!!! Kuma my new baby brother came along mom & dad were worried he wouldnt like it much and they didnt know if he would wanna walk. BOY were they wrong he kept up with me on the smaller trail "didnt wanna overwhelm him" and was running the whole time! He is a rowdy little guy but fits in perfectly. At first he seemed scared when he met us but he warmed up quickly! I sure am glad he likes going for walks on the trails with me, since JeNova really dislikes it -.- Anyways i am hoping for snow to PLAY in!

Merry Christmas!!!


DNA 0.o

February 19th 2013 12:09 am
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My momma & daddy have been talking for a few weeks now about just what i am, they figure since i can tell them who my really momma and daddy were they wanted to find a DNA test. I am was confused, momma calls me a mean little winnie dog when i am bad, but they were so happy to know what exactly i am made up of. Mamma said at times i can be cranky and not want small ones on me especially my legs that would be the winnie dog, dadda said my hair and agility would be the collie and golden retriever. My picky tummy and teeth makes senses. They said they are looking to make the right plan for my diet and exercise and want to do as much research as possible to make sure i am happy and healthy. I love my family!

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