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Fizz's Story Part 6

October 27th 2012 4:25 am
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As I told you last time Fizz liked to play with the fishes in the pond, she would put her head in the water and all the fish would come swimming up to the surface. They would nibble around her mouth as she drank water and she would blow bubbles at them and the fish seemed to love her. They have never come to the surface to talk to any other animal, that has drank from the pond before or since. So I can only assume they loved her and enjoyed the game as much as Fizz did !!

What I didn't tell you ( Much to Emma's disgust ) was that the fishes where not the only thing that Fizz liked to play water game's with ?? When we got Fizz in the beginning both Ben and Emma were very young, while Ben has always been enormous, Emma has always been a MIDGET !!! and as I have said Fizz grew like a weed. This mean't that Emma has always been an easy TARGET and a first point of attack when it come's to a FIZZLY PUPPY and it was her idea of FUN !!!

Especially when all lil girls like to scream and run around to get away from a Bounding Puppy !! The only thing is that when you have a lil bounding puppy this is just fun for both parties ! but when you have a Rottweiler or any other big breed ....... it may seem like fun for the puppy ?? But it's not so much fun for a lil girl who is being jumped on and nibbled on by a GIGANTIC Rottweiler Puppy !!

So as I wanted Fizz to know her boundaries and who she was allowed to play rough with and who she had to be gentle with ? Now this is a good tip for anyone who has Children and also a Big Breed such as a Rottweiler. Firstly if you have small children then the MAIN point is NEVER allow the child to be in a LOWER position that the DOG. Anything smaller that a dog, or a child sitting or lying lower than a BIG DOG .......... that child is thought of as weaker by the dog, so in turn the dog will pounce on that child maybe not with malice but by play ?? but it still means that the child is the one being hurt by the dog.

That was the first thing that Fizz learn't was not to play rough with the " BABY " Emma and any other child that came around Fizz. They always stood or sat HIGHER than Fizz, its a simple tool and one that works instantly. So Fizz knew that she could be rough with Ben and but she had to be gentle with Emma, and even in the end, Even when Emma was big enough to play rough, Fizz would never play any games with the BABY ( Emma ) she would sit by Emma and her whole demeanour would change instantly because she had to be CAREFUL with the BABY !!!

When Emma got bigger she hated the fact that Fizz would never play games or Tug and Pull Games, in fact if Emma held the tug toy by Fizz's mouth to get her to play she would take hold of the other end .......... and just hold it and not even move away. When we ever were playing with Fizz and she started to get too rough or carried away, if we said BE CAREFUL WITH THE BABY She would stop playing on the spot and calm down.

BUT there was one game that Fizz would play with Emma and one that she took great delight in !! When Fizz would finish giving the fish in the pond Kisses ..... she would literally hold water in her mouth and in her jowls and she would look for Emma ( No-one Else ) Fizz would get Emma in a sights and if you can smile while holding water then Fizz was smiling !!! They would then look across the deck at each other , like a couple of Cowboy's waiting for the shoot out !!

Emma would yell out NO FIZZ DON'T !!! by the time she got the NO out Fizz was off ........ and no matter how fast Emma would run ( Even when Fizz had 3 Leg's ) Fizz would catch Emma and then just soak her completely. Fizz only did this with Emma and in my heart I know that Fizz did this with Emma because she knew she couldn't play rough with her .......but this was her special way of playing with the BABY safely.

Fizz had another GAME that she enjoyed doing this was in the garden as well ! She used to jump onto a wooden bench that was in the garden, she would bounce from stand still like a demented frog !!! She would do this so that she could give anyone kisses, so they wouldn't have to bend down ?

Well that was her excuse anyway ......... it was another one of her games that she liked playing when she wasn't kissing Fish or Soaking Emma !!

It was one of these bouncing leaps that she first hurt her leg, though to this day I don't know how she managed to get her fat leg stuck in between the slats of the bench ?? But she managed it and I think this is where she started her limping from. The specialist who operated on her said he didn't think it would have done the amount of damage from that ? Even though he said that I still think that this played a part in the leg becoming a problem.

