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10 Reasons to Love

February 4th 2010 6:00 pm
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Ahhh, it's been so long since a new diary entry has appeared. One of my pals, Sandra Marie spurred me to get typin' with a love tag. I'm suppose to list 5-10 things I love, then tag some other pups. I love lots of things, so this should be a breeze.

1. CHASING SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a THRILL!!!
2. Those tender juicy baby bunnies are definitely at the top of the list, too. Probably a tie for first place with the squirrel chasing. I'd have to really think hard which I love most.
3 Muskrat hunting would be next on the list. Not sure what I love about it, but I do, I do, I do.
4. Raw T-bone steak bones. I'll never refuse one. Esp. if there is a little meat left on it.
5. Anything sweet. Besides having a love for meat, I LOVE desserts. Any kind, any time, I'll claim them as mine.
6. Going for a hike with the mom and dad. It's ok if only one can go at a time, but I love it when we all go together.
7. The couch. It's mine. All of it. At one is my pillow, at the other end, I can rest my head on the armrest and look out the window.
8. My Kong. I can throw it at the parents and it gets filled.
9. Winter time. Love the cooler temps, all the fresh smells.
10. The fam. I do love my family, even tho I don't really show it much. I think I would be very sad if they weren't around. It's what love is really all about - me and my family (and what they can do for me). Hee hee.


♪Getting to know you, getting to know all about- you♪

February 8th 2009 5:37 pm
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A friend of mine, Baylee asked me to do this fun thing as a way to get to know your pals better. Here’s what I had to do;
Copy this diary entry, and paste it into your diary. Read and then delete my answers. Then you can fill in your own! We can get to know our pals better!! Have fun!! Then send a rosette or p mail to 4 pals and ask them to post it in their diary!!!!

1. What color is your collar? Let’s see, I have a blue one that says I love snow and a green christmas one and black and orange Halloween one and a one with fall colors, and a multi collar striped one and a black one with white paws on it and a rust and blue plaid one and another multicolor one that is skinny and a lime green one with white flowers. Mom has a little collar fetish.

2. What kind of food do you eat? I usually switch every few months but right now it’s Sensible Choice.

3. What are your favorite treats? raw steak bone

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?? I have to pick just one?

5. Do you get Table Scraps? Yes, thank goodness!

6. What is your favorite toy? I don’t really play with toys anymore, but I bring my kong to my mom and dad every time they eat, to remind them that I would like something, too. So I think that is my favorite toy. Well, that and the squirrels outside. I

7. When is your Birthday? I was left at the human shelter with the rest of my litter when I was 8 weeks old, with a note that said we were born first week of May. So Mom picked May 3rd as my special day.

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? As often as I want. There is food out all the time for me. I usually only eat when mom or dad are home, though.

9. Do you have a favorite color? I’m partial to the color of squirrels and baby bunnies.

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? I do I do I do I do I do.......

My 4 pals I’m tagging are:

Maddi, the extreme Fox Terrier


TAG-O-RAMA--(the good, the bad and the ugly)

January 25th 2009 6:44 pm
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Lots of tagging going on. I have been just horrible at responding to it all and for that I’m very sorry. I do appreciate my friends asking me to join in with them on the games. So I’m going to combine the tags in one diary entry. Is that cheating?

First, I’m suppose to tell 7 things you may not know about me (some are good, some are not so good):

1. I love eating but will refuse some foods-veggies, fruits, french fries, plain chips. I’m strictly a meat and dessert eater. So does that make me a sweet carnivore?
2. I capture lots of different critters but the only kind I ever eat are baby bunnies.
3. As much as I hate a bath, I will go into the bathroom and get in the tub on my own when mom tells me to. I’ll do almost anything for a piece of meat.
4. I do not like being petted or coddled. I’ll only tolerate it for a few seconds and then I walk away, with a very annoyed look on my face.
5. I always look bored and depressed except for when we are out walking or if there is someone eating.
6. Playing fetch is beneath me. Unless you’re willing to give up something good to eat.
7. I can go on walks without having a leash on.

Now for the 5 bad things I have done, which in my opinion are none, but since my mom is my typist, I really have no control over what she has stated. And because of this I plead not guilty until proven otherwise.

1. I have, in my puppy days, destroyed a “couple” of things - electrical cords, ballpoint pens, child’s toys, shoes - the usual things
2. I always bring the animals I have captured into the house to show them off. (and tell me why this is on the bad list and not the good list?)
3. I tend to take my time coming when my mom yells at me if there is something I’m really interested in, for example a carcass of some sort to chew on.
4. I have never bitten anyone but I have “snapped” a warning bark when a stranger has bent down and tried to pet me.
5. (this is the ugly one): One time I chased a deer into a lake that had a thin coat of ice on it, and the deer couldn’t swim very well since it had to paw thru the ice first, so I caught up to it and was biting it on the neck. Boy, I really got in big trouble for that one. I never heard my dad yelling for me, honest! And I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance! (the deer did get away and made it to the other bank, just in case you’re wondering. We watched it run away.)

