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Hey everyone

August 19th 2014 4:03 pm
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Hey everyone! This is so exciting! Did you know the comments are once again working for the diary entries on Dogster? Yippee! That is just so pawsome, I can't wait to start leaving comments on my friends diaries again! Hey everyone, yes that means you, write a diary entry OK? I am so doing the happy dance.

Now what have I been up to? Well I flushed out some more critters today in the garden. I am such a big help, especially when I dig a big hole in the garden. I just don't know why the momma objects to that, because I am keeping her garden free of vermin.

Oh, this is exciting! I am gonna be staying in a pet friendly hotel this weekend! Yup! I am going with the peeps to see my grammy who is turning 89 years young, and we are gonna make her a nice meal and visit with her. Shhhhh! Don't anyone tell her ok! Oh, I can't wait to be petted by everyone there.

Well gotta run and supervise the making of the evening meal now.

But before I leave, I just wanna remind you to write a diary entry so that I can comment on it! OK!? Ok, then!

Later pups!


Winter is Coming

August 18th 2014 11:34 am
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I know it is only mid-August, but mom is starting to get ready for winter! This year she has a brilliant idea that I should wear Muttluks when outside when it is cold and yesterday she tried to get me used to them. She started out with my front paws and soon she will try the back paws.

She did take a video of me walking in those Muttluks! Now mom hasn't been able to add pictures for a while here, so wasn't about to attempt to load the video here. She did, however, load the video to my blog.

It you visit my blog, please don't laugh too much when you see me walking in them. You have no idea how embarrassing this is!

Here is the link to my blog:


Day 4

July 8th 2014 6:39 am
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Today is day 4 on the Dogster Diary of Day loop. I am feeling dizzy and a little disoriented.

Yesterday I helped mom flush out some critters that were burrowing under some of the trees in the yard and then we went into the now fenced garden area. While mom weeded, I captured a critter that was lurking in the horseradish and then another critter that was hiding out in the rhubarb patch. No critter is safe from The Bud!

It has been really smoky outside of late and the smoke is coming from forest fires way up in the Northwest Territories. Because of the smoke, we are only outside until mom's eyes start to burn and then we come in.

Today I hope that my dizziness from being on the DDP loop will subside enough to let me flush out more critters!

I am thrilled that my pal, Lucas, is also a DDP today! Way to go Lucas!

Have a great day all.


And round and round ....

July 7th 2014 6:48 am
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BOL, well once again I am a Diary pick of the day. Also my pal Winkie is a diary pick today. Way to go, Winkie!

Well, I must confess I was bad yesterday.

I took myself on another walk about. At one point mom saw me walking down the road, she called me back and I did come to her. But then I mozied on over the riverbank, or that is what they think. No matter, the peeps could not find me, and I was not coming when called.

Then mom starting hearing vehicles and farm machinery coming down our gravel road and she got worried.

Her and dad got in the truck and went to look for me. They drove both directions up the main grid and did not find me and then followed the path into the neighbor's field. After not finding me there, they decided to turn around, and .... Well you see pups, when you try to turn around in a field that is now growing well, you don't really know where the bad spots are and ......

Well daddy came walking home quickly to get the tractor to go back and get the truck unstuck and that is when he found me around the back of the house. Dad just grabbed my collar and put me in the house while he got the tractor. Mom had been looking around the riverbank for me, and then headed back to the truck in order to help dad get the thing unstuck.

The peeps gave me the silent treatment all day so I know I was bad. I promise to be better today!


Round, Round We Go

July 6th 2014 7:24 am
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Hey, pups! Mom got another e-mail saying I am a Dogster Diary Pick today again, BOL! Thank you again, Dogster!

Well, not too much has happened since yesterday. While the peeps worked in the garden, I took myself exploring. Now what did the peeps do in the garden, you might ask? Well daddy planted 19 lilacs around the garden, hopefully this will eventually be a wind break, and mom is trying to catch up on the weeding after all the rain we have had. The weeds are currently taller than the vegetables, so mom was down on her hands and knees pulling the weeds from between the plants. Oh, I forgot, daddy also planted a columnar crabapple by the deck.

So while they were doing that, I took myself on an adventure, and when I was good and tired I came back and then I chilled (literally) in my swimming pool! Sorry, no pictures - I have such a bad momma. Oh, I should also mention that in an effort to keep the deer, rabbits and moose out of the garden, daddy built a wire fence around the whole garden, mom has moved my pool into that area and will also be moving my gazebo into the enclosed area. Note that the lilacs are inside this fenced area, so hopefully they will grow!

