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Cow-a-bunga Dude!

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Has it really been that long?!

March 16th 2008 7:30 pm
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I can't believe that my mom hasn't updated my diary in how long?! YIKES! What is wrong with her?! I know we're busy going places. I know she takes me for lots of walks (& LOTS of swims)! I know she takes really good care of me by keeping me healthy and as slim a figure as a young woman should have. But come on....keep my friends updated as to what's going on in my life! Swimming is still number one for me. If there's any water, any amount, watch out...I'm in it! A big change in my life is the lost of my sister, Purrdy. She was about to turn 17 years old when she disappeared on us all. Purrdy let me know right away who was boss when I joined our household. She was about the same size as me but I could tell she had the upperhand on things. She let me know with a simple hiss and a swat the very first time I thought of her as an equal and as a new playmate for me. NO WAY JOSE! She did not play with me! She let me know where she was to sleep, where she was to walk and when she had to drink out of the water bowl I was to get out of her way! As I grew in size, she stayed the same but size did not matter....she was definitely the boss! Oh, have I mentioned Purrdy was a cat?! Anyway, we settled into our respective routines with the best one being that after she got fed every morning her can of cat food, I got to lick the can that it came in! HEAVEN! About two weeks ago my parents went on vacation and when they returned, Purrdy greeted them and disappeared. She had been particularly friendly to me while the adults were gone which I found really strange. She would rub up against my legs (while I stood perfectly still). She would come near me at all sorts of different times which she never use to do. I think she was trying to make amends for all the grief she caused me during my youth. Purrdy has not been seen in over two weeks. I miss her tremendously (& the can of cat food that I use to get)! Sweet dreams Purrdy! and mom, don't wait so long to keep my diary up from now on!


Fort Fun

June 16th 2006 7:39 pm
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I got to go to Fort Funston today in San Francisco. If you're ever in SF, you HAVE to go there! It's the supreme place for dogs. There's sand dunes to run in, open space, the beach goes for miles (as long as the tide isn't high) and there are dogs everywhere. The air smells so wonderful, full of salt and the scent of ocean just makes you feel like a young pup again. My owner lets me off leash from the minute we get there until the minute we leave but I don't leave her, except to chase the sticks (& rocks) that she throws for me. There must have been almost a hundred dogs there today, some came with their doggie day care groups. Boy, were they having fun! You should have seen how cute they were getting in their cars and trucks to go back home. If they were like me, they slept most of the way home! They don't call it Fort Fun for nothing!


Summer Time!

June 10th 2006 8:18 am
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and the living is easy! Birds are flying and I'm chasing them like crazy! Water is spraying and flowing all around, just waiting for me to run through and play in. Longer days are just around the corner meaning more time to stay up and play with humans and dogs. Treats are getting better and more delicious every day (especially those frosty paws). Picnics, play days, trips and adventures are just waiting for me and I can't stand it. I want to do them all........NOW!! Thank goodness for summertime!


It's My Birthday!

March 31st 2006 2:53 pm
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Yup! It's my special day and I'm loving it! I woke up nice and early so I could spend some quality time with my owners. I got the biggest, juciest bone I've ever had. Hope I don't make any of you sick (or jealous) but there was all sorts of raw, tender meat on the bone that was just so delicious that I licked it for a long time trying to savor the moment. I worked on that bone for a long time and then took a good nap where I had such pleasant dreams. One of my owners came home from work early just to take me some place special....for a swim! That is my favorite thing to do so it's a perfect gift and one I'll think about for a long time. Ah, the good things in life, swim, chase rocks being thrown in the water, sticks for me to retrieve and occasionally a duck gives me a good hard swim but I haven't caught one yet. Boy, what else is there in life?! I bet tonight I get a special dinner because the day is going so great, it can't stop for a long time. I smell some fish in the kitchen so I bet I'll get some for dinner and that cat sister of mine won't get any! Her birthday was last month and I didn't get any of her goodies. My dad will probably play tug of war with me extra long tonight because he really likes me now. I don't know if you knew this, but he didn't want another dog but now that he has me, he is so happy. I'm feeling really good now so I better go spread the love and see what's happening around here. Maybe there's some presents for me, or a frosty treat! Woof to all of you!! Chloe the birthday queen!


Happy Birthday Hilary!

February 20th 2006 7:38 am
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I miss you Hilary and wish I were there to share in your special day. I know it would be special because first you'd take me for a walk, then you'd share a bagel with me and then you'd probably buy me a special toy. Oh, wait, it's your birthday we'd be celebrating. Somehow it always seems I get treated extra special no matter whose birthday it is. Well....I'd be extra nice to you and wouldn't sleep on your bed unless you invited me to. I'd also be willing to eat any leftover cake that you didn't want so you wouldn't have to throw it away. Do you still have birthday cakes in college? I don't want any of that nasty liquid you guys celebrate with though, unless it's lite beer. I'm watching my figure these days and getting ready for summer when I'm going to go swimming every day possible! I'll be thinking of you all day today Hil! Sloppy kisses, Chloe



January 1st 2006 8:17 am
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To all my canine friends and their families, I wish you nothing but good fun, great exercise and super chow for the coming year! Your friend and joy to her family......Chloe



