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Made another year

November 19th 2014 2:48 am
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Another Birthday - I made another year. I know how to be tail wagging about that after my cancer scare earlier this year. I'm fit and feisty and still having great adventures with little brother Zack and our Mum.


Heat Wave

February 27th 2014 12:46 am
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Having a heat wave in Cape Town and it has been over a week now. Mum gets into the pool the moment she gets home from work and just wallows there. Not much fun for Zack and I because we only swim in rivers and sea and do not like the pool thing. Mum fills a big plastic sand pit with water for us and we play in that and when we are finished, she uses the water for her garden. We cannot leave the water in our plastic pool overnight as our garden is full of frightening toxic toads called Leopard Toads. They are endangered so we have to respect that but Mum does not want to attract any more with our water because if we do happen to put our mouths on them we could get very ill. She also has to put the pool cover on her big pool because the silly things get stuck in the pool if she does not. The heat is making me very tired but I have made up my mind to get 100% well again and the vet says he is very very pleased with my progress.


Bad News but Fighting

February 14th 2014 12:35 am
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We are all trying to not be very sad at home. Mum found a big lump on my back leg that I was chewing at last week and took me to the vet - they took a biopsy and say that I have cancer. Mum was devastated, she says that it's not fair when I am only three. She said that she would not put me through chemotherapy in spite of wanting me to be alive as many minutes, hours, days of her life as possible. The vet says that my body is trying to fight the cancer on its own and so he and Mum are monitoring it. I am a really feisty girl and they are starting to think that I might just win this battle. Brother Zack is also very worried. He normally sleeps in Mum's room, but since a few days before our Mum knew about the tumor, he started lying next to me where I sleep (I guard the front door at night - I choose to be there).


Birthday Girl

November 18th 2012 10:02 pm
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It's my second Birthday and the sun is shining. It got light at 05:00 this morning with the birds singing and squirrels cavorting around the garden (followed very closely by a happy bouncing Zack!). Mum made me a special breakfast with gravy and took us to the beach for a quick romp in the sea before she had to go to work. What a treat, we normally only get to the beach on weekends. I'm looking froward to being two because things seem to be getting easier to cope with as I think I am wiser each year.


I sprained my toe!

October 30th 2012 2:39 am
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A sore toe is worse than a sore tail, a sore head a sore just about anything when you are a Border Collie! When Mum took me to the vet because I woke up crying (like a baby whale she said!) and unable to put my back paw down, she said to the vet "I don't know how she did it" and the vet took one skew look at me and little Zack (who was squirming at my side) and pointed at us and said "that's how!". And she was right - we played with wild uninhibited abandon the night before and now that Zack is bigger and faster I really have my work cut out to outwit and outplay him! Anyway now I am mad because there is a big bandage stopping me from spreading my toes and I just want to bite my whole leg off and be rid of it!


Happy Birthday Little Brother

October 11th 2012 1:21 am
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It is Zack's Birthday - lots of reason to celebrate! I can hardly remember what it was like before Zack came into our home. Mum played lots with me and I did like having all of her attention on me because I'm a Border Collie of course and we like to have an exclusive and obsessive relationship with our owners BUT I have to admit that with Zack around we just have so much crazy fun and laughter. He is non stop entertainment in a sort of super cute Border Collie-ish package. I hope that we can make his Birthday fun, fun, fun and I promise not to pull the hair on his cheeks just for today!


A Headache in my Tail!

August 1st 2012 4:33 am
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Oh my Mum - I love her but sometimes . . . . We have a different car because some silly person drove very hard into the back of Mum's car. The seats are narrower and this morning it was dark when Mum put us in the car. She didn't see that my bushy tail was not completely in the car and she shut the door! It was really really sore and I'm not a dog who complains. I was wondering if the thing my Mum calls whiplash possibly extends beyond the spine and into the brain?


Torrid time with hormones

July 11th 2012 12:38 am
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I've been having a bit of a rough time health wise. Fortunately Mum has been on holiday so has been able to take good care of me, but still . . . I've had a reoccurance of the vaginitis problem and had to go back on HRT and had to go to the vet every day to have anti fungal cream injected up into me. It was so sore. They also did a scope and Mum cried when she saw how painful I was inside. The medications have made me start to feel a lot better and I am not so grumpy with other dogs anymore. I am especially having fun with little brother Zack because he is big enough to play WILD games with me. We run around so fast and dodge and hide and try and drwon each other in the rivers. It has rained a lot here and the rivers are very full. The water is freezing but we find it fun to dash in and then screech around madly. The best thing that Mum ever did for us was to adopt Zack.


Page One: 25 May 2012- I never said I wanted to be alone!

May 25th 2012 2:22 am
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Mum's first Border Collie was called Biago and so when she got me she played around with the letters and called me Garbo after the silent movie star Greta Garbo. Trouble is, names rub off and Garbo was eccentric and troubled by moodiness! She is remembered for such as "I just want to be alone" and "I am very happy one moment, the next there is nothing left for me". For the first year of my life I ignored my name and played like crazy with all other dogs(anyway Mum tended to call me Lala instead)but then I couldn't anymore. I found that some days I just could not tolerate some other dogs. Mum was so shocked she checked out every inch of my body and found that I had a discharge. Long story, lots of vet visits to hear I had been spayed when I had Juvenile Vaginitis and now I couldn't get rid of it as I didn't have the right hormones. Wow, no wonder I felt so awful. They put me on human hormone replacement therapy. I'm still troubled and have my bad days. I have to always be kind to Zack cos he is family and I love him but sometimes it makes me mad that he is so relaxed and that everybody just loves him. All tail wags with Zack. Like today when he got a ball from Roscoe and would not stop squeaking it. My life is much more complex. I am a full Border Collie and I never really relax. Am always alert and assessing everything around me. Mum says I need to learn to not always think I must control everything. We are working on compromise and on me trusting she will take care of things when it is necessary. Wow - life is much harder for a teen!

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