Whether it was or wasn't Fizz's leg started causing her problems and she was only 15 months old and in my eye's she had just got over the twisted Bowel, and I was not ready for my Fizzles to be ill again. So she twisted her leg on the bench and she went to the vet, she was given some Anti~ Inflammatory's and her leg got better !! For a few weeks only ............. then she started Limping more and more. She had more pills and rest, but the limping continued and she would wince if you touched it around the joint ( elbow ) It was also hot to the touch and all of a sudden she stopped using that leg completely.

Back to the vet's and she's X~rayed and the vet rings to tell me that her Cruciate Ligament had completely snapped, these are the tendons that hold her back knee in place. Once again my Fizzly had to have an operation and this one was a big one and could cost her, her leg ?? ( thinking about it now , I think she may still be alive had the leg been removed back then ?? )

This time my vet would not be able to do the surgery ......... this time she needed a specialist and she needed him now, but it was also the specialist that would have decide if the surgery could be done. Otherwise My Fizz would be either crippled and in pain for all of her life, or have the leg removed or in worst case she would have to be put to sleep and I would lose her at 15 months old. So it was sorted we would see the specialist the next day and see whether the operation was viable and whether he could help her at all ???

The thought that I may have to put her to sleep was something I could not even think about, let alone do ???


Fizz's Story Part 5

October 22nd 2012 10:46 am
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After Fizz had recovered from her Twisted Bowel, she continued to blossom upward, outwards, widthward's and any other Ward's you could possibly imagine !!

By the time she was 15 month's she was enormous and absolutely stunning with a lovable personality that made everybody love her ! My savage Rottweiler spent her life watching over my children Ben and Emma like a hawk and God help anyone who upset them ??

She became their Guardian Angel and when we went on walks she would walk beside me, but her head and eye's would constantly change direction's. As she would watch where they were and you could see her thought process " OK mum's next to me ,Ben's over there and Emma's there " , this would be how she spent her entire walk !! Just watching and if someone came close to her Protection Detail then her whole demeanour would change, her chest would come out and if looks could kill, then anybody that was looking at her babies had better close their eye's ??

NB. I knew that this Blog would bring back memories and would sometimes be hard ?? But when you write things down they suddenly become clearer !! and paragraphs like the one above remind me how much I really miss her and well its just very very hard, as those who knew her would acknowledge My Fizz was a very special girl and a definite one off .......

Some dog's need to be taught to protect people or guard people ......... and some are Naturally Protective and its these one's who would not think twice of dying for anyone they loved ~ My Fizzly was from the latter category and in her mind she would do anything to protect her ward's. In Fizz's case it was not just her immediate family that she would protect, she would have defended any child, person or animal that she decided she liked !!!

When Fizz was about 5 months old she fell into one of our pond's which looks from the outside to be about 18 inches deep ? but it actually goes into the ground for about 6 foot !! So anyone who falls into it get's a bit of a shock !!! Which is what happened to My Fizzly, when she jumped in and suddenly found herself in a lot deeper water ( no pun intended !! ) than she had intended to paddle in !! I of course pulled her out though I must admit that I was laughing at the same time ? So maybe that's why she was so offended by the pond after that .......

After she has gone for her lil swim !! Fizz made it her life's ambition to become our Pond's Life Guard minus the Trunk's or Baywatch Music ! All joke's aside Fizz would go " ON GUARD " when ever she was outside and anyone or anything would even go near the pond !! Fizz started to show her Swimming Guard duties when we first got Mitzi , Fizz was over a year old when we got Mitzi and so she was a lot bigger than she had been when she was 5 months old and had fallen in the pond !!

Though it seemed that she had not forgotten her close call ??? Fizz would drink from the big pond and would actually put her whole head under the water and would blow bubbles to the fish !! The Fish would see her coming and would wait by the surface of the water, until she had her head in and they would surround her head and nibble all around her mouth as she blew bubbles or drank !!! For Fizz this was perfectly normal and in her mind safe and fun to do !!