November 24th 2005 8:19 am
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It's going to be my kind of day today! It started off with a nice raw turkey neck bone being pulled out of the refrigerator so I knew something was up because I never get that nice of a bone during the week. They usually feed me first thing in the morning but they haven't given it to me yet so that means something good is going to happen before I get it. But wait, mom and dad are both home, they didn't get up and leave out the door like they usually do! Even better, dad then took me for an early morning jog through the park and then down to the par course. I'm about to get that turkey neck, I know I am. I heard my cousin's name, Sadie, being mentioned several times so far so I bet she's coming over or I'm going to her house. This is going to be a great day! When am I going to get that turkey neck? I keep hearing "Happy" Something but I'm not sure what it means and then I hear "Happy Birthday" too! Those words I understand because I hear them every now and then and it's always a fun day then! My dad keeps getting hugged and people keep giving him packages, but not me! And I still haven't gotten that turkey neck! I bet they want to wait til everyone leaves and then give it to me. Yeah, that's it. I can wait........not too long I hope! HAPPY THANKS-GIVING-BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE!


Things Will Get Better Hil.......just think of me!

October 3rd 2005 7:52 pm
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Ggggggrrrrrr.......Rrrrraaaaffffggggh! That's how mad I am right now that I can't be with one of my very best friends....Hilary, one of my owners! Hilary's not feeling real good and I need to be there with her but she's all the way on the East Coast going to school. Hil needs me because I know how to cheer her up. She's one of the 'bestest' people you'll ever meet. She thinks of me even when she's not feeling that great herself. Hilary is a gentle person who never gets mad at me or anyone else. When she's home on the West Coast, she takes me on long walks up in the mountains (and lets me go swimming where I'm not suppose to but she knows it's o.k.). Hil takes me to go see my bestest doggie friend, Lexie where we run and wrestle and bark at their big turtles in their back yard. Hilary's bed is the only bed I ever try to sleep on in the whole house. To get Hil's attention I often take one of her slippers and sneak out quietly to my own bed. Well....maybe she gets a little mad when I do that but most of the time she doesn't care. Hilary is feeling rather low right now and it's going to take time to cheer her up. So if you're in downtown Boston and you see a really pretty, sweet, California girl with brownish/red hair that shines in the sun (is the sun out in Boston now?), tell her how much I miss her and want to be with her, especially in the Commons area of downtown Boston where all the cool dogs hang out. Tell her I'm sleeping on her bed and dreaming of her! I can't wait for her to come home! WooooooFFFF!


Happy Birthday Heidi!

September 24th 2005 8:12 am
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It's one of my owner's birthdays today and I can't wait to surprise her! She does so much for me all the time. Heidi plays with me constantly, morning- noon-and-night. Whenever I see her I run quickly for a toy because she tries to get it first. All she has to say is "I'm going to get your......" and we're both off. Heidi cuddles and holds me like when I was a little, little puppy and I'm no spring chicken. I weigh 64 lbs and she picks me up like I weigh 16 lbs and lets me stay in her lap for a long time. She grooms me like my mom but she does even more when she brushes my teeth and massages my gums. Heidi takes me to her friends' houses that have dogs and pools for us to play in. Heidi has even taken me to her work a few times where I got to stay all day and greet people. She always makes sure I'm o.k. if no one is going to be home for a long time. I get to ride in her very, fancy car and look really classy as compared to the dogs going by in the back of trucks. She spoils me a lot and I love it! In the morning when she's sleeping and I want her to get up, I get one of her most expensive shoes and put it right by her face. That wakes her up real quick! The worst part is that it's really hard when Heidi's boyfriend, Cory, comes over. I'm torn as to who to play with! I LOVE YOU HEIDI! HAPPY-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! (Are we having any cake? Might I suggest a carrot or carob spice cake with cream cheese icing so mom might let me have some?)


MEOW!!! Sometimes I wish I was a CAT

September 17th 2005 7:49 am
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Yes, I said it and I mean it. I mean, look at the situation that our cat has compared to mine. Purrdy, the boss around here, gets to stay outside as long as she wants. She gets some fancy type of can cat food every day (venison or chicken or salmon or anything you can think of ) and then gets to nibble on cat food all day long to her heart's content. She can chase those squirrels up the tree or just stay at the bottom and make them stay up high. She's a pretty good hunter as she's brought home several birds and rodents to lay like trophies on the back porch steps but if I did that I'd probably be in trouble. She can sleep on our owner's bed if she feels like it, or actually pretty much anywhere she wants to. Purrdy doesn't have to have her ears cleaned like I do. When Ms. Purrdy walks by, she can put me to a dead stop. She can walk right through our iron gate and go anywhere in front whenever she wants. She can sleep all day and play all night or sleep all night and play part of the day. Purrdy can sit in the front window and watch everything going on in the world (I can barely fit in it). Purrdy doesn't have to walk with a leash around her neck or chase a ball or do any tricks at all. She's great at ignoring people and no one makes her do anything she doesn't want to. Huuummmm...WHOA, WHAT'S THAT NOISE???...... I hear a chain jiggling....Now I hear a plastic bag rustling as it's being pulled out of the cabinet....I'VE GOT TO GO....RIGHT NOW if I want to go for a run up in the hills with my owner and a quick swim at the end! Who said cats have it all?! Take care of the house while I'm gone Purrdy! WOOF!!

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