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DAY 250, Tuesday, 11/13/12

November 13th 2012 6:15 pm
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Bob and I invented a new game today—or so I thought. You see, we were walking across the lawn when Bob started rolling around on the ground. It looked like fun to me, so I just ran around him in circles. Later, I found out that he had stepped into a hole and tripped. Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted—for me, anyway.


DAY 249, Monday, 11/12/12

November 13th 2012 7:36 am
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Tony was home today. No, he wasn’t sick. Apparently, today was a holiday to honor the nation’s veterans. I have lots of cousins and ancestors who have served in the military too.

I had soupy poopy again today, and Bob is apparently concerned that I might make a mess in the apartment tonight, so he has decided to sleep downstairs on the couch just in case I have to go outside. I hope he doesn’t keep me awake with his cacophonous snoring.


DAY 248, Sunday, 11/11/12

November 11th 2012 6:16 pm
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Even though I’m feeling and acting like my normal, exuberant self, Tony and Bob have been worried because I haven’t been eating this week. Finally, Tony got a bright idea: he speculated that I might be associating my regular food with what made me sick. So, he and Bob went to the store and got me a different flavor of Blue Buffalo, and guess what. I scarfed it down the moment it hit the pan. A couple of hours later, Tony gave me the other half of my daily allowance, and it didn’t last any longer than the first serving did. Thank you, Tony.


DAY 247, Saturday, 11/10/12

November 11th 2012 6:20 am
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Somebody scattered a bunch of white stuff all over the ground. Bob says it’s the snow he’s been promising me. It feels cold and wet on my paws, and I can’t wait for it to get deep enough to really play in.


DAY 246, Friday, 11/9/12

November 9th 2012 5:05 pm
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Guess where I went today. I went to the office where Tony works. He took me inside to meet all of his co-workers, and, of course, they all went goo-gaa over me. They were nice people. I liked them.


DAY 245, Thursday, 11/8/12

November 8th 2012 4:51 pm
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Today was kinda neat. Bob and I took Tony’s car in for routine service. In the customer lounge where they have coffee and sweet rolls for the customers, they also had a bowl of water on the floor for us Canine customers. I thought that was very nice of them.

Since the auto work was going to take a few hours, Bob and I took the courtesy shuttle over to the nearby mall. Naturally, I got compliments from almost everyone there. I just shrug it off, but I think Bob gets a kick out of hearing it. In the food court, the guy who runs one of the concessions actually offered me a hot dog, but Bob wouldn’t let me have it. He said I have to watch what I eat. He should talk!


DAY 244, Wednesday, 11/7/12

November 7th 2012 6:29 pm
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I thought Bob was a pawful before, but I’m afraid that now he’s gonna be insufferable. Not only did most of his candidates win yesterday, but Bob correctly predicted both the popular vote and the electoral vote in the presidential race. Thank goodness these things come around only once every four years.


DAY 243, Tuesday, 11/6/12

November 6th 2012 6:42 pm
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I was pretty much back to my normal self today, though Bob is still waiting for me to poop. Is that weird?

In all the excitement of my health the past few days, I almost forgot to mention that I got a note from my pals, Foxxy and Pablo back in Temple. They said that their human companion, Rick, reads my diary to them every night. I was glad to hear that because humans can generally use all the edification and enlightenment they can get, and I’m pleased that I am able to provide that through my wit and wisdom.


DAY 242, Monday, 11/5/12

November 5th 2012 6:47 pm
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No worries. I’m fine. Well…almost. I was pretty weak this morning and didn’t want to eat, but Bob took me to a really nice new vet. She took some X-rays and decided that I probably ate something I shouldn’t have. She gave me some medicine, and by afternoon, I was much better. Just to be sure, though, she also gave me an antibiotic to take for the next week.

Remember how I told you that Bob would be a basket case without me? Well, it turns out that he’s pretty much a basket case when I just get a little sick. Poor Bob.


DAY 241, Sunday, 11/4/12

November 4th 2012 6:22 pm
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I’ve been a bit under the weather today. In fact, I’ve thrown up several times. I think I’ll ask Bob to take me to the doctor tomorrow.

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