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Got to go out with mom...

February 15th 2015 10:20 am
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I was so excited to be able to go out with mom when she went to get her medicines. It had been quite some time since she had taken just me out with her. I was so happy and enjoyed the ride in the car. I know I am getting old but I still want to do my job and help mommy. But I miss going out with her when she goes to town. I enjoyed it so much.


Going to have portrait done

November 30th 2014 7:10 am
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Today Mommy and Izzy are going to go and have our picture taken. Grandma donated to the Volunteer Fire Dept that covers where we live and this is what we get as a thank you for our donation. At least we aren't going out into the crowd like Grandma is. Poor mommy doesn't handle the crowds too well.


A very sad day....

October 24th 2014 9:45 am
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This past Monday mom and Grandma were really sad when they came home. But I noticed someone was missing. They didn't bring Champ home. Well evidently they had him put to sleep because he had some sort of stroke to where he wasn't able to walk and get up and get around. He was 14 years old. I will miss him for he would always play with me but was a bit rough when he did as well as chase me. Me and the others have been going over to the spot where he laid down at by the clock and sniffing there along with where his bed used to be in Grandma's room. It's not the same without him. Mom misses his barking. The place is a lot quieter now because of that. We will all miss him.


Mom's niece is here visiting....

September 26th 2014 9:16 pm
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Well mom's niece came over tonight and will be staying for the weekend from what Grandma told mom. Not to sure of what to think about that. Mom's niece tends to get too hyper and I don't feel comfortable with her like that so I come in my room and lay down on my bed next to mom's. Mom has to remind her to leave me alone when I am in here because she is too hyper. I hope I can make it through the weekend. Izzy seems to enjoy her being here and follows her around the house like a shadow. At least that helps keep the little one from bugging me when I am napping. Maybe her being here would help me out in that why at the least. At least I know mom will spoil me with love. :-)


Really wore out from this past week

August 4th 2014 9:54 pm
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I am pooped from mom's niece being over here and always wanting to come and pet me. Mom has told her if I get up and walk away to leave me alone. Not to sure of what to think of her being so hyper so I will stand up and go lay down somewhere else just to get away from her while mom tells her to let me be. I am all pooped out from her being here and ready to kick back and relax for a while. Will be glad when school starts so she isn't here as much as she is in the summer.


Went to Bingo with mom...

July 19th 2014 11:32 am
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I went with mom to Bingo last night. Mom had an anxiety attack and had to sit down as I licked her to help calm her down. Once she was okay I was able to settle down and take a little nap. I have gotten used to the sound of the Bingo machine which is different but noisy. When we got home little one was bugging me by nipping my ears as I walked through the house. Mom had to correct her to get her to stop it. Other than that I pretty much went to my doggy bed and ate my food from my bowl on the floor and went to sleep.


Went on a long trip with mom...

April 5th 2014 1:33 pm
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I traveled up to just south of Harrison, AR a few weeks ago with mom so she could get her CB fixed and installed in the car. Was very interesting trip too. Mom went into a restaurant to get something to eat and I laid down under the table at mom's feet like I should. The waitress asked mom what kind of dog I was. Mom and the waitress got into a talk about the task I do and what I was for. The waitress also had PTSD as well like mom but in her own way.

After Mom finished eating she went over to the CB shop and I got to meet the CB tech. I found out he was an animal lover. So mom and him talked a lot about me. He asked mom if it was okay to pet me and she said Yes and he petted me. Once he did that I was okay and relaxed and laid down on the floor and took a nap since I knew mom would be okay.

After mom's CB was installed we headed home. I slept all the way home pretty much until I felt the car coming to a stop. Then I would sit up and see where we were. Once I felt mom turn off the Highway I knew we were almost home and sat up looking out the window. I was so happy to be home and with my doggy buddies again. Was a really interesting trip.


Went to the AETN telethon with mom...

March 12th 2014 4:10 pm
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Went with mom to the AETN telethon. I know I wasn't able to be seen because I was under the table but at least Mom was okay and didn't have an attack. Mom even got a few comments about me as well and how pretty I was by the celebrity who came to visit the studio who they were doing the tickets for their show in Stuttgart, AR. He said I was very pretty and had an Irish Accent. Mom and I posed for a picture with him as well as the group that came to help out at the telethon too.


Wintry weather....

March 3rd 2014 6:02 pm
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I understand we have four seasons but this ice we got is really hard to walk on for me while it's a piece of cake for Izabella to run across the yard with no problems. Kind of wish we didn't have it at this time of the year to be honest. Mommy understands and gives me some love for doing my duties and lets me back inside when I am done. Just kind of hard when you are 14 years old.


Went with mom the AETN banquet

October 28th 2013 10:48 pm
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I went with mom to the AETN thank you banquet. I stayed under the table at her feet or under her chair out of the way of everyone. There was a lot of people there too. I watched and made sure mom was okay the entire time. A couple times I had to get her attention to focus on me and pet me to help her get an attack under control and made sure she was okay before I could relax again. Other than that a lot of people commented to mom about me.

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