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My Wooferful Life

My Tumor

May 6th 2012 3:14 pm
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When i was born i noticed i had something on my eye we went to the doctor and they told us it was nothing and that we should just watch it over the years and if it gets irritating for me bring me back . so over the years we watched it and it seemed to grow just a lil. but then it got to a point it was bringing my eyelid down a little and it was making my eyes red. i became worried and told my mom to take me to the vet they said " yea it does look like it getting bigger but its not that serious it is a bine tumor though if we took it off it might grow back in a 7 year span and maybe a lil faster " so we deiced maybe we should leave it alone but then over the next few months i noticed it was started to scar and pus and it jut was not looking good so i told my mom that i think we should get it off me and she agreed and we took me back to the vet. they finally took it off and they did a great job because it looked like there was never anything in the first place. i had to wear a stupid cone on my head for a couple days and it gave my family a big laugh to see that on me . but i am happy that the thing is finally off me and i look even cuter and so far there is nothing growing on my eye. Thanks Benfield!

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