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Max's mad days

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Sausages sighted

October 3rd 2012 11:59 am
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Some delicious smelling shopping bags have just came in door containing sausages which to my grrreat disapointment went in the fridge and not my bowl! Will report any futher sausage movement but for the moment keep an eye on the dentasticks that are balanced on the top of fridge.
Today there were leaves everywhere and my mummy went out clearing them up and found on of my squeakys which we got to play with before i had to to my important job of garding the oven. Met my pal finn while on my morning walk and had a play. food has been put away now going for a cuddle!
woofs and wags,
Max xxxxxxxxx



October 7th 2012 12:14 pm
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Hey all dogs i woke up this morning and i realised it was Sunday and i love Sundays! I love Sundays because i go a walk with my best friend bobby and we get to chase the ball for ages but Bobby's the best at catching. I waited all morning for my mummy to give the signal (which by the way is my mummy saying walkies and picking up the car keys) and she didnt give it until after lunch! When we finally got going i lay down in the car and wished she could drive faster.
Wr finally got to bobby's house he was waiting at the window for me and my mummy had to get her wellies on quick because i barked at her to hurry up! We finally got going and we went to the beach. It was grrrrreat fun! we chased the ball in the sea and we splashed about for ages but the fun had to end and we had to go home so with a last woof we left Bobby at his house and we drove away. I was tired but content on the way home. It was such an exciting day but i could do it ten times. Must go and gaurd the oven now and see what scraps can be picked up,
woofs and wags,



October 12th 2012 6:44 am
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Woof,woof Hey all,
off on my holidays tommorrow. Going to Aviemore in Scotland some grrrreat walks and swims. I only Knew about this this morning because my mummy was running about packing bags and a saw her putting a knew dog pad and blanket in one so i knew for sure i must be going.
I got a special treat for my dinner a beef olive. It was yyyyuuuuuuuummmmyyyyy!!!! I finnished it in about 2 seconds flat just incase anybody decided to steel it (im sure nobody would cause its never happened before but you can never be to careful).
My mummy fixed my flashing collar today. It flashes again. I have to wear it if we do a midnight hike which only really happens on the longest day when we walk up Ben Lommond ( a mountain at Loch lommond in Scotland) to watch the sun rise. Its a grrrreat walk
Got to go now wont be on dogster till i come back from my holiday
Woofs and Wags


Back From Holidays :)

October 22nd 2012 6:07 am
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long time no woof dogs hows you?
Had a grrrrrrrreat time on holiday missed yous.Went for a swim nearly every day was pawsome but cold. It snowing one day and it was grrrreat. We had some really nice long walks but i never got tired (of course). It was nice to get a change in walks and there was some tasty smells to sniff. I had to have my flashing collar and luminous harness on at night so my mum could see me because there was no lights. got to go now mum called me for walkies.......
bye bye
licks and wags


A dogs duties are never done!

October 22nd 2012 8:10 am
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Woof Woof Hey pals ready to play!
Just been a quick walk down to the town centre. I have never been before and i loved all the yummy smells. Mum made me stay outside this dogilicious tasty smelling shop with my auntie while mum bought cakes. I was drooling- quite literally! I got lots of treats afterwards they were grrrrreat.
On the way home we played with the ball it was pawsome fun! I didnt catch it all the time but i did some pretty cool catches (well i think they were). When we got home i got the biggest scrummiest treat you have ever seen. It was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
Got to go now see you all later. A rub down awaits me then its back to guarding the oven. I saw some pork chops coming out of the fridge. I hope i get some!see ya soon
love and licks


More Pawsome Walks

November 4th 2012 12:25 pm
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Hey dogs,

Its Sunday again my fav day of the week. Walk with my best pal and a vist to my Gran which equals lots of treats!I was in the car first today as usual even without stopping to put my harness on. Apparently i need it to keep me safe in the car but i think it must be another pointless human idea. But anyway we eventully got going in the car that i think cant go fast enough. We got there after what was like an age. Mum went to get Bobby then we set off on our walk.

On the walk we chased the ball. Im the fastest but for some reason i dont allways seem to get it. Bobby is deffinately the best at catching but hes not just as fast as me. He never misses the ball and always seems to know where its going to land. Hes getting on a bit now and is slowing down but will never stop unless he has to.

