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Home, Sweet Home!!

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I Have A Home!!

June 30th 2012 12:21 pm
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I FINALLY HAVE A HOME!!! A real true home!! A place where I can hang my leash at night!! I have a sister named China, she may be a bit grumpy now, but I am sure I will win her over soon enough!! I have a real true mommy and daddy who shower me with love and keep me knee deep in toys. I have a yard to play in and a real house to keep me warm and safe!! I even have kids who pop in every now and then to play with me!! My grandma and grandpa love me and have a new puppy for me to play with too!!

Hmm, not bad for a pound pooch from a dangerous kill shelter!!

I am happy!!


Days Out!!

July 3rd 2012 2:53 pm
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The last couple of days have been fun filled going to many new places. I got to go to a fun place called PetSmart and pick out some new toys. I also went to my first obedience class. I started to learn how to sit and lie down. I like class because I get a lot of treats and a lot of attention and pets.

Besides, I also get to play with the other dogs, hooray!!!

After class I got to visit my grandma and grandpa's new shitzu puppy. He was fun to romp around with, but he kept sticking his nose into my business, if you know what I mean.

Both yesterday and today, I went out to breakfast with my new mommy and daddy. I enjoy going out to eat. I meet new people and get to see the city. The loud noises of the city are both frightening and interesting.

Man, I am one busy pooch. All of this activity is very tiring.

I think I will lie down and..... Zzzzzzzzzzzz......


My Sister Likes Me!!! SHE REALLY LIKES ME!!!!

July 9th 2012 12:42 pm
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Hey everybody, my sister China has finally told me that she likes me!!!! Yippee!!! We played yesterday and she ws nice to me. She even let me roll her on her back, she never shows me her belly so this was a momentousness occasion!! We ran around the yard and she barked a happy lets play bark so I would chase her around the yard. Then we wrestled around for a bit and tried to knock each other over. I know this is dominance play but it all came out okay in the end.

Finally, we went inside, got a treat and took naps together.

I love my new sissy!!!

and I know she now loves me too!!


My friend, Ziggy.

July 13th 2012 11:35 pm
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My mommy and daddy's parents brought their 6 month old shitzu puppy over to our house for us to meet him. His name is Ziggy. He acts like a Ziggy. He is crazy!! Ziggy and I became friends and ran around together, I even let him play with my toys, so long as he didn't ruin them!! That is my job!!!

Anyhow, China even liked him, and she can be a bit... ummm, how can I put it, ummmm... grumpy. However, today she play-bowed and it was on. We ran around and had fun. I really like my grandparents, especially my grandpa. He gives me belly rubs and talks to me funny.

Anyhow, it was a really fun day!! We had dinner together and my mommy and daddy grilled up hamburgers. I just found out today what hamburgers are...



I met my doctor!!

July 16th 2012 10:43 pm
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I met my new doctor today, her name is Dr. Tesauro and she is the best vet ever. She really seemed to like me and made me feel at home in the doctor's room. The only down side was when she took me in back to give me something called a heartworm test, but other than that she was very nice. HOORAY I HAVE NO HEARTWORMS!!!

I got lots of attention from people and other dogs in the waiting room too.

Ya know, what they say about people from Los Angeles isn't all together true.

They are nice!!


It's HOT!!

July 19th 2012 2:15 pm
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Wow, is it ever hot outside or what? I went outside to meet my sister when she returned from a walk and my little pawsies burned on the concrete. Therefore, we ran around in the backyard, but it was short lived because having black fur in this kind of heat is miserable!! My daddy tried to get me wet with a mister, but I think water is kind of scary. It looks cool and fun but I guess I will just have to try it!

Oh the floor is nice and cool, Goodnight!


First Time at the Dog Park!!

July 31st 2012 9:06 pm
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I went to the local dog park for the first time the other day. IT WAS FUN!!! First I met an Australian Shephard who I was, to tell you the truth, a little intimidated by. He was so fast and had so much energy. So we went to the small dog's park and there I was met by lots of fun and friendly little dogs. More my style. I met a little yorky called Zeus. He was cool. All the dogs followed him, including me. He showed me that the dog park was not such a scary place and that it was okay to chase after the many left behind tennis balls.