But when we got Mitzi, puppies always copy any bigger Dog's in the home, so it was perfectly normal that Mitzi would then try to copy her big friend's drinking from the pond !! Fizz on the other hand would not allow this lil puppy to do such a dangerous STUNT !! So as soon as Mitzi would try to drink from the big pond, Fizz would run up and push Mitzi away from the deep pond using her huge head. She would then push Mitzi down the garden and then allow her to drink from the Baby Paddling Pool which is another pond, but one that is only a few inches deep !!! Fizz continued this tactic's with any other Dog that ever came to live, stay or play !

It was not just Dog's Fizz would protect from the Most Scary of Pond's, I used to look after a friend's little boy called Jake. Fizz and Jake had an amazing bond, and it was a seriously strange vision watching these two together !!! Jake was about 2 and Fizz was this gigantic Rottweiler who when stood up was taller than Jake and she must have outweighed him by around 7 stone or over 100 lbs ......... Fizz would either follow behind or lie next too or just watch with total devotion this lil man Jake.

Now with regards to the Pond Fizz would feel totally safe if Jake was by me ??? But if Jake dared get more than an arms reach away from me !! Fizz would run over and again with her huge head, she would put her head gently onto his tummy and then she would guide him away from the water and onto safer ground !!! It was an amazing thing to see and I only wish I had filmed it, as the Rottweiler get's such a bad rep when it come's to children ? Fizz would have been a great ambassador for the Rottweiler Breed , her patience and love of children was a credit for all dog breeds let alone a Rottweiler's.

Fizz adored all children, but Jake had a special place in her heart, I will give you some more examples of her allowance of anything he did to her !! We had a cat flap in our kitchen back door and Fizz would be outside and Jake would be inside !! Fizz would push her massive head through the Cat flap in fact she must have broken 5 Cat flaps as she would break them as she shoved her head from out to in !! and then she would snap it off and then run around the garden with the Cat flap still stuck to her head !!!

It would be one of these Rottweiler through the Cat flap sessions, that Jake would stand on the inside waiting for his friend to come in and play !! Fizz would push her massive head through and Jake would laugh so much !! he would then stand by the side of her and put his arm around her neck. He would then take his other hand and play inside her mouth !! and then he'd poke her in the eye's and she would just stay there blinking and loving him no matter what he could ever do to her !!

When they were outside in the garden thinking that no-one was watching them ......... Jake would lie down virtually on top of her. Jake would then start collecting Stuff .............. leaves, twig's and grass ?? He would then lie on top of her like a piggy back !! and bend down so they were face to face and this is when the stuff came into play !! Jake would then feed this Rottweiler the collected things, and this Dog loved him so much that she would actually eat these leave's, Twig's and other present's just because he would giggle as she ate them ???

This is how Fizz continued her life and no matter what pain she was in or how bad thing's got. She always was amazing and continued to astound vet's,specialist's and anyone else she met. Her love of life and her willing to please made her an inspiration to all. I just hope I can tell her story well and that I do her life tale justice because it's the minimum that I could do for her.

Fizz showed everyone who she loved such absolute LOVE and total DEVOTION and I think this Picture below show's a Rottweiler's LOVE more than any word's I could hope to write ............


Fizz's Story Part 4

October 20th 2012 7:47 am
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Once Fizz came home and I had managed to catch my breath and relax ( took a while !! )
Fizz then had time to recover from her Twisted Bowel, though her main complaint was eating ridiculously small meals and having to eat RICE ......... RICE with CHICKEN ........ RICE with FISH ........ RICE with SCRAMBLED EGG for WEEKS and WEEKS !!!!!!

I must admit until the day she passed ........ if she ever saw a rice meal coming towards her ?? her face would react like a Child being given a spoonful of Cod Liver Oil or Medicine !!! I have never known a dog that could say so much with just a look than My Fizzly !!!

Even with these small meals and a totally fed up with RICE dog ?? Fizz managed to keep growing, growing and growing !!! By the time she was 1 year when she was sitting down she was taller than Emma and she was bigger than most male Rottweiler's and weighed over 7 stone !! Everyone who met her no matter where would fell in love with her instantly and totally, but then she was very easy to love.

Our vet Lowri started doing Karate in Ben's Karate Club and she and Jemma a very good friend of our's would actually hold Secret Conferences without my knowledge ?? So they could decide who would Win Fizz !! depending on who would come 1st in any Karate Tournament Competitions they entered !!!! though Dai would know about it and NOT only that,
He Would ALSO then try to Raffle off Mitzi for 2nd Place ....

