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Fun things to roll in

May 16th 2013 11:37 am
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Pups I have been finding fun things to roll in. Mom does not think these things are fun to roll in and she says next time I roll in something she might find a power washer to get the smell off of me.

This morning mom and I went down to the river and I rolled on top of a beaver. Mom drags me away and she is making funny noises while pulling me away. Don't know why, I thought it smelled awesome!

Mom washed me off and left me in the house while she went to plant some strawberries. After these were planted, she took me outside and I again rolled in something foul in the neighbor's field. Guess what? Another scrubbing was in store.

We are having nice weather and there is plenty of yard work going on around here.

Wishing all my Canadian friends a happy and safe Victoria Day long weekend!


Happy Mother's Day!

May 12th 2013 8:01 pm
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I hope all mother's and those daddy's who also do the mothering had a pawsome Mother's Day. Thank you all very much for the Mother's Day rosettes you sent to Angel Abby and myself!

We had a really windy day here, but the peeps still wanted to try and do some yard work after the long winter we had. While they were working in the yard, I took off to the neighbor's. Mom eventually tracked me down and brought me back home. They started working again in the yard and away I went to the neighbor's again. Once again mom comes after me. I am not really sure how many times I headed off to the neighbor's today, but let us just say it was several times.

On the last occasion, I head off to the neighbor's and once again mom comes after me. She sees me in the distance and is making her way towards me. I ducked behind some bigger trees in the shelter belt and mom lost sight of me. She gets to the shelter belt and sees me in the distance on the road and heading into the ditch to go to the other neighbor. She yells at me and I just ignore her and head off into the field.

The field is still partially flooded and mom was yelling and calling for me, and all she could see was me heading deeper into the trees and water. She heads back to the road, slipping on the mud and getting angrier at me and then she sees me ducking out of the trees and then going back into the water. She is running down our 1/2 mile road calling me and I am not coming and she can no longer see me. Did I mention she was calling me for several minutes and I was ignoring her? She starts down our long drive and is thinking she needs to tell dad that she will get the truck and drive over to the neighbor's to see if she can catch me.

She has almost made her way to dad to tell him I am lost when I blast past her. She yells to dad, "catch the ducking little hazard". Actually that isn't what she said, but it rhymes with what she said if you get my drift. I get my leash snapped on me and am put in the mud room of the house and then they go back outside to work.

I now know why the mudroom is called a mudroom and mom had to clean it and me up after she calmed down. She still says I smell like a swamp and I think she has a potty mouth!

Once again, I want to wish every mommy a very Happy Mother's Day.


Thank you!!

May 9th 2013 7:02 am
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Thank you Dogster for making me a diary pick of the day today! Thank you also to my pals that have sent rosettes! This has really made my day.

P.S. I have still not been given an edible chip! What does a pup have to do to get an edible chip?!


What, no chips?

May 8th 2013 7:34 am
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Well pups I went to the vet yesterday for my "chip". Can you believe there were no edible chips at the vet's place?

First I got weighed. I am 72 pounds of muscle according to the vet, and this is a good weight for me! Then she gave me a treat! Then I got my eyes and ears checked and my heart and lungs listened to. At one point when she was listening to my lungs she reached around and held my mouth closed because I was panting so hard. Tee hee! Oh, and apparently I have the most beautiful coat ever! Yeah me.

Then I got taken to a back room because this is apparently where the chips were. I was so excited to finally get some chips. But wait, there was nothing to eat in this room. I had all of my vaccines brought up to day and then it was time for the chip. Yeah, finally something to eat! But wait, this chip was in a syringe and it went between my shoulder blades. What the?

Oh well, I got several more treats after that and several belly rubs and then mom and I went home.

P.S. I have still not been given a chip of any kind to eat!

P.P.S. Mom thinks if my chip were to be scanned it would say "priceless"!


Oh boy, chips!!!

May 7th 2013 7:44 am
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Mom is taking me to vet today because they are having a "Chip" special! Oh boy! I love chips! Mom keeps calling it a microchip, but all I am hearing is the word "Chip". Can't wait to go and have some chips at the vet!

Mom bought me a wading pool yesterday and now we just have to figure out where it will go outside and then fill it with water! I am so gonna like that!

I think I will race around so I have lots of room for all the chips I am gonna eat at the vet's today! =;=;


It is so hard to please some people

May 1st 2013 4:26 pm
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The snow is going and now I am finding all kinds of treasures outside in the snow.

