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Show and Tell Friday

March 14th 2014 10:25 am
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My show is a no show -- mom and dad left me to go see the dodgers spring training in Phoenix! Gramma is staying wiff me. "what gramma? Yeah sure I'll take another chicken taco if you insist."

It ain't too bad here wiff gramma. But she don't do much wiff me but tell me to get off the bed cuz she wants to wash the sheets. "What gramma? Sure I'll take a scramble egg and sausage too, if you don't mind."

The dog walker will be here today. It's hot over here so I hope he don't run me too much. "What gramma? oooh yeah I love to get a pizza tonight. Your treat? Cool!"

Well that's my tell. What's yours?


My Tell for Show and Tell Friday (March 7, 2014)

March 6th 2014 7:58 pm
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Friday Show and Tell March 7
Talker: First I want to give a shout out to our Pal Patan who is back showing us that nothing is getting him down. You are the coolest and the best looking pup in shades!

My Tell is that I had my senior wellness exam on Monday and although I passed the initial go thru (I'm still waiting for the blood test results) with the vet, mom told the vet that my hearing is almost loss or completely loss. Hard to say right now. Mom has noticed for about four weeks now that I seem to not be hearing very well.

Mom and dad would walk thru the front door and I would be right there because I hear their car....but now....I don't hear them coming in. Last night my dad walked right into the house talking and saying my name. I was on the couch just staring at mom and not hearing a thing. It wasn't until he touched me right next to me that I saw him. So mom says that they will make sure not to startle me or sneak up on me. Thanks mom.

So the new dynamic duel on the block is Patan and me! We will have super duper senses. Patan will be able to Hear better and I will be able to See better and together we will join forces. Are senses will be so keen that we will be the Super Paws of Justice of Sight and Sound!!!

*Talker and Patan put their paws together for justice!*


Happy Friday!

October 4th 2013 10:09 am
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Happy Fridays Puppers!!!!
Does any pup have some great plans for this weekend. We're expecting really nice weather over the weekend so I'm hoping for some sunbathing and good walks.

Did I mention that the cleaners found my winter coat??? Yeah they did. They lost it last winter and all my spots were showing.

Mom doesn't know why but for a long while my fur was looking bad. I had patches of sparse fur here and there--like on my thighs and stomach area. Once the vet thought she had already shaved me for my dental appointment and lump removals. But she didn't. My fur just looked bad. Mom thought for sure it was my thyroid but every test came up with only a very slight elevation of my thyroid and it wasn't enough to put me on medication.

I don't know but I think I was seriously stressed out last year with the passing of banners and my loneliness of being home alone while mom and dad was at work. Anyways, it seems like for the last few months, my fur has really gotten better and its filling out and you can hardly see my summer spots!

Now my mom is running her hands through my neck coat and she likes it and so do I. I like getting massages from mom.

So what do you all have planned for the weekend????


Running Under a Full Moon

September 18th 2013 8:10 pm
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tonight on our walk, we went up the hilll towards the school AND THE GATE WAS OPEN!!!! Mom got me inside the playground and she set me loose and I ran and ran and ran and ran!!! I went around in circles in the MOONLIGHT!!! Mom was so happy and so was I!!! I ran under a Full Moon!

Mom has been feeling really rocky lately and two people at her work today told her that she looked like she needed stability and her other friend said that she had a unsettling vibe to her.

So mom found joy and excitement when we got into the school yard and she got to see me run and jump up on her! Under the moonlight...the serious moonlight!!!

We're getting ready to watch Survivor in honor of banners! She and mom loved that show!!!


Show and Tell Friday

July 12th 2013 9:18 am
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Hi Puppers!!!

Well another Friday is here! Nothing much happening at our house except that the weather has cooled down and we've been able to take some long cool walks. Yesterday mom brought her iphone and was taking pictures of me as I was doing my business of marking up the neighborhood. Geeze, a pup can't get any privacy wiff my mom.

We really enjoyed the walk and maybe mom will sync her phone to the computer to upload some of my pics.

This weekend mom and dad are going to the baseball game. Dodgers are creeping up to first place and dad is in a spin of happiness!!!

Mom says that they are going to buy Baby J some dodger gear and mom says that she'll look for something for me. Mom says that my collar is getting tight because she thinks I've gained some weight around my neck *insert red face here*

so maybe a new collar is not in the cards for me.

So that's about it for me. How are all of you out there????


Sunday FunDay!

June 3rd 2013 9:59 pm
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Sunday I went wiff mom, dad and baby J to the dog show! We go every June to see our friend Lynn show dogs.