We then got our Pugalier Mitzi and they soon became best buddies!!! Fizz would play with Mitzi and would actually put Mitzi's entire head inside her mouth and then run up and down Mitzi's Head with her teeth !!! Many a Child and some ADULT'S would quite often panic and claim
Oh My God !!! She's eating her !!

They would also play Tug and War and Fizz would actually swing her up in the air !! around and around flying like a Carousel which Fizz found highly entertaining !! though Mitzi never seemed to be able to return the favour ! Maybe she was just nasty as I don't think it could be because there was any size or weight difference ??

Fizz would not only make friends with any people she met or any dog's ........... She would also make friends with some not so normal things ??? In our back garden we have field's and farm's surrounding our garden as we live in the middle of nowhere !! The field behind was in Fizz's mind did not belong to the farmer, but was just another part or extension of our Garden !! and in turn any animal inside this extended Fizz Garden were in turn Fizz's and so when the farmer would come to check on his animals Fizz would greet him with complete disgust and Barking as How dare he be there, and why was he touching Her Animals !!!

Fizz always had this way of taking things under her wing, particularly Babies, Babies of every type human's, puppies, horses, pig's even bird's !! She would lie near any baby and would just love to be with them, near them or being poked or prodded by them !! No Matter what a child or baby did to her she would just want to be with them !!
She was like me and just LOVED BABIES !!!

Nothing would hurt Fizz more than her seeing a Child walking towards her and the Parent of that Child grabbing the child hand and taking the child to the other side of the road ............ She would look up at me asking Why did they take that baby away ? I didn't do anything wrong I just wanted to see that Baby ???

And in turn Nothing would make Fizz happier than a child coming up to her freely, She would have done anything to have more children around her and her way with children was a truly magical and touching thing to behold.


Fizz's Story Part 3

October 18th 2012 1:11 am
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( these are Fizz's life stories from the time she came into our lives until the time she made her brave and spiritual end )

Now I know how long 9 Weeks are but Oh My 9 Weeks is an awfully long time to Wait !!!
But eventually it came around and even though Fizz was due on my Birthday Xena decided to hold off for another 2 days ( Cow Bag !! ) So My Fizzly came into this world on the 6th June 2004.

I managed to control myself and decided I would go and visit Mummy and Babies when they were a bit bigger !! Though I went to visit Xena and babies before, I decided to wait until 7 weeks before picking which fat lump I wanted !!

The day I brought my Fizz home was the same day I went to pick her ???

Mainly because I wouldn't put her down, and I think Linda was scared I would bite her if she asked to take her back !!!
We travelled home with bags of food and a very fat Rottweiler Puppy and once we got home I still don't think I let her on the floor for over an hour ??

The next day my friend Mai came over to see my new baby and we are sitting having a coffee and she turns to me and says I hope you didn't get that Stupid Looking one that I saw when I was at Linda's the other day ?? It was sitting with it's brothers and sisters looking stupid with the tip of it's tongue hanging out it's closed mouth !!!! I said I most Certainly did not have that one ? We turned around to look at Fizz and she is sitting there with the tip of her tongue sticking out ??????

Now I have had a variety of Dogs over the years and when I was growing up we had around 25 Dogs and most of them lived inside, so I was used to puppies but I have never seen a puppy grow so quickly and grow so suddenly huge !!

By 8 months Fizz Towered over my Chocolate Labrador Coco and would stand on top of Corgi Tiggy and just stand there with this Corgi watching the world go by, between this huge Rottweiler's front legs !!

It was around this time that I realised that Fizz was not right ?? I have always gone with my Gut and even though she didn't look ill ~ I knew that something was wrong with her ? Now those of you who have had one of my Puglets will know my Story about Coco ( But for those who don't know it, I will add Coco's Story to my pages soon )

But the thought process is that from Coco's Story I Strongly believe that No-One knows your Pet like You Know Your Pet ............. and I knew that something was the matter with my not so little puppy Fizz, I always leave a dog for 24 hours, to wait to see if it's just an off colour day as we all have them every so often ??