The walk was over really quickly as usual. Bobby went back to his house and we went to my Grans. I gave my Gran a big hug when i got in and not long after she was making cups of tea and handing round biscuits (which by the way smely delicious!).We stayed for a while then we had to go home.

Got to go now guys chicken dinner night. Got to go and guard the oven.see you's later,
wags and woofs,



December 28th 2012 12:54 pm
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Hey everydoggy!
Hope you all had a grrrrrreat Christmas! I got presents from Santa paws. i hope you did too. I got a stuffed raindeer, a rubber sausage string and some dog treats! It was pawsome.
Went a nice walk with my frisbe yesterday. Ive not got the hang of it yet and i dont catch it all the time but im getting there. The wind just blows it away all the time just as im about to catch it. I like running away with it after ive caugt it then chucking it in the air and chaseing it again. Its so much fun!
Ive been demoted back to kible again because mum said human food isnt good for me all the time and i only get to eat a whole dinner of it at Christmas time. How unfair.
I just met my cousin Harvey for the first time the other day. Hes a bouncy black lab pup (well hes nearly full grown) and hes grrrrreat fun. We cant play properly because hes just been neutered and he might burst his stitches because we get very boisterous. I hope he can play soon!.
Well ive got to go now,
see ya soon,


Reindeer time!

December 29th 2012 1:36 pm
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Hey pups!
I love playing with my new stuffed reindeer toy that i got for Christmas. I chuck it up in the air then catch it and shake it like a rat. It so much fun. I also like relaxing with it by lying on my back with my legs in the air and it in my mouth. I also love pulling the stuffing out and i got a big surprise when the nose came flying of it and disappeared uder the sofa.
I went a lovely walk today through the country park with my dad. I ran through the trees smelling all the smells and trying to catch squirrels. They always seem to just get away and you have to sent mark the tree so you can find the squirrel and come back to sort it out later. It was such a good walk and to top it all off my dad let me play in the river for ages and he chucked sticks in aswell. The only bad bit was going home and having to get dried off.
I was given a Jumbone today. It was from my special christmas treat box. I wasnt to sure what to do with it at first because it was so big but mum let me out in the garden and i decided to bury it for later. I dug a hole with my paws put the bone in the covered it back up with soil. I hope nobody steels it.
See you all later,
woofs and wags,


Everyone disappears bar one :0(

January 9th 2013 12:37 pm
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Hey everydoggy!
Thank you for picking me to be one of the DDPs its a grrreat honour.
This week everybody in my house went back to work or school except my big bro. I was really disappointed because these past few weeks ive been enjoying extra long walks to all different places and its been grrrreat. Its not that i dont get walked normaly i just get extra long walks to special places in the holidays. Ive only had one really big walk so far this weekand it was with my big bro. It was grrrrrreat! We went to a place called loudon hill and climded up the kinda hill and we went through the country too. I loved it. Ill have to wait until the weekend to get more big walks so it will be the park and feilds for me till then.
My reindeer is still going by the way and its still grrreat fun to play with but i now have successfully removed most of the stuffing so its now looking a bit deflated.
see yall soon,
MAX :0)


Yuletide yummies!

January 10th 2013 2:03 pm
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Hey dogs!
Today after playing with my raggy reindeer my mum gave me a treat from my special treat before she went out to work. It was from my special christmas treat box. My mum said it was called a yuletide yummy and it was delicious. It is now my new most favourite treat. I wanted more but mum said it wasnt good for me to have too many. I was soooooo disappointed. I would deffinately recomend them to anyone. There so grrrreat.
My big bro was the only one in the house in the morning so i contented myself with raggy reindeer again. hes still lots of fun aswell. When my bro got up he took me my second walk of the day. Its gettin colder outside and theres rumours that its gonna snow. I love snow aswell and i like trying to catch snowballs but they always seem to fall apart when they get to my mouth. I also like havin a good roll about on my ack in the snow and get myself nice and covered in the stuff. Its grrrrreat fun
I see you doggies later,
The dog who loves yuletide yummies and snow, Max

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