And now I’m going to cheat again. Who ever reads this diary entry is “Tagged, you’re it!”.
I’m just too tired from my hiking today to tag my friends. It’s warm and snuggly inside and dark and cold outside , so I’m ready for a nice long winter’s nap. Good night all!



The Febreeze Friendship Frenzy

August 3rd 2008 8:17 am
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Holy cats and dogs! Mom checked out my page and all those febreeze collars from so many good furiends! At first I got really worried, because I thought you all thought I stink! I was wracking my brain, do I need to roll in sumpin' dead? Do I need to eat some cat poop? I haven't had a bath so I know I smell good for a change, like a dog and not like some flowery perfumy icky smell. And I did find some nasty stuff to gnaw, so my breath is pretty good, too.
But then I realized everyfur was getting them! I'm so relieved!! Then I also discovered those are gifts and they're free!!!! Wow! How cool is that??? So now I want to say to all my furiends - thank you for giving me such a nice gift! How fun to hand out as many gifts as you want with no cost! It's like a friendship ball, only it's a frebreeze friendship collar!
Feelin' Fresh,


Happy Father's Day, Dad

June 15th 2008 8:18 am
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This seems like the perfect day to write about my human dad. He really is very special. And I'm not saying that just because he realizes I'm perfect in every way, He is one of the few humans I know that realizes what it takes to make a dog happy and sets out to make all my dreams come true. So I have made a list of the top 10 things he has done for me in the 5 years I have lived with him:

1.Makes sure I get at least 2 walks every day, regardless of the weather or how he is feeling. (mom does help him on this one)
2. Has made me a special seat over the console in the jeep so I can sit in the front between him and mom. (he tried getting mom to always ride in the back but she wouldn't)
3. Makes sure I go somewhere every day to run off leash and hunt.
4. Put a dog door in so I have free access to inside and outside at all times
5. Built a "perch" for screened porch so I can look out over the driveway and see what is going on in the street.
6. Will show no remorse at spending whatever it takes to make me happy and healthy, but won't spend over $10 on anything for himself.
7.Refuses to have me stay home alone more than 4 hours at a time and tells mom- "Sophie's stuck at home and can't just pick up and go like we can. How boring would that be?"
8.Lets me eat whatever I want (thank goodness he doesn't listen to mom nagging)
9.Lets me get on the furniture regardless of how dirty I am.
10. Loves me unconditionally and accepts me for who I am.

I really think that dad was a dog in a previous life.

I love ya, Dad!



The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

April 13th 2008 2:15 pm
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Ah, you should have seen me in action. I was smooth, I was sleek, I was speed. It was like poetry in motion.

Okay, maybe not quite that great but sure felt like it at the time. Here I was, just walkin’ along in the woods and I spied a groundhog. Quicker than skat, I had him! He never saw me comin’, he didn’t stand a chance. I was pumped!

Now for the defeat part. I had to LEAVE it there! I tried everything to get my dad to bring it home. I carried it for at least 1/2 mile, having to stop frequently to rest. (those danged things are heavy, you know), I would stop and stay way behind just looking forlornly at my dad, I would rush ahead of him with the groundhog in my mouth, then stop and drop it. Nothing worked. Nada. I was pretty bummed the rest of the walk.
I didn’t even get a “way to go, Soph!” hurrah`. Wouldn’t you think Dad and Mom would be proud of me? A groundhog is pretty big for a dog my size. They were more excited when they saw a bluebird. A stupid little bird that could fit inside my mouth. Now maybe you can understand my agony.
Poor me. I’m off to sulk. And take a nap. The little excursion wore me out!


Spring into action-play Tag!

April 4th 2008 5:56 am
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Yep, another tag is going around. 4 questions. 4 friends. Actually it’s 4 fun. You learn a lot of new things about your pals and it’s also a way to introduce your pals to others. I hope if you read this diary entry, you will check out my pals’ pages. They are VERY cool dawgs. So many cool dawgs, so little time.

I’ve been tagged by a beautiful friend, Faith Lynn.

