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DAY 231, Thursday, 10/25/12

October 27th 2012 8:52 am
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The third time’s the charm, they say. Of course, I don’t know who “they” are, but…. Anyway, Bob and I went back to the bark park today, and this time, all was well. There weren’t a lot of other dogs there, but the ones I met were very friendly, and we all had a grand time playing.

Bob says that when I play I look like I’m dancing, but I wouldn’t put much stock in what Bob says. Trust me, he’s hardly an expert on dancing.


DAY 230, Wednesday, 10/24/12

October 27th 2012 8:49 am
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You remember Ro, Tony’s sister, don’t you? I told you about her when I made that trip back east a few weeks ago. She’s super nice, so when I found out that she has a birthday coming up, I told Tony that we had to get her a nice present, and just to make sure that she understood the present was from me too, I included a few snippets of my fur in the package. I know she’ll appreciate that.


DAY 229, Tuesday, 10/23/12

October 27th 2012 8:48 am
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I miss Tony. For the past three weeks, he’s been home with Bob and me or traveling with us. For the past two days, though, he’s been AWOL. Bob says he started a new job yesterday and has to go to work every day. Grrrr. I think he should just retire and stay home with me…uh…er…I mean, with Bob and me.


DAY 228, Monday, 10/22/12

October 27th 2012 8:48 am
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The town we live in now has a bark park, a place for Canines to mingle and play. Bob took me there a few weeks ago when we first came to check this place out. Unfortunately, every dog there tried to hump me, and I didn’t like it…AT ALL. Then, yesterday, he took me again, hoping that the situation would be better. However, when we pulled up to the gate, we saw three dogs fighting—not playing, but fighting. I took one look and told Bob we should turn around and go home. There are so many nice Canines in our apartment complex, I’d rather just play with them.


DAY 227, Sunday, 10/21/12

October 27th 2012 8:47 am
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Last week at the national park, a woman from Australia told me a very interesting story. It seems that a woman with epilepsy always took her service dog to the shop she operated. Whenever the dog would walk over and block the door, the woman knew that the dog sensed a seizure coming on. One day, when the dog blocked the door, the woman immediately called the emergency line. By the time the EMTs arrived on the scene, the woman had already fallen unconscious. When the EMTs carried the woman to the ambulance, the dog, of course, followed, but just as quickly, the dog ran back into the shop and retrieved a small package. Suspecting that the dog might have retrieved the woman’s medicine, the EMTs opened the package. Imagine their surprise when they discovered not medicine, but the dog’s toys.

Now, that’s a Canine after my own heart.


DAY 226, Saturday, 10/20/12

October 27th 2012 8:46 am
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Know what I miss most about Texas? I’ll bet you do. That’s right: crickets! We don’t seem to have any here. We do have something else, though: pine trees. Lots and lots of pine trees. And you know what pine trees produce? Pine cones. Lots and lots and lots and lots of pine cones. I think they would make pretty good chew toys, but Bob says they’re not good for me, so we’ll just have to wait and see who wins this little debate.


DAY 225, Friday, 10/19/12

October 19th 2012 9:43 pm
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Tony has no right to be harping on me for getting the tips of my ears all black. If he didn’t want me to chase that bug into the chimney, he never should have let the darned thing into the apartment, and he shouldn’t have left the chimney screen open.

When we moved here from Texas, Tony and Bob sold our old couch and bought a new one when we got here. Last night, I heard Tony telling Bob something about my not getting up on the new couch. Well…I figured he must have been saying how much he missed seeing me up there, so last night I hopped up on the new couch and slept very comfortably, thank you. Of course, I only did it to make Tony happy, but that’s just the kind of Canine I am—always thinking of others.


DAY 224, Thursday, 10/18/12

October 18th 2012 7:29 pm
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Now that I’ve had a chance to sleep on it, I think maybe I didn’t show enough respect for that big hole in the ground that we went to see yesterday. In truth, it really was quite magnificent. It reminded me of that verse from Bob’s song, “Gaia’s World”:

How pure the waters that flow from mountains
and wash the valley serene.
How swift the rivers that carve great cathedrals
in the rocks and deepest ravines.

All is clean and all is well
in the canyons of Gaia’s World.


Tony said that he was reminded of the Yoruba goddess of fresh water, Oshun, who was underestimated by the other deities until they discovered her hidden powers.


DAY 223, Wednesday, 10/17/12

October 17th 2012 7:45 pm
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Bob kept his promise. We did take a trip today. This morning, the three of us guys drove north to look at a big hole in the ground. Bob had seen it before, so it was no big deal to him, but Tony was enthralled with it. Me? I was more interested in the squirrels that inhabit the place. Tony kept saying how he wants to go back and even go to the north side of it in the spring. Me? I’m just wondering if there are as many squirrels on the north side as on the south side.

There is one more thing I can say for the place: there were lots of people there, and I think most of them were more captivated with me than with the big hole in the ground. Can’t say as I blame ‘em.


DAY 222, Tuesday, 10/16/12

October 17th 2012 6:18 am
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I think I like my new home. Bob and Tony are still moving boxes around, but the place is not as cluttered as it was before. There’s room for my new bed and my two ugly old pillows in front of the credenza, and I still have all of my toys and rawhides. Bob and Tony had to get rid of a few of their things when we left Texas, but they kept all of my stuff, which I really appreciate.

Our apartment complex is smaller than the one in Texas, but that just makes it easier to meet other people—and other Canines, of course. It seems that almost every apartment here has at least one dog, and many of them are my size. I’ve made lots of new friends here, and I’m looking forward to some really good play time.

Bob says that we might take a little trip tomorrow. We’ll see.

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