Finally we got up the gumption to re-enter the large dog park. This time, there were some really fun dogs there!! The ones who caught my attention the most were two pitbulls who were chasing each other all of the way around the park. I joined in and they let me!! It was fun, but I can't let my daddy and mommy get too far away from me.

The next day, we went back and saw many new friends. My daddy liked the pitbull named Piggy who rolled in the watery mud to cool off and then used him as a towel. He was all filthy dirty, it was quite funny.

There were a lot more dogs there the second time, and they all were playing with each other. I got a little overwhelmed so I hung out where it was safe.

Who knows, if my mommy and daddy keep bringing me to the dog park, I just may be a playful force to be reckoned with.

But for now... SLEEP!!


I am enrolled in Obedience Class!!

September 1st 2012 11:20 am
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I got enrolled in my first obedience class at a place called Pasanita Obedience Club. My daddy calls it Doggy Boot Camp, and he is right. I am learning so much, but I still do not like to do the down stay. Mommy tells me to lay down so I roll on my back for belly rubs. However, that is not working out the way I had planned, so I guess I just might have to do what I am told, no matter how much I don't want to do it.

I learned how to sit, stay, lie down, and walk with my daddy in many different directions. The marching part is fun and I am good at it. However, since my sissy decided that she had to do it too, I spend time looking for her too. Also, my granddaddy and his new puppy are in the class too. This all makes it so much fun, but also a lot harder to concentrate. Next week we get to use a 15 foot long line, so I guess that means that my mommy and daddy will be a long way's away from me. I hope I can stand being that far away from them. I mean, after all they are my protectors from the scary things in the world. However, if treats are involved, I will do anything.

Oh, gotta go. Mommy brought out my martingale collar, time to work and get LOTS of treats.



Wiggle Waggle Walk!!

September 30th 2012 7:17 pm
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Today was my very first "Wiggle Waggle Walk", a walking fundraiser to help the Pasadena Humane Society, our local humane society. I was told that my mommy and daddy's first dog was adopted from there. I bet it is a nice place, but I have been in a humane society and even though it was nice and the people were great, I never want to go back to one. I like it here with my sissy!!

However, we met the wonderful lady who walks me twice a week along with her dogs at the event. Sheesh, I have never seen so many dogs in one place before. There must have been hundreds of them and in all shapes and sizes!! So after my daddy registered us, we got into line along with the other dogs. I got to show off how handsome I am by wearing a bright yellow "Wiggle Waggle Walk" bandana!! Brad Pitt eat your heart out!!

There are two walks you can take, a 1 mile and a 3 mile walk. My daddy told me that he has never taken the 3 mile. He tried last time, but both he and China got bored halfway through and came back. So this time, since we all had friends to walk with, we tried the lengthy 3 mile walk. It was really HOT, but there was shade in some places and people giving out water.

China even found a squirrel along the way and dragged daddy over to the tree that it scurried up. I helped by whining and barking. Apparently, this distracted people enough to entertain them. They laughed and took pictures. I am so glad that I could entertain them!!

In the end, we finished the 3 mile walk and daddy's feet hurt. Then we walked around the booths and went home...

Oops, that is not how it happened, the food line was so long at the event that we went to the nearby golf country club for lunch. This is where we go every weekend with grandpa. It was a good meal and in the end I got to play with one of my dog-walker's dogs, Fitz.

Now, after such a long day, what will I do with the rest of my day you ask??

Really??? You need to ask this??



i Have a Binky!!

November 2nd 2012 9:37 pm
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Hooray!! My mommmy gave me my very own binky! By binky, I mean my very own blanky or towel to carry around the house and chew on. Before that I got yelled at for chewing on pillows and blankets. Not anymore because now I have my very own blanket to chew on and you know what? I really like it. As a matter of fact, my mommy snapped a picture of me snuggled uup and asleep with my Binky!

I have the best mommy in the world!!

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