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My first six months!

January 18th 2013 8:14 am
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Well gosh! I can't believe I am six months old! It has been quite the eventful time!

Lemme see...I am sure everything I did was all good! I would never do something bad right? **giggle**

We are travelling right now in our motorhome! We left home in late October...I was just a wee baby!

Apparently my potty habits have been a little "off" **giggle** I won't mention how good I am at "hitting the potty pad"...but how about some of the places I didn't!!!

I did my biz on the dash of the motorhome! Yup! I thought Mumma was going to have a chicken! BOL! You should have seen her run!

Then one day I "missed" and did my biz over top of the air/heat vent on the floor! Yup! You should have seen Daddy run! BOL!

As I am getting older, my habits have improved...or so Mumma thinks!

I have the funniest way of asking for something! I ARRRRRRROOOOO!! Mum isn't sure whether I sound like a cat or a beagle! BOL! Arrrrrrrrroooooo!!

A week ago I had my "girly" surgery! and am healing really well! Mumma makes me wear a "one-zie" so I don't bother my stitches! In a couple of days those will be gone! and I will be a big girl!

I am 8 pounds now....good dawg! When did I grow?

Mum says I am as "cute as a bug's ear".....who knew bug's had ears?? Hmmmmm....

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