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A Barkless Life

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Banners Brigade Part II

October 20th 2012 7:45 pm
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Today was our walk for banners brigade part 2 in Chino Hills. I got home around 3:30 and had to take a nap. Both mom and dad had a nap with me. Oh wait dad is still sleeping!

Mom and dad were very emotional seeing Taj. taj is banners brother and my nephew. He's a Dogster pup too. He looks so much like banners and the tears were flowing. Taj is such a love bug and climbed all over mom and dad. They loved it. It was so hard talking about banners but also good sharing stories with Taj's mom about banners and Taj. Lots of folks came by and commented on banners photos and dad shared some of her life with them.

Our moms made tags, doggie cookies and toys and blankets to sell to donate more money for Bark for life. We raised over $300 with the help of our friends and doggie pals! Thank you!!!!

So how did I do? Well don't tell Santa but I was grumpy wiff Taj. We had a tangle when we first saw each other. I don't know why. Then I wanted to dominate him a few times and he got tired of that and so he snarked at me.

Sorry Taj. Banners wouldn't have like me doing that to you.

Mom took lots of pics of Taj. Oh the best part was the Tri tip! Wow that was sooo good. I was more than willing to share my food wiff Taj but his mom said he gets sick when he eats beef. So oh well more for me. Can you imagine? Getting sick on beef? Is that possible?

It was a good day. There was a lot of stuff going on wiff the pups. Some flying dogs too. Boy those dogs can jump high AND i saw some dogs running and jumping into a huge bath tub just for a toy!!!
I didn't get that at all.

As soon as mom gets more awake she'll post pics but right now I need another nap.


Sunday Morning

September 23rd 2012 6:31 pm
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This morning mom and I walked the Sierra madre village for breakfast. It was early but already hot. I was panting but we made it. It's been a long time since we've made the trek. We missed banners on our walk and mom talked to me about how we all would all use to walk together to the village and then walk home. Banners was a little trooper back then.

Mom saw a little basenji girl named Kenya on brat. She's in Michigan. Dad read her profile and was very interested in her. His heart is opening up again.


Big Daddy was Bad!

September 21st 2012 11:46 am
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I have a tell.....Yesterday mom brought home dad a nice turkey sammywich for dinner. Well he put it on the OTTERMAN and went to the kitchen to get more mustard and well... I took advantage of a SITUATION AND I GRABBED IT OFF THE OTTERMAN AND I BROUGHT IT DOWN TO THE FLOOR AND STARTED NIBBLING IT AND DAD CAUGHT ME AND HE WHACKED MY BEHIND!!!!!

I'M TELLING ON DAD CUZ HE HIT ME. Mom was shocked and quickly came to my aid and shield me from my dad who wanted me to go OUTSIDE AT DINNER TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Mom quickly got my food in my bowl and threw in extra and then we went on a nice long walk in the cool evening air.

I forgave dad when I got home and we snuggled on the couch together and I smelled his beard.


Banners Brigade! Bark for Life

August 25th 2012 7:29 am
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I'm in Carmel. Me and my family are walking for Banners Brigade bark for life. Proceeds go to help find the cure for cancer.

Boy I'm tired from walking around all day. Well not all day bc it took like six hours to get here by car. I walked in sand and saw the beach. Then I ate lots of food. Dad and me saw the actor Tim Robbins and the girl he was with said "cute dog". I bet Tim was jealous. You know how those stars get wiff their ego. Anyways I ate prime rib and chicken and burgers.

So last night the guitar player sang the song that mom would sing to banners! Mom was crying trying to tell dad. Mom had been chatting with a dogster lady about the song bc the lady saw that mom had posted it on her facepage back in July when banners passed away. Then all of a sudden this guitar player starts singing it! Mom tried to catch video bc she didn't think anyone would believe it. The song is by Kieth Whitley--you say it best when you say nothing at all.

It's bc she always felt that banners talked with her eyes to mom. She had very expressive eyes

Oh and there's a black and white kitty that lives on the premises and it looks like Casey!!

That was freaky especially seeing Casey. She never did like me very much. Okay I have to get ready for the walk. I haven't pooped yet and that makes me nervous!


Roofers on My Roof

August 22nd 2012 8:26 am
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Finally we're getting our new roof on our house. Big Daddy has been slacking since we had those big winds here in Kalifornia way back on December 1, 2011. Yes, December 1, 2011!

Now I got roofers on my roof. What's a poor woof like me suppose to do to try and get some sleep!

