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DAY 700: Thursday, 2/6/14

February 6th 2014 10:59 pm
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Phoenix has a club called the Prime Timers that organizes social activities for gay seniors. Today, Bob and I went to a lunch they had. We met lots of nice guys, and, of course, they all fell instantly in love with me. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of those guys.


DAY 699: Wednesday, 2/5/14 [Daily Diary Pick]

February 6th 2014 8:58 am
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Whew! What a day. When I looked out our motel window this morning, I was so excited to see all that snow, but when we went out for our first walk, it sure didn’t feel right. I couldn’t roll in it or anything. It was coated with ice. I went slippin’ and slidin’ all over the place. I’m surprised Bob didn’t fall down. Whenever he does that, I always assume he’s playing, and I run and jump all over him.

All the people at the Quality Inn were so nice. Naturally, they all wanted to pet me. The shuttle to the airport was tricky, though. Because the interstate was covered in snow and ice, traffic was down to one lane. A semi-truck skidded ahead of us, but, fortunately, it didn’t slide off the road or anything.

The Pittsburgh airport was so nice. All the people at Southwest were so friendly and helpful, and the airport even has a special room for assistance animals to relieve themselves. It has a cement floor, and there’s even a fire hydrant in the middle of the room. Cute, huh? Oh, and there’s even a tub for humans that need a bath. Or, maybe it’s for us Canines. I’m not really sure.

The people on the plane were nice too. Bob and I got to board first, and there was even an older couple who volunteered to sit in the same row with us so that they could enjoy my company. Bob sat near the window, and the gentleman sat in the aisle seat so he could make sure I didn’t sneak over into the aisle the way I like to do. His and his wife were both very nice people, as were the flight attendants. They all wanted to pet me, and they even brought me water.

Once we got to Phoenix, we rented a car and drove to a friend’s house in the town of Laveen. I was so excited to see Alex. I had only met him once before, when he came to visit Bob and me in Flagstaff, but I took to him immediately. Alex and his roommate Caleb are very nice, and they each had another guest tonight. When Bob got ready to go to bed, he called me. Now, as a service dog, I should go when Bob calls, but I didn’t. I wasn’t being disobedient, though. You see, I’m a psychiatric service dog, and I can tell when somebody needs me—even if that person isn’t Bob—and tonight I could tell that one of the guys needed me more than Bob did, so I stayed there right beside him. Bob understood what was going on, but he didn’t say anything; he just left me there to do my thing. Sometimes I think Bob may be smarter than I give him credit for.

Alex has a very nice house with a fenced-in backyard, and there’s even a dog run! So, I can run and play all I want. And guess what else Alex and Caleb have. Three cats! I was so excited to play with them, but I guess they’re not used to a big dog like me, and they ran and hid. Alex had to put them in his room to keep me away from them. We actually came to visit Alex to see about moving here and renting a room in his house, which would be very nice, but the whole cat thing might make that impossible. We’ll see.


DAY 698: Tuesday, 2/4/14 [Daily Diary Pick]

February 5th 2014 3:07 am
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Remember the other day when I mentioned that Bob was too cheap to pay for a motel room? Well, this time he finally listened to me. See, we’re scheduled to fly to Phoenix on Wednesday, but a strong winter storm is supposed to come through Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and the airport is clear on the other side of town, which means that we would have to drive through downtown in all that rain, snow, and ice during rush hour. Doggone crazy! So, I told Bob that we should get a motel room near the airport tonight and take the shuttle to the airport in the morning. What’s more, it won’t even cost us much because we’ll be able to leave the car at the motel while we’re gone and not have to pay for parking. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. Fortunately, Bob finally wised up and agreed, so here we are in a nice comfortable motel room. Ahhh!


DAY 696, Sunday, 2/2/14

February 2nd 2014 3:58 pm
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I just don’t understand humans and their ball games. Playing with a ball is supposed to be fun, but these humans have to make up so many rules and even make the games dangerous that they take all the fun out of it. They could learn a lot by just watching how we Canines play with a ball.


DAY 695: Saturday, 2/1/14

February 2nd 2014 3:55 pm
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Well, tomorrow is the day of the biggest sporting event of the year. Yep, it’s time for the annual Puppy Bowl, when some of the world’s greatest athletes show what they can do. Too bad Bob and I won’t get to see it since we have no TV here. I told Bob we should rent a hotel room with a TV so we could watch it, but he’s too cheap.


DAY 694, Friday, 1/31/14 [Daily Diary Pick]

January 31st 2014 5:48 pm
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Sometimes I feel really sorry for Bob. I mean, think about it: he will probably go through his entire life without ever experiencing the exhilaration of rolling naked in the snow. How sad!


DAY 693, Thursday, 1/30/14

January 30th 2014 4:40 pm
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I have found a new home for my diaries. I’ll keep posting them here on Dogster until the new home is ready. Bob says it will take a while because he has to transfer each of the more than 600 entries one at a time. He says it’s very tedious work. Oh, please! He doesn’t know what tedious is. Having to contend with Bob’s constant whining: now that’s tedious.


DAY 692, Wednesday, 1/29/14

January 29th 2014 7:31 pm
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I like the pine trees around here. Unlike the pine trees we had back in Flagstaff, these produce cones that don’t have those sharp points. They’re smooth, but hard. They make really nice chew toys.


DAY 691, Tuesday, 1/28/14

January 28th 2014 6:02 pm
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Brrr. I never thought I would ever say this, but it’s cccooolllddd out there. This morning when I took Bob out for his first walk, it was -8 with a wind chill of 20 below zero. Bob has been staying home for the past few days because of the cold weather, but he decided to drag himself to the gym, only to find out when he got there that it was closed due to extreme cold weather. And even before he could leave here, he had to scrape the frost off the INSIDE of the windshield! And if you can believe this, it’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow.


DAY 689, Sunday, 1/26/14

January 27th 2014 12:14 pm
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We got about 6” of snow yesterday. There was very little today, but it was very, very cold, and the strong winds made it even colder. Even I didn’t want to stay out in it too long.

Bob spends a lot of time on the computer chatting with people he doesn’t even know. He mentioned in one of his chat rooms that he wasn’t looking forward to going outside to walk me, and one person replied that he should just open the door and push me out. Bob said he would be afraid that I might run out into the street and that he “would rather lose his leg than his dog.” How romantic!

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