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I Graduated!!

November 9th 2013 1:55 pm
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Yes, I graduated from my latest Obedience Classes! The last class was fun as the peeps played musical chairs with us doggies. Our pawrents led us around an imaginary square and then when the music stopped, they either had to get us to sit/stay or down/stay, then they raced for a chair. If one of us moved, they had to get up, allowing someone to steal their chair, get us back into the sit/stay or down/stay and return to a chair. There were 9 of us doggies and mom and I were third in the first round and second in the second round. Actually I think mom could have won the second round, but she is getting older and has lost her ruthless streak, BOL!

I was always making eyes at a cute German Shepherd named Sadie, and she would get up and come towards me, her handler had to get up, get her sitting and return. Sadie's handlers were her daddy and young nonfur sis who was probably 7-8 years old. Well it was down to Sadie and me in the last round and Sadie was not sitting at all well. I was!! Did the momma race for the final chair? Nope. She waited until Sadie was finally sitting and her young owner was racing to the chair and mom made a half-hearted jog to it! BOL! Oh, well, we had fun.

The first snows have finally come and I am enjoying being outside. Digging and rolling in the snow is so much fun. Yesterday mom was out walking me and, well I have a bad habit of picking up stones, and mom could tell I had something in my mouth. She had seen me digging beside our drive, so assumed I had another stone in my mouth. She told me to "drop it", I didn't, so she does what she usually does. That means she pried open my mouth and reached in to removed whatever it was. You should have seen her scream and jump back when she opened my mouth and a live mouse ran across her glove. She tells me I am becoming quite the hunter!

This Monday is Remembrance Day in Canada and I believe Veterans Day in the U.S. Please take a moment on Monday to remember the men and women who have served, are currently serving and have given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our past, present and future freedoms.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Thank you

November 4th 2013 5:49 am
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Thank you Dogster for letting me have one of the Dogster Diary Picks today! I guess it pays to complain about our geriatric pawrents, BOL!

The momma had a great birthday on Saturday. The weather was awesome for her day. Daddy made a roast and the fixings and her favorite peanut butter pie for dessert. I even got a treat! Yeah, me! For her birthday present daddy and me got the momma registered into a cooking class. She likes to try different recipes and secretly hopes some day to be on "Chopped"! BOL!

Yesterday the weather tanked and first we got rain, then freezing rain and now it has been snowing for several hours. Mom was gonna run errands but has decided to stay off the icy highways until warmer weather later in the week.

I am also thrilled that my pawsome pal Spunky is the Dogster Dog of the Day!!!! Yeah, Spunky, that is so awesome!!!!

Well thanks again Dogster for the honor. Please hang onto your rosettes, but if you want to leave some bones on my page that would be ok.


Very Scary!

November 1st 2013 6:55 am
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Thank you everyone for the scary dancing skeletons on my page. They look pawsome. I don't think they are too scary, but if I could, I would chase them! I hope that everyone had a safe and fun Halloween last night.

Now onto something even scarier than Halloween. Tomorrow is the momma's birthday. Apparently it is a big one, you know starting a new decade and all. I think this means I will have to start mashing the momma's vegetables for her. Do you think I should find her a big stick that she could use as a cane.

Any of you pups having tips for dealing with a now geriatric pawrent please pass them along!


Happy Boy

October 21st 2013 1:18 pm
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I am a happy boy because the last two days I have woken up to snow on the ground! I love snow and can't wait to dig in the piles I hope will come this winter. My parents do not share my enthusiasm for snow, however.

This weekend the peeps put up the snow fence, got the shrubs ready for winter by wrapping burlap around them (to keep the rabbits from eating them this winter) and putting wooden pallets around the Scotch pines (to keep the deer from eating them). The deer really seem to like Scotch pines for some reason.

Mom is doing well with her obedience homework and is even coming when called now! She does need to work on her long sit as she seems easily distracted when sitting for a period of time. Her long downs are starting to be much better and she will even roll on her back and just lay there, BOL!

Not only did my momma not bring me back any goodies when she spent Canadian Thanksgiving with grammy a week ago, but this weekend the peeps went to our town's annual fall supper, and I still got nothing! What does a pup have to do to get a treat?

