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Life of a chunky dawgie!!

Hey Guys!

October 5th 2012 8:35 am
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Hey peoplez! Just here to say that if you haven't read the story on my buddy Gilly's page yo should! If you like animal stories with the animal telling the story, I would reccomend going to read it! It's 16 parts and it's all about a family of rabbits!


Birthday Bonanza

September 27th 2012 6:53 pm
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So today was a great day because my daddy's birthday was today. No he isn't my real dad but the man who bought me! Along with my mommy owner and two sister owners, we celebrated and he got presents!!! I know for sure they went to Famous Dave's the BBQ here in town!!! They have the best ribs and brisket!!! Well I better go get begging so I can get a piece of that lovely corn bread!!! Happy 42nd birthday daddy!!! love you!


Hey friends

September 22nd 2012 1:33 pm
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So today i was told i was the Dog Diary pick of the day!! me and Gilly are barking for joy, Gilly has been on it twice but this is my first time!! well i better be going some sunny spot in the grass is calling my name to be slept in, and by the way HAPPY FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN!!!


You have to be cruel to be kind

September 20th 2012 6:56 pm
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Hey guys, Sasha here, to talk to u about the animals out there who are being cruelly treated by their owners. Don't stand by and watch things happen. My freshman teacher told us this the first day of school, " You can make things happen, watch things happen, or do nothing at all." And so I want to help inspire you to make things happen, and not watch of do nothing about it! Get involved with your humane society or dog rescue! You can help save lives!! We can make a difference, and although it may be one dog or one thousand, we can make a giant change in the world today! Bye guys!


Being a dog, the best thing ever!

September 18th 2012 4:45 pm
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Hey guys just dropping in to say hi! so bye!


Hey pups and pals!

September 11th 2012 1:45 pm
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So today I found out that hot pockets are not good for u! Remember how i wanted 1 so bad yesterday, NOT ANY MORE! I woke up this morning and had diareah, so not any hot pockets for me for a while! Alrighty guys well a nap in the shade under the oak tree in the yard, sounds good to me!! BYE


Biscuits for Breakfast or more like a hot pocket..

September 10th 2012 3:44 pm
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Well this morning as Gilly already said in his latest diary entry, that our neighbor Nate's retaining wall fell down and crushed the swingset....but at least i got a great breakfast!! As I watch Darian eat her hot pocket this morning I thought to my self, hey i want a piece so i just decided to look t her with my puppy daawg eyes and maybe she'll give me the slightest taste of her delicious hot pocket!!! But to no avail i did not receive a peice of hot pocket, Darian finished it off with a MMMM.... and it was gone, not a crumb left so i got stuck with my dog food. Not an unusual thing but I wanted that hot pocket so BAD!!! Well maybe next time, bye gguys!! WOOF


Great doggie days

September 9th 2012 8:48 am
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well today the weather is looking up, so i think i'm going to take Gilly and Sasha on a walk or to the park!! Well we better get going so I gotta go BYE!!


A pawsome start to the weekend!

September 8th 2012 7:55 am
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Today my bff Gilly found out that his diary was featured as the diary of the day!! we were excited to see we also had some buddy requests!!! well gilly and i are going to go play tug of war with our DOMO toy now so have a great day everybody!!


hey there i'm sasha!

September 4th 2012 2:34 pm
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hey guys, this is my first entry so i want to intro myself as the chunky dog of my family, but i am cute for my weight! I have no health issues, my mom says i'm just big boned and big hearted. i am sweet as sugar, but can be mean as a barracuda, especially around the guy that brings the mail every day!! ooh i don't like him! well anyway i gotta go there is a nap in the sun calling my name and i think i shouldn't give up the opportunity! BARK BARK!

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