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Its my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 17th 2013 5:43 am
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It's my birthday today!! Yippee! I get to be spoiled today and eat special doggie birthday cake!!!! I wonder what gifts mum will have for me this year?? hmmmmmmmmmmm She said she is making me a special birthday dinner today to! Cant wait!!!


Summer is here

June 10th 2013 8:09 am
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Summer summer summer........bla bla bla........bring back da snow!!!!
Ah it's not so bad I suppose at least for a few months before I get to run through that glorious white cold beautiful snow!! At least I get to go swimming in the summer..I must say that is one of my favorite activities!
I love to run full tilt up the dock and see how far out I can jump!! I have beat my own record several times!
There is lots of shade in my yard even though sometimes I dont mind sun bathing but only for a few moments till I retreat to the shade or go indoors to my moms lovely air conditioner!

My sisfur is afraid of the water (hahahah) Silly Lexus! If she would only try just one time I know she would love it as I do, so I purposely get out of the water and shake it all over her!
I know she is just scared because she doesn't really know what to do or what it is, but she will soon enough!
That all for now




April 11th 2013 7:45 am
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Well the snow is gone :( it is not as much fun to play outside now but I remember last year when it got warm we went swimming at the beach a lot, and that was very fun, so I am hoping that time is coming very very soon, that will get the no snow thing off my mind. I am currently going through my blowout which is when I shed my undercoat as I have 2 coats of fur, through seasons it blows out.......fur ewverywhere, mom is always cleaning it up and saying it looks like out of my fur she could make a whole other dog BOL!!
Heck I feel the same way, I can't even lick myself without getting a hair ball......and I am not a cat and do not like hairballs!!!!!! But luckily mommy grooms me every day to keep the fur down and blow out will be over soon and back to just regular every day shedding! ;)
Well that is all for now,


Easter Basket

March 27th 2013 5:37 am
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Someone sent me an Easter basket gift, and I am hoping they read this entry because it didn't come through properly and it wont show me who its from so please send me a paw mail and let me know who sent it.......and thank you very much to whoever did :)


More SNOW!!!!!

February 9th 2013 9:54 am
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Woohoooo! we just had a heck of a snow storm for 2 days much snow i dont know what to do with myself!!!! So exited EXITED!!!!
I can bury myself in the snow again.....and push my little sisfur off the snowbank!
The snow between my toes sometimes stick and hurts for a moment but it is SOOOOOO worth it!! snow snow SNOW!!!!!!
~Mika.........A.K.A ~SNOWDOGGGG~


her turn!!!

February 1st 2013 6:44 pm
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My sister Lexus is going to the vet on Monday, and we just found out that not long after she gets her boosters, they are going to get her spayed!!!! I have been telling Lexi some horror stories about it to BOL BOL BOL!!!!
But hey, what are big sisfurs for right?? BOL
I had it done now it is her turn. I do love her though and I know she will be fine. I bug her about it but she knows I care and I am here for her.
My feline brother is getting a lot better now, that's good cause I was worried about him. And I would like to resume with my chasing him and him slapping me and then chasing me......that's my favorite game, and since he has been sick he hasn't wanted to play.
So I am exited for him to be better.
The weather is much better now, it is still cold and snowy but not so cold that my paws hurt when I step outside. So we are back to our regular walks again. Thank goodness, I was getting stir crazy!!!!! And Lexus can get her energy out now on our walks so she leaves me alone now and then!!!!!!!!
Anyways thats all for now,



January 27th 2013 3:40 pm
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Not listen, I may be a Siberian Husky, and there is nothing I love more then to romp in the snow and bury my head and all that stuff....BUT when it is -30c and my paws are literally freezing to the ground beneath me......that is just TO cold!!!!!
It has been just way to cold for a week straight, we can't even walk until the cold snap leaves because it is hurting my paws and I end up limping from paw to paw!!! I wont keep my booties on what kind of fashion statement would my mom like me to make here? I am SO not wearing those. I will take the not walking for a few days over wearing those!!!!!!
Anyways, it is suppose to start warming tomorrow, so I am hoping we can get out for a stretch.
My feline brofur Winter has been sick for a couple days also, I am concerned, I like him!! Mom took him to the vet and he is now on some pills and they had to drain his bladder etc....he has been feeling better since but still not quite up to par......I send warm wishes his way and hope he feels better soon.
Thats all for now,



January 16th 2013 5:10 am
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Well the snow is starting to melt more big fluffy snow banks to jump into and bury my head! No fun!!! Mom says it is suppose to get cold again though and it will probably snow some more, and that winter is not over. I sure hope she's right......which she usually is BOL!
Anyways, things are going well for me, I got real grumpy the other day though and didn't wanna play. Everybody is entitled to a bad day though right?
......"whats that mom?"
....." CAR RIDE????.....whooohhoooo"................................... ............................................................ ............................................................ ............................................................ ............................................................ ...........................................


winter fun

January 3rd 2013 8:34 pm
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Well I dont have to much to write about, I have tore apart all of my Christmas toys, that was fun. There is still tons of snow outside and thats always fun. The snow plow put a great big snow bank in our front yard so Lexus and I play on it all the time. We have a game we play called Queen of the castle where we will both run up and then I usually shove her down with my body so that i am on top and I become the Queen.....she has hyet to beat me at that game. But I dont think she minds. We are getting along good, we play a lot but somtimes Mom has to stop us because we get a little carried away, but most times we are good. She chases the cats a lot though and really it's funny for me to watch because the cats always slap her and send her on her way and she still hasn't learn not to chse them BOL She will one day i'm sure. Well thats all for now.


Christmas day!!

December 25th 2012 8:48 pm
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Today was Christmas day. The whole family came for dinner and I must say the turkey was delicious!!!!! I didn't get very much but some is better then none. I even had presents under the tree to!! I got a brand new collar, and some yummy yummy treats and I got some stuffies to rip apart, which I did already....but it was fun, I love stuffed animals!! So it was a busy day but it was nice having the whole family together. There is stuff all over the place right now! Anyways, I guess thats all for now!

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