On the way to the show I got to ride shotgun wiff dad since mom is now in the backseat wiff Josie. Now she knows how it feels when I'm back there. Anyways, I was a good boy and dad was again...so impressed wiff me. I didn't snark at any pup AND I met a basenji girl who snarked at me even WHEN I WAS CLEARLY WAGGIN MY TAIL AND HAPPY TO MEET HER!!!

What's wiff the girls I'm meeting these days? No one likes me...except my Chey...and she only likes me when I smell funky and not when I smell fresh.

Speaking of smelling fresh, I need a bath - but that's only according to mom. Big Daddy is holding strong and telling her that I don't need a bath and he's not giving me a bath. He says he likes the way I smell.

Us boys gotta stick together. Dad says my smell is manly and he loves it.

Anyways, after the show we went to lunch at El Portal and I had some beef and some chicken enchiladas.

It was a good day for me.


Back to Being a Bad Boy Basenji

January 31st 2013 8:34 am
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I've been under the weather since last Thursday. You see I had some fatty tissues removed from my neck and chest area AND I also had three teeth removed! UGH! The pain of it all. But I'm better and except for my scars...I look pretty good.

I know I'm feeling better and back to my old self because last night I nabbed my dad's chicken off his plate! You see Mom went to my food bin to feed me and realized that it was covered with ANTS! So while mom and dad were freaking out about my dog food having ants in it, I was in the living room stealing dad's unattended chicken dinner off his plate. They didn't realize what I had done so Mom served me up a new bowl of JUST WET FOOD (I get this delicious Pulled Beef food with gravy and it's yummy) . :c9 After she was done feeding me she went into the living room and found dad's fork on the floor and his plate emptied and that's when she realized that I had swiped his chicken off his plate.

Ooooh it was worth it! I got the double whammy of delight last night.

I hope Dad doesn't hold it against me cuz I'm all out of kibble.


Vet Appointment on January 24th

January 18th 2013 11:07 am
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Oh no! I'm going to have surgery on Thursday.

I got my results from Dr. Dodds on my thyroid and I'm slightly elevated. The report asked if I had a mass on my neck. Well..as a matter of fact, I do. Mom and the vets have been watching my bulge on my neck and checking it. The last two checks they have said it was a fatty tumor. Since I'm having my teeth cleaned, the vet lady said she would remove it. We were waiting for the thyroid results from Dr. Dodds. It's odd that she would mention it and now the Vet Lady says, it may be a thyroid mass.

So they are going to take it out and really have it checked. Then I'll have to have my thyroid checked again in four months to see if the levels are normal. The very good thing is that all my other blood work came back "amazing". The vet's words not mine. She said my blood work is AMAZING. That makes mom feel good and me too.

So Thursday I'll be at the vet all day.


Banners Brigade Part II

October 20th 2012 7:45 pm
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Today was our walk for banners brigade part 2 in Chino Hills. I got home around 3:30 and had to take a nap. Both mom and dad had a nap with me. Oh wait dad is still sleeping!

Mom and dad were very emotional seeing Taj. taj is banners brother and my nephew. He's a Dogster pup too. He looks so much like banners and the tears were flowing. Taj is such a love bug and climbed all over mom and dad. They loved it. It was so hard talking about banners but also good sharing stories with Taj's mom about banners and Taj. Lots of folks came by and commented on banners photos and dad shared some of her life with them.

Our moms made tags, doggie cookies and toys and blankets to sell to donate more money for Bark for life. We raised over $300 with the help of our friends and doggie pals! Thank you!!!!

So how did I do? Well don't tell Santa but I was grumpy wiff Taj. We had a tangle when we first saw each other. I don't know why. Then I wanted to dominate him a few times and he got tired of that and so he snarked at me.

Sorry Taj. Banners wouldn't have like me doing that to you.

Mom took lots of pics of Taj. Oh the best part was the Tri tip! Wow that was sooo good. I was more than willing to share my food wiff Taj but his mom said he gets sick when he eats beef. So oh well more for me. Can you imagine? Getting sick on beef? Is that possible?

It was a good day. There was a lot of stuff going on wiff the pups. Some flying dogs too. Boy those dogs can jump high AND i saw some dogs running and jumping into a huge bath tub just for a toy!!!
I didn't get that at all.

As soon as mom gets more awake she'll post pics but right now I need another nap.


Sunday Morning

September 23rd 2012 6:31 pm
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This morning mom and I walked the Sierra madre village for breakfast. It was early but already hot. I was panting but we made it. It's been a long time since we've made the trek. We missed banners on our walk and mom talked to me about how we all would all use to walk together to the village and then walk home. Banners was a little trooper back then.

Mom saw a little basenji girl named Kenya on brat. She's in Michigan. Dad read her profile and was very interested in her. His heart is opening up again.

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