Have a great week everyone and I hope we get more snow tomorrow!


I Am A Forager

October 8th 2013 6:43 am
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Pups, I like to forage while I am outside. Mom says this is why I had such an upset stomach last week, but I can't help it. I just love to forage because there is so much to smell and taste out there.

The other day I was foraging outside and mom was watching. She got a little bored with my activities and called me to her. I ran over to her and attempted to give her a big kiss on the face. She recoiled in horror. Why? Well, she opened my mouth and saw what I had been eating! I had been foraging in a pile of poo (which I thought was fabulous), but the momma, not so much. Out came the chicken flavored toothpaste when we got back into the house.

Last night I was also foraging in the yard. At one point I picked up something and mom immediately noticed the guilty look on my face and told me to drop it. I dropped a big goose or duck egg at her feet. Since it is so late in the season, this one obviously never hatched and was quite rotten. Mom then took me into the house. On returning to the house I immediately went to give daddy a big kiss. Apparently my breath was not the best! Go figure!

So pups, should I stop foraging? Should I brush my teeth more after any treasures? Or are the peeps just too fussy about my breath? Your opinions please.


Thanks everyone

October 4th 2013 9:58 am
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Thank you everyone for the good wishes, positive thoughts and POTP you sent my way earlier this week.

Mom thinks I have passed what it was that was bothering me and now I have had a bit of diarrhea, but nothing like earlier this week. I am eating better and drinking more, so hopefully I am on my way to recovery!

Did being sick get me out of going to class last night? NOOOOOO! Mom insisted I go with her to her obedience class, but the instructor took it easy on mom, which was good, so that meant I didn't have to do much either!

The weather is really cooling off here and last night it got down to -7 C. I just helped mom dig out all the carrots and maybe later we will dig out the beets from the garden.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Home from the Vet

October 1st 2013 12:34 pm
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Mom and I just got home from the vet. I got my tummy x-rayed and they saw lots of gas in there. Texas size farts (oh, can I say that on Dogster), um I need to pass Texas size wind (there that is better). I also appear to now be constipated and there might be a soft tissue blockage. I was eating so much grass and that was showing up on the x-ray. The vets do think I should be able to pass everything on my own, but mom was given instructions on what to look for and if I start presenting like that, back to the vet I go.

I was given two types of medicine and some very bland canned food I have to eat for the next 6 days. They even told mom that I probably won't like the bland food, then why give it to me. I am a sick pup after all!

On the good side, I drank a bit of water when we got home. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything will come out in the end.

Thank you for the POTP and good wishes. I know they are helping me.


Another Bad Night

October 1st 2013 6:37 am
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Mom and I had another bad night. She is now waiting for the vet to open and then will give them a call and see if I can get in today.

I did drink a little last night, but now don't want to drink anymore. I am also not showing an interest in food like I was yesterday.

Thank you for the positive thoughts and we will keep everyone posted once we hear from the vet.


Mommy is concerned

September 30th 2013 3:58 pm
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Well pups, I haven't had any more diarrhea since that last bout this morning. I have eaten a little rice and chicken and that seems to be sitting well with my tummy. What has mommy concerned now is that I won't drink -- at all. I won't even drink out of my favorite bucket in the yard.

She is gonna try the ice cubes again and make some chicken broth and then water it down a bit and see if I will take that. If anyone has some suggestions on how to get me to drink, please pass them along.

Mom says if I am not drinking by tomorrow I have to go see the vet.


Maybe it was something I ate

September 30th 2013 7:19 am
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Yes, I think it may have been something I ate. Last night mom needed to take me outside 8 or 9 times because I had bad diarrhea and then I threw up. On the good side, mom says today I will be eating chicken with rice and that does sound yummy!

The leaves are changing here and it is sure starting to feel like fall. I have helped mom harvest almost everything in the garden, but she has decided to leave the beets and carrots out for a while longer.

Mom started a new obedience class Thursday and I have been generous enough with my time to agree to go with her. I was exhausted after that first class, but mom seemed to do very well.

Well, off to have some rice and chicken for my tummy. Please do not send rosettes my way, but if you could send some positive thoughts that my stomach starts feeling better soon, that would be appreciated! Thanks!

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