Anyway I waited and by this time Fizz would not eat her breakfast and had not drunk much water ?? I took her to the Vets and they checked her over and couldn't find anything wrong, so I was told to take her home and bring her back if she didn't get any better ??

I took her home and she still wouldn't eat and she started salivating as she wasn't drinking anything.... Lovely I know. We took her back the day after and each time the vet would squeeze her tummy and feel for Guarding ( Tensing with Pain ) She did nothing not even blink !!!

Home again .............. and back to the vets once again squeezing tummy, checking temperature all the normal things and still no idea. I was thinking of Coco and her twisted Gut, but she wasn't flinching when her stomach was being squeezed so...........

The next day she started being sick and as she hadn't eaten anything she didn't have anything in her stomach so she was really unhappy ............ by the time we got her to the vets she was still trying to be sick and she collapsed on the floor and could hardly get up .......... when they took her temperature she was off the scale and they decided to operate on her to see what was up ??????

I went out of the surgery in a complete state and went home feeling numb and once I got there I just sat by the phone and waited ............... and waited , for hours. Then the phone rang and I get told that she was lucky to be alive and they did not know whether she would make it and I should come and see her straight away.

We rush to the vets and what greets me is a very sorry sight, she's lying down in this cage her eye's closed and with a line of fluids going into a front leg. The vets tells me that she had, had a twisted bowel and that they were so rotten that they had removed 8 inches of Bowel and they felt that she had blood Poisoning and she would be lucky to make it through the night ................

I said that she would make it and the Vet looked at me and said " She had never seen a dog with such a bad Twisted Bowel that did not even blink when they had squeezed the dog's stomach ........... It was unheard of and impossible for her to fathom or get her head around and that Fizz must have the Highest Pain Tolerance of any animal anywhere !! "

I said nothing and just opened the door to the cage and sat down next to my special lady :) She opened her eye's and her lil tail starts moving and she started crawling towards me !! I tell her don't be silly and I moved closer to her and she lay her head on my lap and started purring !!!!

The vet looks at Dai he just shrugs his shoulders and says " that any animal would go through anything to please me " and the vet just looks and smiles and walked away !!

The next morning I rang the surgery and I get told that she had made it through the night !! She had chewed her way through 2 fluid drips and she was hungry !!! and please come and see her and if she did well through the day then I would be able to collect her that night to take her home !

That was Fizz's 1st glance at death and it wouldn't be her last ...................


Fizz's Story Part 2

October 14th 2012 1:40 am
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So there we were standing in Linda's yard and I get told she breeds Rottweilers and she has PUPPIES !!!!
I tried to control my excitement and the jumping up and down !! I turned to Dai and his face had the classic OMG She's gonna either start squealing and Guess What she wants to have and What will we need to buy next look ???
Believe me I wanted to do All of them :)

So the clipping job went way out of my mind ! Sorry Linda :P
first things first Show me the babies !!

I followed Linda down the yard almost pushing her over ! Linda opened the door to the room where she had the dogs and puppies.

She turned to me and asked did I mind her letting out Xena Yep that's right Fizz's Mummy was called Xena / Zena ( Linda spelt it wrong !! but yes indeed it was said the same )

I said "don't be silly just let her out " she promptly opened the door and out came this absolutely enormous lump of a dog named Xena ??

She was seriously one of the biggest lady Rottie's I had ever seen and she was gorgeous !
She walked straight up to me and slumped down next to me and for those people who know Rottweilers then you will know exactly what I mean ?? When I say she sat on my foot, she actually slumped against my leg like a sack of spud's and started purring !!

This purring is something that seems to be a totally Rottweiler thing to do and for the untrained person this can be mis-interpreted as Growling !!! It's not growling believe me you will know when a Rottweiler is actually GROWLING !!! nope this is Purring and they do it when they realise your not scared of them and are just totally happy to be adored !!

There is nothing sadder that when your with your Rottweiler and they see a child coming towards them and the parent of that child just grabs their hand and drags them away from the Savage Rottie !!
It used to destroy Fizz when this happened and she would look absolutely devastated when this occurred !! She would look up at me and ask why can't I kiss that Baby I didn't do anything wrong ???