Later in the day the peeps took themselves out to a party without me. I was left to guard the house all alone and they didn't even turn on the radio for me! Something about an electrical storm outside and the reception on the radio was bad, pffft, whatever. They say they were only gone for 5 hours, but it felt like 5 days or weeks or months or something like that.

This morning, after I thought they had slept enough, hey, it was already 5:45 a.m.(!) I awakened mom with a cold, wet, nose in the eye! Yeah, I am nice like that! Then she took me outside and I chased a rabbit over the river bank. Fun!

A word of warning to other pups that want to chase rabbits over the river bank. River banks have wild rose bushes, and if you have longer hair like me, you get said wild rose bushes entangled in your hair. This especially hurts if it is in a sensitive area like your backside. Ask me how I know this. As I have longer hair, mom didn't see my predicament when I came in, or maybe she was just too tired! No matter. I pulled the offending rose branches off of my backside and I left them on the carpet for her to step on with her barefeet. She was quite appreciative of this!

Well, hope everyone has a good day and thanks again Dogster!


Thank you Dogster

July 5th 2014 6:56 am
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So momma got an e-mail that says I am a Daily Diary Pick today. Really, I haven't had much to say lately, but thank you so much Dogster.

Summer is here and I am keeping busy digging out the rodents that want to call my yard their home. I am an expertise finder of burrowing pocket gophers and ground squirrels. Of course I don't just dig a hole! No way, too easy, I dig a tunnel and sneak up on them, BOL!

Mom and I were out walking a couple weeks ago, when I suddenly sat down on her foot and I let out a low growl. Momma looked off into the distance and saw a momma bear and two cubs also out for their walk. We were perfectly still until the bear mozied along and then we retreated home.

Not much else is happening at my place, but thank you again Dogster for the honor!


Thank you

June 26th 2014 7:16 pm
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Thank you to everyone that prayed and kept my pal Molly's pawrents in your thoughts after their motorcycle accident.

Both parents are now home. Their daddy had his fourth surgery about two weeks ago, and can now try to use crutches to get around. As he also has one arm in a cast, this is a little difficult, but he is doing quite well. Their mom will need another small surgery down the road. Both are doing quite well and but there is a long road ahead.

Once again the POTP has proven that it not only works for pups but also for their pawrents. Thanks again!


Keep the POTP and Prayers for our Pals Pawrents Going

May 12th 2014 10:27 am
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Thanks so much for all the puppers praying and sending POTP for my pal Molly's pawrents.

They are doing as well as can be expected and the POTP and prayers is working. Their mom MIGHT be sent home tomorrow to recuperate more. There is still a long road ahead, but going home to heal is a big step. Their dad will have another surgery today and we are sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to their daddy today.

Mom doesn't want to put their first names here, but you can pawmail mom. We understand prayers are much more personal when you have the people's names to pray for.

Thanks again puppers for all the POTP and prayers for this family.


POTP Needed

May 9th 2014 6:50 am
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Dogster has been a family to a lot of us for many, many years. We have met so many pawsome furs and humans through this site. It is sad what has been happening over the last while and I realize many have left the site entirely or just don't come here any more due to the problems. Despite all the problems, those of us that are having problems connecting on Dogster have found other ways to keep in touch.

Today I would like to ask for POTP for a wonderful family that mom has met on Dogster. While they have not been here recently, mom has over the years established a friendship, we exchange cards and greetings and are friends on Facebook.

Buddy, Molly, Scooter,Petey and the recently adopted fur Chloe need POTP for their pawrents.

On Tuesday night their mom and dad were out for an evening drive on their motorcycle when another driver ran a red light. There was a collision and Molly et al's pawrents were rushed to the hospital. Both had surgery on Wednesday and their dad had surgery again yesterday. Their mom has several broken ribs and a compound fracture of her elbow, their dad has a broken leg, wrist and several fingers. They will both need more surgeries and a long recuperation. Please keep this family and their high school aged son in your thoughts and prayers. Their teenage son is doing the best he can to look after their home and furs and everything else while they recuperate in hospital.

Thank you in advance.


Round, Round We Go

April 11th 2014 6:51 am
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So we go round and round and round and I am a Dogster Diary of the Day Pick once again today!

Yeah me!

Yesterday I did more excavating and tunneling. It was lots of fun and I got even dirtier if that is possible. I must get lots of digging in today because we are under a winter storm watch (what???? it is nearly mid-April!!) and we might get lots of snow today and tomorrow.

Thanks again Dogster for this honor and pups, please do not send rosettes. Bones, I need bones to hide in the tunnel I am digging!

Have a great day pups!

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