If you have been tagged by me, this is what you have to do. (“have to do”? Nah, you don’t HAVE to do anything if you don’t want to. BOL)

Answer the following 4 questions in your diary and tag 4 friends.

name 4 jobs that you have:
1. Guarding the house from any suspicious behavior, inside and out.
2. Squirrel removal
3. Bunny population control
4. Training humans

name 4 places where you have lived ( or stayed at ): (only 3 fur me)
1. Where ever I was born. It’s unknown to everyone but me.
2. The animal shelter, before I was adopted
3. My furvever home

name 4 places that you have been: we’re not travelers, sooooo
1. all the state parks within a 60 mile radius
2. Tough Dog Bakery
3. Petco
4. almost everywhere Mom and Dad go, sometimes even to work with them!

name 4 places you'd rather be:
1. in the woods
2. in the woods
3. in the woods
4. in the woods

friends I'm tagging:

1. Buster What a great sense of humor, not to mention being handsome
2. Cosmo One of the nicest dogsters you’ll ever meet.
3. Abbie Great agility competitor!!
4. Enigma Too cute!


Spring has Sprung

March 25th 2008 7:17 pm
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Spring has Sprung
Snow is done
Warmer weather is on its way.

Flowers are poppin'
Bunnies are hoppin'
Sure hope I get one some day.

Anyone else like to fool around with poetry? If so, you should check out The Pet Poetry Group. It's bound to make a smile happen when you read all the poems.

And yep, spring has arrived. All that's left of the snow is a dwindling pile here and there. Mom took me for a long walk today at the park and it seemed good to not run through that crusty snow. Lots of new fresh smells, too. I could smell muskrats before we even saw the water. I had heard that some humans like to wear the scent called musk, and now I know why. What a delightful odor.
I also treated myself to a mud spa treatment today. Aaahhhh. How refreshing! I highly recommend it to exfoliate the dry scaly skin that winter causes. Although I had to take a bath when I got home. That kind of ruined things. So much for relaxation!

Hope everyone had a good Easter and that a basket full of goodies was left by the Easter bunny. I was hoping for a basket of those really small baby bunnies that are so tasty, but no such luck. Oh well, there's always next year. And soon it will be the time of year when I can find my own.

I'm off to a good night's sleep on my favorite chair. Or maybe on the couch. Or maybe on my bed. I usually trade off several times a night. Who knows where I'll be in the morning.

Sweet dreams to all of you!


Hey, Valentine- you're IT.

January 26th 2008 3:52 pm
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I was Christmas tagged by Brittany Curlystar
And I never got the tagging down. (Sorry Brittany.)

Now I’ve been tagged by Sasha!
So I think it’s time to get typin’. Here goes.

I am going to tell you 5 Valentine wishes ( which, if I would have done Christmas wishes, they would have been very similar) and then tag 5 friends with a p-mail or rosette. They will then write a diary entry and tag 5 friends with a pmail or rosette, and so on and so on...
but only if they really want to. Sometimes a dog just doesn’t have time to tag, so I totally understand if you can’t.

Here’s my 5 Valentine wishes:

1. I wish for a squirrel and rabbit baby boom
2. I wish for a warm, loving home for all pets
3. I wish for many more days of running free and hunting
4. I wish for never having to visit the vet ever again!!
5. I wish a very Happy Valentine’s Day for all my dogster friends.

Five friends I would like to tag are:

1.Maggie Mae

And here’s looking to spring, ‘cause you know what spring means, don’t you???? (baby bunnies. Shhhhh, don’t tell my mom I said that. She doesn’t like me to think like that).



Cute but sly am I

January 22nd 2008 6:30 pm
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I am a con artist. I don't like to admit it openly, but secretly I'm very proud of it. I'm pretty good at manipulating people to get what I want. Take for instance, every night after dinner. I have trained my parents to fill my kong with treats after they are done eating. And it was so easy. I just go find my kong, and literally throw it at them. And I keep picking it up and throwing it until they finally fill it.
I'm pretty good at looking really really sad when I want to go for a walk too, by plopping myself down in front of them, putting my chin on my front paws and looking so depressed. Putting a guilt trip on humans is very effective.
Then there is our mailman. He was an easy target, too. I would run out to his van and sit, looking so cute. He always tried to pet me, and I would never let him, but it never kept him from withholding the milkbones. I feel pretty sad because he retired. Gosh I'm gonna miss him.
And then the other night, our paper girl (who I bark ferociously at every single time) pulled a dog treat out of her pocket! Hey, I can stop being mean sounding long enough to snatch a treat. Now tonight, my dad brought in the paper, and since it snowed, the paper was in a plastic bag. At the bottom of the bag was a dog treat! Now how awesome is that? I wasn't even around and I got a treat! I'm starting to really like this girl.
Hmmm, I wonder who my next target can be.................

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