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Angie's Adventures

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not dumb at all

May 8th 2012 6:03 pm
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Today while I was at the store, Angie opened the crate, climbed up the ramp to the elevated dog bed (designed so my pups can look out the basement window), and pushed out the window screen. She did not actually damage anything but boy was she happy to be loose in the house with the big dogs. From this, I conclude that a) I need to reinforce the crate and b) Angie is actually quite smart.


bath and neighbors

May 7th 2012 7:16 pm
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Today Angie got her second bath, courtesy of having a bad night and getting poop on her flank. She fought me less than on the first bath, which is good, because I was in my work clothes.

Her other excitement for the day was that she got to meet lots of people. She barked quite a bit at the special needs students from the job program who came to mow the lawn, though once I picked her up, she was content to let the one student pet her. This afternoon a bunch of the neighbors ganged up on my neighbor across the street and helped her clean up her yard. I left Angie tied out in the front yard, in view of all of us, sheltered under a bush so she would feel secure. When we finished raking and bagging, I brought her over and she was not only quiet but let two of the neighbors pet her. She definitely is braver with another dog modeling appropriate behavior. It seems her favorite way to be petted is with her head mushed up against Yuki's. The neighbors all agree that Angie has a very sweet little face. They also expressed their admiration for how well she is walking on leash these days.

Angie is now reliably using the dog door. She likes the freedom to come and go from the living room. I was a little worried she might not choose to spend any time in the house, but she is currently snuggling on the couch with me and Claire-dog.



May 7th 2012 4:35 am
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For a dog that is skittish around new people, Angie was remarkably unfazed by me donning a full beekeeping outfit with hat and veil. Gloves do not bother her either. It took my boy dog several times before he stopped finding me scary in the bee suit so I am surprised by Angie's instant acceptance.

Angie also had her first bath, which was a big and unpleasant surprise for her. She fought me but did not offer any aggression; she just wanted to get away. I did manage to stay nominally drier than her. Nice to finally have a clean little girl.

Still working on name recognition and housetraining. She is doing so great on the leash but now barks back at the aggressive (fenced) neighbors' dogs. She also barks at my one neighbors' dogs. I am working with her to train her to bark only to alert and then be quiet.

So we've had Angie for almost two weeks now. Yuki and I are rather enjoying having a silly little girl here.



May 3rd 2012 11:10 am
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Angie is clearly starting to feel more comfortable in her foster home. Yesterday she started barking back at the yappy dogs that live behind me. I was pleased that she responded well to my attempts to divert her attention, so I was able to get my foster dog, whom I have had for just one week, to stop barking before the neighbor got her 4 dogs whom she has owned for several years to stop.

She is also showing how silly she is, now that she is becoming comfortable. She's giving play bows to all three of us, but she gets a little scared when any of us respond by trying to play. She is running around the yard, bounding really, and has a silly habitat of launching herself up the stairs.

She is also finally letting me sleep through the night. I think she has realized that she will be in her crate for a set amount of time and that is it, so she has quit the desolate abandoned puppy howl that so upsets Claire. She is a little hard on the bedding but I am trying out different toys to see what will keep her occupied. All the Kongs I have in the house are for much bigger dogs so I need to invest in a little one for her. She seems a little interested in the Nylabone but Yuki, who has not paid any attention to that toy in 2 years, despite it being in the toy box, is suddenly remembering that he loves it. I put it in her crate today when I left and will be interested to see what happens.

I have also switched her to a harness for our daily walks, not because she needs it but because I just don't cope well with the leash/collar combo. The leash always ends up under the one front leg and it drives me crazy. The harness is working well. She is starting to get the idea of not passing behind me (with three leashes, they have to help) and how to untangle herself when she goes on the opposite side of a tree or mailbox from me.

She comes reliably when I call but only because she is following my boy, who comes no matter whose name I call. I am working on name recognition and eye contact but have not yet even thought about sit, stay, down, etc.

She has also gotten comfortable enough with me to give and ask for affection. Last night as I was watching TV she climbed into my lab and just cuddled with me, much like Yuki-dog did before he grew to be 65 lbs. She's sweet and feisty, which is a good combination, in my mind.


new foster home

May 1st 2012 1:23 pm
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Angie is a very sweet dog I am fostering. She is like a puppy in some regards, because everything seems to be new. She is a little timid but coming out of her shell more every day. Angie bonded almost instantly with my female dog, Claire (I call her the nanny dog) but remained timid around big Yuki boy for several days. She is more relaxed around him, to the point that this morning she dared to get onto the couch with him, but she is still a little wary of him.

I got Angie just one week ago and she has already had some important firsts. She went jogging with me and did great. She's a small dog (about 30 lbs) but leggy so she had no trouble keeping up. She's still a little confused about the leash so she does tend to circle me, but we are working on it. She also went hiking with me and seems more relaxed in the woods than on the street.

Today she met children on bikes and on scooters, wearing bike helmets. That was a little much for her, but thankfully my neighborhood children are very dog savvy. Angie did let them pet her after they bribed her with treats but it is going to take a little while before she is comfortable around them. I suspect she has not met many children before, especially not ones on wheels.

My goal is to slowly introduce Angie to the neighborhood, to the people and dogs who live here and get her comfortable with more and more new experiences.

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