Yesterday, for instance, I found a dead mouse. Mom did not realize this at first, however. We were outside and she did not see me pick something up. We went inside and she was wiping my paws and telling me what a good boy I am. I went downstairs and laid by the coffee table and that is when mom saw me drop something. I quickly picked it up when I saw her coming down stairs, but as I did not like the way she said drop it, I dropped it and moved away. She got a rag, picked up my treasure and threw it away.

Today mom was out doing a few things in the garden. It is still too wet to do much, but she was happy to see the horseradish coming back and she was cleaning around that area. She hears me coming back up over the riverbank and then she sees me dragging something. I am such a loving pup that I dragged half a deer carcass up the riverbank for mom! I took one look at her and I knew she would dispose of it, so I tried to run. Ever try running when there is snow and you are dragging part of a deer, pups, it is not easy! After she caught up to me she also disposed of this treasure.

Why are some people so hard to please!


Spring is coming

April 25th 2013 6:17 am
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Spring is definitely on the way now!

We have seen many Blue Jays, Eagles, Hawks, Seagulls and yesterday we saw our first Pelican flying over the river. There is also more open water on the river so hopefully this means the ferries will soon be running again.

I also found the first grasshopper of the day. He was hopping in the grass and then he got caught up in some snow. After watching him in the snow for a bit, I ate him -- tasted like bacon!

Mom was quite happy to see the rhubarb and the irises pushing through the snow, but the garden is so wet that she actually got her boots stuck in there. I did not mind the mud at all!

Even though we have the river right through our backyard, we are high enough here that we will be ok. The river would have to rise 85 feet to get to our place. There is one part of our province that has issued ice jam warnings and flood warnings as the river is now thawing so quickly. The next 5-7 days will be the most crucial.

Wishing all my pals a wonderful day.


Where are you spring

April 22nd 2013 9:51 am
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Mom just heard on the radio that this is the second coldest March/April in 120 years in our part of the world. You know some records just don't need to be broken!

The snow is slowly going down and I am having fun finding lots of mice under the snow! Mom says I am nearly as good a mouser as Angel Abby and I think that is high praise. I am also finding lots of coyote, porcupine and rabbit droppings and I think they are tasty. However, I have been told that I should cut down on those tasty treats!

The peeps also told me that they are gonna take down my crate. It currently sits downstairs empty and unused. I have had free run of the house for several months now whether the peeps are home or not. I have chewed the heel off of one of mom's slippers, but this is it for the damage I have done. When mom needs to be away, she fills a kong with some kibble and a treat or two, puts peanut butter on the ends and then freezes it. I have fun getting past the frozen peanut butter and then I chase the empty kong all over. When I am tired of doing that, I sleep in front of the door awaiting her return.

Well, I think I will supervise mom doing some house cleaning now. Talk to you all later!


Thank you

April 18th 2013 7:12 am
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Wow! It appears I was a Dogster Diary Pick yesterday! Thank you so much Dogster for this honor and thank you to all my pals for the rosettes and pawmails I received. That really made my day.

I just found out I was a DDP this morning as my typist was doing something she calls "running errands" and didn't check yesterday.

Now pups, I don't know what this "running errands" means, but she was gone for quite a while and did she bring me a new toy home, NOOOOO. Did she bring me any treats, NOOO. Ok, she did bring home some Milkbones and she did give me one, so I guess, technically, I did get a treat. Whatever!

The snow is slowly starting to melt. Luckily, we haven't had any more snow since last Wednesday/Thursday. With the snow melting, it means mom and I are outside more playing with my various Chuck It toys. I love them and being outside.

My porcupine friend is still showing up in the evenings, but he doesn't stay long. Mom, however, still refuses to let me outside in the evening without being on leash.

Thanks again everyone for helping me celebrate my DDP yesterday! Big Woofs!


Snow Day

April 11th 2013 2:26 pm
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Well just when you think spring should be here, and it is April 11 after all, you get another snow day.

We had wind and snow, and then blowing snow and then more wind and snow. Daddy tried to get to work this morning and only made it to the main road when he encountered somebody stuck. So he helped get them unstuck. And then somebody coming behind that person got stuck, so he helped unstuck (is unstuck even a work?) that person as well. He decided to turn around and come home. The highway was also apparently ice covered with large drifts.

The peeps didn't do much today at all. I went on a short walk with mom this morning and chased a weasel into the garbage can. This afternoon daddy and I went on a nice long walk. The snow and wind are dying down so tomorrow I will help mom dig out her truck. First I might have to help dad dig out the car, though. I don't think mom should have cut my toenails with all this digging I will need to do.

Hope spring is finally coming to some of my pals!

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