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Fizz's Story Part 5

October 22nd 2012 10:46 am
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After Fizz had recovered from her Twisted Bowel, she continued to blossom upward, outwards, widthward's and any other Ward's you could possibly imagine !!

By the time she was 15 month's she was enormous and absolutely stunning with a lovable personality that made everybody love her ! My savage Rottweiler spent her life watching over my children Ben and Emma like a hawk and God help anyone who upset them ??

She became their Guardian Angel and when we went on walks she would walk beside me, but her head and eye's would constantly change direction's. As she would watch where they were and you could see her thought process " OK mum's next to me ,Ben's over there and Emma's there " , this would be how she spent her entire walk !! Just watching and if someone came close to her Protection Detail then her whole demeanour would change, her chest would come out and if looks could kill, then anybody that was looking at her babies had better close their eye's ??

NB. I knew that this Blog would bring back memories and would sometimes be hard ?? But when you write things down they suddenly become clearer !! and paragraphs like the one above remind me how much I really miss her and well its just very very hard, as those who knew her would acknowledge My Fizz was a very special girl and a definite one off .......

Some dog's need to be taught to protect people or guard people ......... and some are Naturally Protective and its these one's who would not think twice of dying for anyone they loved ~ My Fizzly was from the latter category and in her mind she would do anything to protect her ward's. In Fizz's case it was not just her immediate family that she would protect, she would have defended any child, person or animal that she decided she liked !!!

When Fizz was about 5 months old she fell into one of our pond's which looks from the outside to be about 18 inches deep ? but it actually goes into the ground for about 6 foot !! So anyone who falls into it get's a bit of a shock !!! Which is what happened to My Fizzly, when she jumped in and suddenly found herself in a lot deeper water ( no pun intended !! ) than she had intended to paddle in !! I of course pulled her out though I must admit that I was laughing at the same time ? So maybe that's why she was so offended by the pond after that .......

After she has gone for her lil swim !! Fizz made it her life's ambition to become our Pond's Life Guard minus the Trunk's or Baywatch Music ! All joke's aside Fizz would go " ON GUARD " when ever she was outside and anyone or anything would even go near the pond !! Fizz started to show her Swimming Guard duties when we first got Mitzi , Fizz was over a year old when we got Mitzi and so she was a lot bigger than she had been when she was 5 months old and had fallen in the pond !!

Though it seemed that she had not forgotten her close call ??? Fizz would drink from the big pond and would actually put her whole head under the water and would blow bubbles to the fish !! The Fish would see her coming and would wait by the surface of the water, until she had her head in and they would surround her head and nibble all around her mouth as she blew bubbles or drank !!! For Fizz this was perfectly normal and in her mind safe and fun to do !!

But when we got Mitzi, puppies always copy any bigger Dog's in the home, so it was perfectly normal that Mitzi would then try to copy her big friend's drinking from the pond !! Fizz on the other hand would not allow this lil puppy to do such a dangerous STUNT !! So as soon as Mitzi would try to drink from the big pond, Fizz would run up and push Mitzi away from the deep pond using her huge head. She would then push Mitzi down the garden and then allow her to drink from the Baby Paddling Pool which is another pond, but one that is only a few inches deep !!! Fizz continued this tactic's with any other Dog that ever came to live, stay or play !

It was not just Dog's Fizz would protect from the Most Scary of Pond's, I used to look after a friend's little boy called Jake. Fizz and Jake had an amazing bond, and it was a seriously strange vision watching these two together !!! Jake was about 2 and Fizz was this gigantic Rottweiler who when stood up was taller than Jake and she must have outweighed him by around 7 stone or over 100 lbs ......... Fizz would either follow behind or lie next too or just watch with total devotion this lil man Jake.

Now with regards to the Pond Fizz would feel totally safe if Jake was by me ??? But if Jake dared get more than an arms reach away from me !! Fizz would run over and again with her huge head, she would put her head gently onto his tummy and then she would guide him away from the water and onto safer ground !!! It was an amazing thing to see and I only wish I had filmed it, as the Rottweiler get's such a bad rep when it come's to children ? Fizz would have been a great ambassador for the Rottweiler Breed , her patience and love of children was a credit for all dog breeds let alone a Rottweiler's.

Fizz adored all children, but Jake had a special place in her heart, I will give you some more examples of her allowance of anything he did to her !! We had a cat flap in our kitchen back door and Fizz would be outside and Jake would be inside !! Fizz would push her massive head through the Cat flap in fact she must have broken 5 Cat flaps as she would break them as she shoved her head from out to in !! and then she would snap it off and then run around the garden with the Cat flap still stuck to her head !!!

It would be one of these Rottweiler through the Cat flap sessions, that Jake would stand on the inside waiting for his friend to come in and play !! Fizz would push her massive head through and Jake would laugh so much !! he would then stand by the side of her and put his arm around her neck. He would then take his other hand and play inside her mouth !! and then he'd poke her in the eye's and she would just stay there blinking and loving him no matter what he could ever do to her !!

When they were outside in the garden thinking that no-one was watching them ......... Jake would lie down virtually on top of her. Jake would then start collecting Stuff .............. leaves, twig's and grass ?? He would then lie on top of her like a piggy back !! and bend down so they were face to face and this is when the stuff came into play !! Jake would then feed this Rottweiler the collected things, and this Dog loved him so much that she would actually eat these leave's, Twig's and other present's just because he would giggle as she ate them ???

This is how Fizz continued her life and no matter what pain she was in or how bad thing's got. She always was amazing and continued to astound vet's,specialist's and anyone else she met. Her love of life and her willing to please made her an inspiration to all. I just hope I can tell her story well and that I do her life tale justice because it's the minimum that I could do for her.

Fizz showed everyone who she loved such absolute LOVE and total DEVOTION and I think this Picture below show's a Rottweiler's LOVE more than any word's I could hope to write ............


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