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Max's mad days

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Back From Holidays :)

October 22nd 2012 6:07 am
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long time no woof dogs hows you?
Had a grrrrrrrreat time on holiday missed yous.Went for a swim nearly every day was pawsome but cold. It snowing one day and it was grrrreat. We had some really nice long walks but i never got tired (of course). It was nice to get a change in walks and there was some tasty smells to sniff. I had to have my flashing collar and luminous harness on at night so my mum could see me because there was no lights. got to go now mum called me for walkies.......
bye bye
licks and wags



October 12th 2012 6:44 am
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Woof,woof Hey all,
off on my holidays tommorrow. Going to Aviemore in Scotland some grrrreat walks and swims. I only Knew about this this morning because my mummy was running about packing bags and a saw her putting a knew dog pad and blanket in one so i knew for sure i must be going.
I got a special treat for my dinner a beef olive. It was yyyyuuuuuuuummmmyyyyy!!!! I finnished it in about 2 seconds flat just incase anybody decided to steel it (im sure nobody would cause its never happened before but you can never be to careful).
My mummy fixed my flashing collar today. It flashes again. I have to wear it if we do a midnight hike which only really happens on the longest day when we walk up Ben Lommond ( a mountain at Loch lommond in Scotland) to watch the sun rise. Its a grrrreat walk
Got to go now wont be on dogster till i come back from my holiday
Woofs and Wags



October 7th 2012 12:14 pm
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Hey all dogs i woke up this morning and i realised it was Sunday and i love Sundays! I love Sundays because i go a walk with my best friend bobby and we get to chase the ball for ages but Bobby's the best at catching. I waited all morning for my mummy to give the signal (which by the way is my mummy saying walkies and picking up the car keys) and she didnt give it until after lunch! When we finally got going i lay down in the car and wished she could drive faster.
Wr finally got to bobby's house he was waiting at the window for me and my mummy had to get her wellies on quick because i barked at her to hurry up! We finally got going and we went to the beach. It was grrrrreat fun! we chased the ball in the sea and we splashed about for ages but the fun had to end and we had to go home so with a last woof we left Bobby at his house and we drove away. I was tired but content on the way home. It was such an exciting day but i could do it ten times. Must go and gaurd the oven now and see what scraps can be picked up,
woofs and wags,


Sausages sighted

October 3rd 2012 11:59 am
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Some delicious smelling shopping bags have just came in door containing sausages which to my grrreat disapointment went in the fridge and not my bowl! Will report any futher sausage movement but for the moment keep an eye on the dentasticks that are balanced on the top of fridge.
Today there were leaves everywhere and my mummy went out clearing them up and found on of my squeakys which we got to play with before i had to to my important job of garding the oven. Met my pal finn while on my morning walk and had a play. food has been put away now going for a cuddle!
woofs and wags,
Max xxxxxxxxx

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