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Went with mom to volunteer

October 19th 2012 7:22 am
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Went with mom wednesday to the Spay & Neuter clinic. I got looked at by the vet to see what was causing my skin to itch so much and Dr. Lacourse checked me out and had the nurse give me a shot to help with it. He told mom to give me the meds my vet is giving her and that the shot will help relieve the itching somewhat as well while the antibiotics will get rid of the itching infection. Dr. Lacourse told mom that I was very well behaved because of how I didn't fight them when they rolled me over and such. Got a visit from Norman the clinic cat. He came up and nuzzled me to say heloo and then went on his way as he always does. Mom did some laundry, and got stuff in order for the clinic. Laura came in with her buddy Bo a labrador she is fostering. Bo seemed to go and pick a toy out of the toys in the lobby and played with it the whole time he was there. He even came over and checked me out. He seemed to like me so I think I made me a new buddy. He even came over and laid down close to my mom and I when his foster mom wasn't there. So it was pretty cool getting to make a new friend that was a dog like me.


Went with mom to clinic

September 28th 2012 1:29 pm
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I went with mom to the Spay and Neuter clinic today as she volunteered there. I kept an eye on her as she did what they needed her to do and made sure she was okay. I even got a visit from Morris the cat as he came up to me I sniffed him to check him out and he nuzzled against me. Mom was there from 9 am until 2:45 pm helping out. I even got some love from some of those who were there as well. So was an interesting time today.


Went to Spay and Neuter clinic with Mom...

September 25th 2012 1:38 pm
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Well thank goodness I didn't have to go there to get spayed because I already was. But I got to lay under the table while Mom volunteered and stamped envelopes and put stickers on ziplocs for the medicine for the dogs who were getting spayed or neutered. Morris the cat even came up to me and nuzzled against me as well a few times. He seemed to just want someone to rub against more then anything. He let me sniff him to check him out as he did that too. He seemed okay. The other cats wouldn't come anywhere near me and just eyed me from a distance. We were at the clinic from 10 am to 1 pm and then mom went home. I got a treat when I got hom for being such a good dog too. Wonder what it will be like the next time Mom goes there to help out.


Been going to church with mom

September 17th 2012 12:48 pm
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Well I have been going to church with mom for the past three weeks and it is okay. I seem to get alot of attention and love from the kids and people there when I go with mom. Poor mom has an anxiety attack when the people come to her greeting her during the church welcome and I have to help her through it by coming up to her and getting her to focus on me and pet me. I don't seem to mind the loud music coming from the live band either. I really enjoy being able to lat down on a cool tile floor instead of carpet though. Feels good and cool compared to the carpet.

It will be interesting when the time comes when mom gets a puppy to add to the household. Not to sure about that but we will see. At least it will be a girl and mini aussie. So she will always be smaller than me no matter what. So that shall be interesting to see how I can handle that. The one who might not handle it well would be Aquilla Marie who already growls at me for no reason when I only want to come in grammy's bedroom and visit her. Grammy was surprised that Champ let me lay down on his dog bed with him but I did. Kind of nice to have a buddy to sleep with.


What an interesting week...

August 11th 2012 1:49 pm
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Well looks like Monday mom and I both went to see the doctor. Me for my paw that hurts and skin condition because of allergies, and Mom for her bronchitis. So I got to go with her into the doctor's office. I was very quiet and stayed out of the doctor's way by moving when he scotted over on his rolling stool. He checked mommy out and told her what to do and said to come back if it continued to be a problem.

Well Mom has been getting better slowly but surely. I still help remind her with to take her medicines as well as when she has an attack like she did yesterday by staying with her and helping her through it.

It was really interesting this week having Mom's nieces over. I will say one thing I sure do love all the attention mom's nieces give me especially when I get a milk bone biscuit from the youngest one.

So glad mom got me some MuddLuks for me to wear on my feet so that I don't get my feet burned walking in the parking lots and the asphalt. They feel kind of awkward but are alot better than walking in my bare feet. Will just have to get used to them is all. Mom plans on getting me some high quality shoes down the road. Well guess I will go take a nap now that the little ones are gone finally. Boy does a 6 year old and 10 year old wear you out when your an old dog.


I am pet of the week on Dogster!!

June 25th 2012 2:23 pm
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Mommy told me that I got chosen as Pet of the week on Dogster!! She said I will be getting a basket of treats and dog food as my prize. Oh boy I can't wait to see what all I got. ~woof~


Went with mom to Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett fans) Meeting

June 25th 2012 11:02 am
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I got to go with mom to Old Chicago for her Parrothead (Jimmy Buffett fans) meeting. I was a good girl and was quiet and stayed underneath the table like I was told to do. I also went with mom to the rest room and sat down like I was told to do. Alot of the servers were coming by to see me and pet me. So I seemed to get alot of attention because of me being there. Mom didn't have any access challenges which is good. All her Parrothead friends came by and said hi to me and petted me. Was kind of interesting. I enjoyed the ride there and back in mom's truck. I really have fun when I get to go places with my mom. Hope I can do this again.


Got to meet mom's niece...

May 13th 2012 10:01 pm
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Well, mom's niece came by to give her grandma some flowers. While her dad helped Grandma set up her new TV in her bedroom Emma (mom's niece) came in the bedroom with me and mom. Emma was watching me as I laid on my doggy bed next to mom's desk her computer was on. Then I finally got the nerve and got up to see if I could get some petting from Emma. She wasn't too sure of me at first until her aunt told her it was okay and I only wanted her to pet me. Boy did I love it when I got some attention from her. I was enjoying a butt rub with my nose high in the air. Well when she left I just stayed in mom's room and only barked when I saw Mom's brother. For some reason I'm not too sure of him and don't know why. I guess because of how tall he is. Who knows. Other than that it went okay with Emma. I think I like all the attention I can get from her. Hope she comes back again.


Mom got me some more bandanas...

May 9th 2012 2:55 pm
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Well looks like mom went and got me some more bandanas for me to wear. She got another pink paisley a bit darker, a hippie like love one, a light blue one with dogs on it, and a blue one with bones on it. She also found a flag like bandana and I think she will have me wearing that one for the 4th of July. I don't mind wearing them. They are alot better than that heavy winter coat she got for me for during the winter. I can't seem to scratch the fleas when I have that coat on. Oh well. At least I can stay alot cooler wearing these instead of doggie clothes.


Found out what where Toad Suck Daze came from...

May 8th 2012 3:10 pm
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Well I was listening to mom talk to a friend on the phone yesterday and she was telling them where the name Toad Suck Daze came from. Well from what I heard the story behind it is back when there was just a ferry boat to get across the Arkansas river there was a tavern they would go into and sit down at. Well the locals would always complain about how all they ever did was sit there to where they got as fat as a TOAD from SUCKing down all that beer and coming out of the tavern all DAZEd. Hence the name of the festival. Now today there is a lock and dam named Toad Suck Lock and Dam that crosses the Arkansas river along with a town on the west side of the river called Toad Suck, AR. So not too sure where the name came from other than what I heard mom telling her friend on the phone. So hope that explains where that came from to all my friends. Hope you find that interesting because I'm not really sure what to think of a town being named after a type of frog.

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