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June 10th 2013 11:24 am
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Monday Monday

Well back to work for Mama but it is okay. I'm just hanging out at the house with my cat sister and cat brother.

I had a great time at my Mama's aunt's house this weekend. I got to walk around her big yard and I got to meet my cousin Eve. Eve is about 12 years old and very sweet. I hope we two become close. Also this weekend I got to ride with Mama on some errands. We went to Petco, Krogers, the Dollar Store and Walgreens. I'm not as scared to ride in the car as I used to be-when Mama first brought me home.

Looking forward to another night at my great Aunt's house and playing with Eve.



Friday at Last

June 7th 2013 7:32 am
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At last it is Friday and tomorrow the weekend. Mama Lisa has been staying at her Aunt's house at night alot and then she comes to take care of me and the cats and then work so not much play time for me lately. This weekend I get to go to her aunt's house to stay and I can hardly wait. I need to have a little break from my routine plus my cousin Eve is there and I can't wait to meet her. Mama's aunt has about 4 acres as well and I will have lots of places to run and maybe a few rabbits to chase.


Guarding the House

January 24th 2013 7:21 am
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Another day guarding my house-inside of course. Mommy doesn't let me stay out right now because it is too cold for me. Unlike my sister Freckles I don't have all the thick fur. Anyway I have my own room with my own toys so I can't complain. When Mommy does get home we will go for our walk and then I will get to run through the entire yard and it is a big yard. I made a new friend last week-Spot who lives across the street from me. He got out of his fence and came to see me and it was friends at first sight. Mommy is going to see see if his Mom and Dad will let him come over to play sometime. I do hope so-I love other dogs. I'm hoping that Mommy will someday soon adopt another dog.

Back to guarding the house-the cats a meowing to keep me awake. They are always up to something.


1st Vet Visit

November 5th 2012 11:11 am
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On Wednesday I went for my first vet visit but as it turns out all I needed was flea medicine. I've already had all of my shots and of course I'm spayed. It was good practice for me though-riding in the car. I'm still kinda of scared to ride in a car-I guess I think Mama Lisa is going to abandon me. She said we would practice riding in the car to help overcome my fear. On the upside I did well with the people at the vet office. I have so much to learn but I'm smart so I should catch on to everything quickly.




October 30th 2012 7:33 am
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Another great day at home on Monday but it was very windy. I guess because of the hurricaine. This day Mama Lisa started to teach me how to walk on a leash and I picked up on that quickly. However I don't care too much for it and sometimes I act up and Mama corrects me. I know what I"m suppose to do-I'm just stubborn and don't want to do it. After our walk about I got to have some free time and I sure love to run and run.

Back to playing with the chew toys. I hear my cat sister and brother meowing-I wish I could play with them. I hate being alone during the day.

Sheba in Music City


Monday Monday

October 29th 2012 1:13 pm
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Oh well Monday came anyway and it's the first day I've been left at home alone all day. I had a really great weekend. Mama Lisa picked me up at the pound around noon-then we had to stop at a store. I rode very well in the car-no fussing or jumping-just enjoying the ride. After we got home then the fun began. Mama Lisa let me out into her big yard and I just ran and ran. I've been couped up in a small area since the end of August. Anyway Mama Lisa found a frisbee and I've learned to catch it and return it. Also another favorite thing is tug of war-I found an old blanket in the yard and me and Mama tugged on it. Also I love my stuffed goose that makes the goose sound but Mama's sister says that by playing with that-it might encourage me to kill small animals-like cats. I haven't attacked my cat sister or brother yet but we haven't been together much-I kinda leave them alone because I don't like the claws. Mama Lisa has also been trying to teach me to walk on a leash with some success but it's going to take alot of practice. I naturally want to run ahead and smell and look at everything.

Back to napping for now-Mama Lisa will be here soon and I can go walking and then I can run in the yard.

Sheba who is now at her forever home.

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