So if you see a Rottweiler walking towards you, if your worried catch the owners eye and ask if its OK to touch their dog ?? and then Please do as there is nothing more loving than a Rottweiler when a stranger gives them affection and doesn't cross the road !! and believe me you will then hear a Rottweiler Purr it's probably one of the biggest things that I miss the most since My Fizz past, and it's a sound that everyone should hear at least once in their life :)

I'm standing there with this big girl purring and you have to remember this is the 1st time that Xena had met Zena !! and she also had puppies ?? If a happy dog is ever gonna turn into an unhappy dog it's going to be when the happy dog has puppies ! and that is acceptable and totally natural. It's a Mum protecting their babies and that is what mother's will do !!

Linda then says "Would you like to see the puppies ? " WOULD I ???

I said " As long as Xena won't be upset ?? I would love too "

Linda says just go in as Xena wouldn't mind, so I went into where the babies were and I'm suddenly surrounded by 10 baby Rottweilers and God they were probably the fattest puppies I have ever seen and they were Stunning !! I sat down on the floor being attacked by a bunch of fatties and in walks Xena, I keep an eye on how she was reacting to me touching her puppies ?? One thing about Rottweilers they can't hide their feelings !! She looks over at me and decides she wants in on the action and then collapses next to me and just starts Purring !!!

This was the 1st time I had met Xena complete with babies and I had finally found the breeding line that I had been looking for, for a whole lot of years !!! I had found the Rottweiler who would be giving me the Love of my life My Fizzles.

Now I would have taken one of those puppies right there and then ??? But unfortunately I was too late :( they had all found homes which was great for Linda but oh my I'm not very patient !! as some of you will know to your peril !!!!

So it was decided that next litter I would be back and I would have pick of the litter !!! and I couldn't wait. It seemed an eternity for Linda to give me the news that Xena was in season and then finally mated !

If Destiny or God played a part in putting me and Fizz together I thank them, and if any of you doubt that things happen for a reason or our paths are set in stone ??

But if any of you are doubter's then let me Clarify something for you ............ Not only was Fizz's mother Called Xena ....... but Fizz was due on my Birthday !!!!

Explain that one everyone


My Fizz's story " A Rottweiler with a Difference " Part 1

October 10th 2012 11:44 pm
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I feel if everyone who reads this Story is to truly appreciate what an amazing Dog my Fizzly was, then I need to tell her whole story right from the beginning. As I know that the last year of her short life may have been her defining part. The stage where everyone who knew her really began to acknowledged how remarkable she was. But I think you need to know my Fizz from the start not just the part where she finally met her brave and in my eye's Spiritual end.
Because she was much more than an illness, she will always be and will always remain my Best Friend and I don't think I will ever get over losing her, but I think that it may be helped by the telling of her Story and by the helping of others.

For as long as I can remember I had always wanted a Rottweiler, but over the year's I had never actually got one. Through the years I had other dogs and even though I loved them totally, I still had this deep internal longing for the Black and Tan Rottie Breed.
Not that Dai ( Hubby ) shared my longing !! In fact he was scared of anything bigger than a Corgi ?? Though spending more and more time with me, he has had a Hard Task Master in me. I have made sure over the years that his fears have rationalised, otherwise he would have never kept up with me and the children !!
Bearing that in mind that I had 2 small children in Ben and Emma ( Not so Little now ! ) I knew that I could not just have any Rottweiler it would have to be an exceptional one. The breeding line would have to have an Incredible temperament as it's top credential and in my mind's eye that would be my first request !
So as our home life rushed by instead of sauntering it seemed that my longing would have to remain just that and I almost put the thought out of my head.
Then when Ben was around six, we met a new family in his Karate Club and this is how I met Linda who is now one of my closest friends. I soon found out that she bred a variety of different dogs and we'd talk Doggy whenever we met up !
It was one of these Dog Talks that she mentioned that she was going to have to clip a few dogs as the weather was warming up.When I was younger my parents owned a Boarding Kennels and also a Clipping Business so I said I would go and help her as its a bit like riding a bicycle. ( Though more Itchy !! )
So the next day we went off to help Linda clip some warming up Spaniels !! When we arrived at Linda's I started asking her what Puppies she had at the moment ?? ( as everyone who knows me Knows that I love Babies ! )
Linda started to tell me and she reeled off some names, King Charles Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and ................................... ROTTWEILERS !!!