Friday, August 24, the family and me are driving to Carmel for a weekend get away and also to walk in Bark for Life Carmel 2012! So we've raised $1,025 bones for Banners Brigade! We're walking for my niece and for all the pups who lost their lives to Cancer.

It's going to be a very emotional weekend for us all. My Mom and Dad are still feeling the lost of banners! and I am too.

That's all for now and I'll let you know how the trip goes.


Poop In A Bag

April 1st 2012 5:01 pm
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This morning dad and I went to see Quinn's game. We were late cuz dad didn't wake me up early. Anyways we got to the game and I was able to coach Quinn and give him some tips. They worked too cuz he went four for five! Dad and I also helped this lady wiff her taco cart. I was interested in helping cuz them tacos smelled good and I thought she was going to give me some but she didn't. I should have written out a citation on her but dad says that she has a small profit margin and for me to just look the other way.

Soooooo here's the big TELL. SO I come home and mom is all happy to see me and I'm wiggling and running around the house and there is excitement in the house and we are all having a fun time when all of a sudden we see banners doing the squat walk and she's starting to have a peek a boo!!!! Right in the house!!! Mom ran and opened the back door and banners didn't go want to go outside so she squat walked herself back in. Then big daddy actually thought fast and pulled out a poop bag that he had in his pocket and being that he once was a catcher in baseball, he was able to catch her peek a boo right in the bag!!!

Boy banners was a buzz killed. I can't even enjoy a little play time wiff my mom wiff out her pooping in the bag. Geeze!


I Chewed My Mom's Pants (again)

March 28th 2012 11:35 am
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my mom always drapes her jeans over a chair in the bedroom and I don't know why...but...yesterday when she came home and changed her clothes for us to go on our walk....some pup chewed the hem of her jeans...and also her vest. :r:r

Mom was very upset and was complaining and stuff and I kept trying to distract her wiff my JOY of seeing her after a long day of her being gone at work! I wiggled and jumped on and off the bed but she just wasn't paying any attention to my charms. Instead she said they were her favorite jeans (I think any pair of jeans that mom can get into are her favorite) and she had to show my dad the evidence.

I try to keep the mood calm and make her focus on getting my leash so we could go on our walk. We finally made it outside and mom felt better. Dad thought the tattered look on the hem look cool.



What We Saw On Our Walk Yesterday

February 27th 2012 9:12 am
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yesterday on our walk we saw one of these:

Peruvian Inca Orchid

mom had seen the lady walking this pup before and now we came face to face wiff the pup. She was six months old and jumping and bouncing all over the place. Mom made me sit and I did cuz she had treats and so I focused on the treat, but that pup was wild and the lady could barely control the pup. he kept coming at me all happy but you know me and how I have trouble wiff meeting new pups and especially when it's really excited. Anyways, that was interesting. Big Daddy touched her and said she was indeed hairless. Banners grrrrrrr at her because she was sniffing too close to her stroller and banners didn't want her to dent her ride.

But the good news is that mom was very proud at my behavior. Of course there's no telling how I would have been if we didn't have those treats.


Talker of the Neighborhood

August 2nd 2011 10:28 pm
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this evening mom and dad took us to a neighborhood block party! There were lots of people there and firemen and women and there were police personnel there too. I was really excited to meet them since I'm always on neighborhood watch. I wanted to let them know that I'm always on double doo doo I mean duty.

We stood in line for kabobs and lots of people came up to me and introduced themselves to me. Banners was there too but she's always to scare to mingle to I handle all questions and answers. Lots of them asked me questions and told me how pretty and handsome I was. There were other dogs around but I was really good and didn't snark at them. I'm always on my best behavior around cops and the fire departments personnel.

One lady officer talked to me for a long time. She loves pups and we talked about doggie energy and behavior. Big daddy told her that i went to see the dog whisperer and she was really impress. Dad always thinks it was a waste of money and he wants to embarrass me but it never works. People are always impress with my behavior (unless another dog comes too close to me).

I had a good time and wanted to stay but banners wanted to leave and well frankly I was anxious to eat my chicken kabob too. So we left.

Mom said I was the Talker of the Neighborhood!


happy fourth of july 2011

July 4th 2011 12:22 pm
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me on the 4th of July

please ignore that huge tongue on the side. it wasn't even hot. banners was just nervous. I wore my old navy flag teeshirt. Mom forgot to trim it up and when we left the house, I peed on it. Mom had to go back and cut it up for me to leave me some extra room to pee. i was really ashamed of myself. I didn't really like wearing the tee shirt because it said Old Navy on it. I felt like I was commercializing the fourth of July.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July and Thank you America Home of the Free!

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