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Silly Computers and other stuff

March 31st 2014 12:41 pm
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Was sad when Mum told me that there had been a spam in her email account and she has had to freeze it until it was sorted out. Now we are back on our computer it looks like we might have lost some friends!!! Kia? Ouch. Mum is on leave and we are having new windows and doors put in our house and the roof + all repainted. Chaos. Garbo gets really upset but I rather like all the comings and goings. Maybe all the activity and paint smells will chase the horrid toads away!


I missed my Special Day of Honor!

February 24th 2014 3:17 am
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What do you know - I got diary of the day on Saturday and Mum only found out today so we did not even see me featured - ggggrowl! Mum only has internet at work and so we missed my moment of glory on the weekend. Thanks Dogster anyway, much appreciated. It felt a bit odd that I got pride of place for entering a message about my sick sister. But here is the good thing - the vet is very pleased with Garbo's progress and he thinks she is going to beat the cancer. She has even started playing tag with me again.


Say a little prayer for Garbo please.

February 18th 2014 12:57 am
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My crazy lovable sister is struggling. I have to be a bit careful because some days she is irritable and closes her teeth around my nose slightly harder than she usually does when we are playing. Mum says that it is good that I am such a gentle sensitive soul but I would do anything to make sure my Garbo is around as long as possible. When I came from the shelter and didn't even want to live, Garbo and Mum showed me that life could be a LOT of fun and I will always love Garbo for treating me like I was her very own puppy. Say a little prayer for our Garbo who has been diagnosed with cancer please - we don't want her to hurt.


Mr Zack if you please!

October 15th 2013 4:43 am
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All of two years old and Mum says I am a real gentleman - always know my manners and which side to wag my tail on. Have not been on dogster for ever because Mum sold her old home and now we have a new home - settling in has taken a lot of time! Mum is busy busy busy but she always finds time to walk us at least once a day and play games with us. My sister Garbo loves the new house as there is a pool and she likes to herd it. If Mum puts the net on, she waits til Mum is not around and jumps onto the net so that she has a shallow bouncing pond all of her own. Mad I tell you. Mum is working hard on directing her need to herd just everything - glad that I am a more straightforward lad.


My ear was mistaken as a tug toy!

November 4th 2012 10:07 pm
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Monday always comes around too quickly. Weekends with Mum should last forever. Mind you this weekend had a couple of bad moments. Like on Sunday I was playing tug with Garbo and as usual my Jumbo ears were flying around then Garbo tried to get a better grip of the rope and my ear landed between her teethe together with the rope. I screeched but Garbo took a rather long moment to realize that she had my ear in her mouth. Poor ear. Mum says that it is good that my ears are fat as well as long so they do not tear too easily. Later Mum went to walk dogs at TEARS (animal shelter) like she always does on Sunday and came back very sad because one of her favorite dogs who recently got adopted had been returned that day and she found it so very sad. I'm glad I got adopted when I was young and had not formed some difficult habits and fears!


Thought our garden was the beach.

November 1st 2012 11:08 pm
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Wow summer is here at last! I really got excited today because our ordinary old garden suddenly smelt like the sea. Garbo and I thought that we had arrived in some sort of heaven. Mum was watering the garden but the water had the self same aroma as the sea – it made us want to dive into the flower beds and roll around in them. Mum had to tell us very firmly that the stuff she had put in the water was to feed the plants, not us. Spoil sport – and I saw it said “Seagrow” on the bottle so I’m hoping still that our garden will grow into a beach.


Thought I was a Beagle for a moment.

October 18th 2012 11:58 pm
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Oops, I got into big trouble yesterday. Mum took us to the local park and I was playing with a Beagle. Now Mum knows that Beagle, he was a pup when Garbo was. Mum knows that he puts his nose down and just runs with ears blocked to his owners so she was keeping an eye on me. I was having such a party with him that when he put his nose down and took off I just followed. Mum yelled but I could not listen so Garbo sprung into action and came screeching down the road after me to herd me back. At that point, I ignored her too. She almost got hit by a car because she was making big circles in the road around me. Mum called her and she went directly back to Mum. Suddenly I realised I had been very very naughty and went to Mum. I hope that I have learnt my lesson because Mum said it was bad enough that I had put myself in danger, but that she would have found it hard to cope with if I had caused Garbo (who usually never leaves my Mum's proximity) to be run over.


Birthday Boy

October 10th 2012 2:40 am
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Wow, this year the day of my birth is altogether different. Mum does not actually know exactly what day I was born but she says it is sometime between now and next week. She says that we are going to celebrate it every day for a week because she says that I am so very worth celebrating!!!! She does not know exactly what happened to me but says she still gets angry thinking of how my furmum was abused for having me and my siblings - as if it was furmum's fault that she was not spayed and that my Dad was not a Border Collie! She also knows that I was flung around by my neck and we were saved just before we were drowned in a packet. Mum says my birth was one of the best things that ever happened to her and that I make her laugh every day. I love to do silly things and make her laugh because then she lets me lick her face (my favorite thing to do - she says it is disgusting) because she just cannot stop me when she is laughing so much! Mum has been so very busy this week - she had an Exhibition Opening on Monday night and tonight she has Prize Giving Ceremony at her school and tomorrow she has Valedictory Celebrations at school but she says that she will still make each day a special Birthday in lots of little ways. I'm so happy that I was saved because Garbo, Mum and I have just the best of times together.


My Bronze Rosette looks good with my eyebrows!

August 1st 2012 3:59 am
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Feeling very proud. Got my rosette for Bronze Canine Good Citizen last month. I was the youngest dog there and I did everything just right! It poured with rain and we stood on the field for over five hours but luckily I like rain! My one Staffie pal from Intermediate class would not do the down stay because he said “no way am I lying on this wet muddy surface” – he almost failed and then my Mum asked the judge if he was allowed to lie on a towel (softie!). She said yes and Mum gave him my towel (she thought I should have one dry off between tests) that I didn’t want anyway and he lay down and passed. Another pal just lost it when she had to play with a toy and then calm down quickly because an ambulance went past just as she started and the loud sirens scared her. She seemed to think that her toy had made the siren noise and was terrified so Mum let me give her my squeaky squirrel toy and she was so interested in it that she lost her feelings of fear and she too passed. Garbo got her Bronze Rosette last year but I would not sit still in the photo that Mum has posted unless Garbo sat with me with hers on – got to love my sis.


28 May - Wish weekends were forever!

May 28th 2012 2:23 am
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Drat it's week time again and Mum's back at work so I'm just going to have to daydream about my weekend past until she gets home from teaching. Mostly I want to think about all the squirrels that I chased in the forest on Saturday as they are so fat and lazy with the onset of winter. Only drawback about winter is that there are thousands of soft squishy things underfoot Mum calls mushrooms - I ask you, you cannot go inside them so why are they called some type of room thing? Humans are so odd!

I made her so proud this weekend because I did a little agility course faultlessly on Saturday. She said that Garbo had to learn to follow her orders the first time she was let of leash to do tunnels and jumps because she was just so overkeen to do it all as fast as she could. Hmmm, well I didn't exactly drag myself around you know, but I did know to keep an eye on where she wanted me to go. Lots of people clapped and exclaimed how very bright I am. Mom's little lad! The day was almost ruined when a big Rotti lunged off its lead and hurled itself on top of me on my way back to the car after class. I just lay very still and pretended I was dead. Garbo was furious - she says same oaf attacked her in puppy class and she has never ever ever forgotten!

Think I'll just dream of being in an endless tunnel for a bit.

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