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Cow-a-bunga Dude!

Has it really been that long?!

March 16th 2008 7:30 pm
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I can't believe that my mom hasn't updated my diary in how long?! YIKES! What is wrong with her?! I know we're busy going places. I know she takes me for lots of walks (& LOTS of swims)! I know she takes really good care of me by keeping me healthy and as slim a figure as a young woman should have. But come on....keep my friends updated as to what's going on in my life! Swimming is still number one for me. If there's any water, any amount, watch out...I'm in it! A big change in my life is the lost of my sister, Purrdy. She was about to turn 17 years old when she disappeared on us all. Purrdy let me know right away who was boss when I joined our household. She was about the same size as me but I could tell she had the upperhand on things. She let me know with a simple hiss and a swat the very first time I thought of her as an equal and as a new playmate for me. NO WAY JOSE! She did not play with me! She let me know where she was to sleep, where she was to walk and when she had to drink out of the water bowl I was to get out of her way! As I grew in size, she stayed the same but size did not matter....she was definitely the boss! Oh, have I mentioned Purrdy was a cat?! Anyway, we settled into our respective routines with the best one being that after she got fed every morning her can of cat food, I got to lick the can that it came in! HEAVEN! About two weeks ago my parents went on vacation and when they returned, Purrdy greeted them and disappeared. She had been particularly friendly to me while the adults were gone which I found really strange. She would rub up against my legs (while I stood perfectly still). She would come near me at all sorts of different times which she never use to do. I think she was trying to make amends for all the grief she caused me during my youth. Purrdy has not been seen in over two weeks. I miss her tremendously (& the can of cat food that I use to get)! Sweet dreams Purrdy! and mom, don't wait so long to keep my diary up from now on!


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