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DAY 669, Monday, 1/6/14

January 6th 2014 6:16 pm
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Brrr. It’s doggone cold out there, even for me. Bob and I just came in from our evening constitutional, and it was -4 degrees with a wind chill factor of -27, and it’s supposed to get even colder overnight. Normally I take my good ol’ time when we go out, but tonight I just did my business and high-tailed it right back to the house…for Bob’s sake, of course.


DAY 667, Saturday, 1/4/14

January 4th 2014 6:18 pm
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Poor Bob. He’s having such a hard time adjusting to the cold weather here. When he went out to breakfast this morning, it was 0 degrees. Yes, zero. He sprayed the windshield with de-icer, and it froze before he could get back in the car. He said he could feel his face calving like a glacier. It did warm up to about 37, but a bitterly cold front is coming through early next week. On Tuesday, it is supposed to be 3 degrees—and that’s the projected high! Poor, poor Bob.


DAY 666, Friday, 1/3/14 [Daily Diary Pick]

January 3rd 2014 6:13 pm
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Where we’re staying right now is up in the Allegheny Mountains. The ground here is very hilly, and when Bob and I go for our walks, I practically have to drag him back up the hill. He acts like he doesn’t appreciate that, but if I didn’t drag him, I’m not sure he’d ever make it back to the house.

I think Bob’s starting to lose it anyway. All day long, he’s been walking around the house singing,

“Ding dong, the witch is dead,
the witch is dead;
Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead.”

I have no idea what that’s all about, but Bob said that some of my readers would understand. Oh, well.


DAY 665, Thursday, 1/2/14

January 3rd 2014 6:11 pm
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That boo-boo on my tail is pretty much all healed now. Oh, and the last time I saw the vet, he said I was in excellent health. Well, of course. I’m young and spry. Bob is the old and decrepit one. Why, he’s 9 in real years.


DAY 664, Wednesday, 1/1/14

January 1st 2014 6:47 pm
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I want to wish all of my pup pals and their human companions a very happy new year. Or, as my Irish setter pals would say, May your best day of 2013 be your worst day of 2014. Aarff, aarff.


DAY 662, Monday, 12/30/13 [Daily Diary Pick]

December 31st 2013 4:35 am
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Bob has been making noises about moving again. He says that he wants to get out of this cold weather. Cold? What cold? I think he just needs to grow a little…fur, that is.

He also says that our stay here in Pennsylvania was never intended to be more than a respite, a break to give him time to sort some things out. I think he just needs to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.


DAY 659, Friday, 12/27/13

December 28th 2013 8:23 am
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Bob and I belong to an online group of service dogs and our “handlers.” (Yeah, right. Like THEY handle US. Pleeeeze!) So one of the “handlers” posts a story about how she and her service dog went to a store and one of the store employees tried to tell her that she couldn’t bring the dog into the store. Well, after some haggling, they called the store manager over and resolved the issue, but as the woman and her dog were walking away, the employee said, “Well, he better not bite anybody!” I told Bob to tell her that the proper response to such a comment could be any of the following:

A) Well, hopefully, you won’t give him a reason to bite you.
B) Actually, that’s why I have him. His job is to keep ME from biting people.
C) Oh, you have nothing to worry about. He’s a very picky eater; he never touches the cheap stuff.


DAY 658, Thursday, 12/26/13 [Daily Diary Pick]

December 26th 2013 2:29 pm
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I want to thank all of my pup pals who sent me Christmas gifts here at Dogster. Thanks, guys. I appreciate them, and I appreciate you.


DAY 657, Wednesday, 12/25/13 Christmas Day

December 26th 2013 2:27 pm
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Bob and I had a nice, quiet Christmas—just the two of us. After all the to-do last night, it was a pleasant change.


DAY 656, Tuesday, 12/24/13

December 26th 2013 2:25 pm
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I had a terrific Christmas Eve. Toland, the guy whose house we’re living in, had 10 friends over for dinner, and, naturally, they all wanted to pet me. I had to be fair and give everyone an equal chance. After all, that was probably the best Christmas present any of them got.

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