Click on this Link to see more pictures of Fizz 68.64949.283080518467608&type=1&l=54d43a51b5


My Fizzly who is now an Angel

October 4th 2012 5:50 am
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Fizz was my best friend and the love of my life, when she was 6 she was diagnosed with Bone Cancer,I want to tell Fizz's Life Story as she was an amazing dog in both personality and spirit. Even though she suffered so much pain she never once changed her attitude, no matter how many things she went through or whatever anyone did to her.

But it is more than that, when Fizz was first diagnosed with the Bone Cancer, I did what most people do in these cases which is " Completely fall apart !!" , after that I did the next thing that most people do, when they find themselves at such a low point in their lives. Which is to go on the internet and try to make sense of it and try to understand why and how this has happened.

So that's what I did I started looking for everything and anything about Dogs and Bone Cancer. I was totally overwhelmed and found myself looking, on pages and sites and found that by the minute I had even more questions than I had answers . I found loads of Medical Information and scientific terms. Even though I have a medical background it still left me totally confused, and no nearer to anything remotely comforting or anything closer to help me cope with this destroying news and total panic.

I needed to find somewhere, anywhere that would be able to give me some answers, I just wanted to be able to talk to someone who had the same feelings about their dog as I had for My Fizzly and who had gone through this and survived !!

I just wanted to be able to ask questions to a real person with real feelings, and just be able to talk things over, with someone who had gone through this and how they coped, did they recommend something or what had worked out for them ???

I really just needed a friendly ear with someone who had been through this, even if it was just to have a good cry or somewhere where I could just vent and rant if need be !!! I just needed some place to go to where I could get information and a pleasant ear from someone normal who had normal feelings.

Someone who had been through it and someone who would know, exactly what I was going through and would be able to help me by just being there.Someone who would understand the total numbness and the total helplessness, that everyone feels when they are given the awful news that their Pet/ Family member, and in my case My Best Friend has a Disease that may very well take their life.

So this is where I have come to I decided to write a Blog This is not just a place where you can hear a story about one incredible dog, but I want this Blog to be a place where anyone can come and just have a natter about their Pet if it's unwell or talk about anything Pets !!

I hope that this site will be somewhere where anyone can come and talk over problems, or share experiences. I want this Blog to be that place that I myself could not find when I really needed it, and be that hopefully comforting place and I maybe able to help you deal or give you tip's that I myself learn't via trial and error.

I want this Blog to be the place that you can come to when you're going through hard times with any pet you may have, and be around a family of like minded pet owners who will care, share and just be there for their pets and each other !!

So if your pet is going through anything be it Cancer or anything else, I want you to know that even if its just a shoulder to cry on or just someone to scream at I'm here and I will try to help in anyway I can.

I want people to confer or question anything and I want you all to send your Pet Stories as everyone has one !! and I will either post them on here if they are Cancer Related or on my other Blog which is a Blog for any stories or questions that any pet owner is welcome to visit and discuss anything remotely Animal.

The link to that Blog is

I also have a Facebook Page which you can send in Causes or Pictures etc and run's along side my other Blog the link to the Facebook Page is ce-or-Tips-for-any-/283080518467608

I also want tips anything that has helped you and your dog or pet when you got the news that your pet had Cancer and how you coped with anything that your Pet went through ??

I will then add them to my Blog on my Tips Section and maybe we will be able to help someone who is going through the most awful illness that is Cancer. I will also be here to talk if your pet succumbs like My Fizzly and I'm hoping that through helping all of you,that I myself will be able to come to terms and deal with her Loss and I will think that Fizz will play a big part in helping others and that in turn will help me.

I hope that I can be that place or person who maybe able to offer you support and help in this most difficult of times, and maybe some of you who have gone through the same thing may be able to help other people as well.
love zena xxx

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