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DAY 389, Sunday, 3/31/13

March 31st 2013 7:31 pm
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Bob was supposed to do his taxes today, but he said he was just too tired. I reminded him that all the money he has spent on me is tax deductible because I am a service dog. He said that was good to know.


DAY 388, Saturday, 3/30/13

March 30th 2013 7:38 pm
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Yesterday I wrote about how all the people in the break room enjoyed petting me. One of them was Dr. Becky, one of the psychiatrists in the building. She’s very nice, but even more important, she’s a biiiiiiiiig animal lover. I don’t know how many animals she has rescued over the years, but she currently has 11 dogs and one prairie dog that she has rescued. Naturally, she fell in love with me at first sight.


DAY 387, Friday, 3/29/13

March 29th 2013 6:50 pm
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I felt sorry for Miranda today. She wasn’t at work. I don’t know where she was, but she can’t start her day without petting me.

Other than my morning therapy sessions with Miranda, know what’s my favorite part of the day? It’s lunchtime—not that I get to eat—but when Tony and Bob go to the break room for lunch, they usually take off my vest so that the employees can pet me. Today there were a bunch of people there, and I did my best to give everyone an equal chance.


DAY 386, Thursday, 3/28/13

March 28th 2013 7:32 pm
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Recently, one of the employees at the office introduced me to another employee as Bob’s “therapy dog.” Bob started to correct her by saying that I’m actually his service dog. A service dog, as the name implies, is one that actually performs specific services for a person with a disability, while a therapy dog is one that visits nursing homes, hospitals, and other places to cheer up the residents or patients. Before Bob could speak up, though, I pointed out to him that while I am, indeed, his service dog, I am, in effect, a therapy dog for everyone else in the office because I cheer them up every time they see me. He had to admit that I was right about that.


DAY 385, Wednesday, 3/27/13

March 27th 2013 6:25 pm
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Jeepers! I’ve been sooooo busy this week, but today was full of excitement. At the office today, we had a celebration of Holi, the Indian festival for the beginning of spring. All the humans had Indian food, which Bob and Tony said was very good, but I wouldn’t know ‘cuz nobody would share with me. I did get to participate in the festivities, though. Because Holi is also known as the Festival of Colors, everyone had the chance to put his or her hands in some dye and then put the colored handprints on white papers hung around the room. I got to put my paw prints on one of the sheets in orange ink. It was neat. Some of the people rubbed multi-colored dyes over each other. I didn’t want to do that, but I did get a little blue dye on my nose.

Miranda and Veronica are always laughing about the fact that people always say hi to me and ignore Bob. In fact, this morning when we were returning from one of our walks, a woman was approaching the entrance, so Bob opened the door for her. She replied, “Thank you, Biscuit.”

After work, Bob and I took Tony back to the orthopedic clinic to have his leg and ankle checked on. Fortunately, Tony is getting much better and will soon be able to walk normally again. The real news, though, is that everyone at the clinic has fallen head over heels for me. They line up for the chance to pet me.


DAY 381, Saturday, 3/23/13

March 23rd 2013 8:29 pm
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Yesterday, I wrote about some of the really nice people who work with Tony, Bob, and me. Well, I forgot to mention that Jason brought his son Caspian to the office yesterday. He’s cute, and we had a grand time playing with each other. I hope Jason brings him to the office often.


DAY 380, Friday, 3/22/13

March 22nd 2013 6:15 pm
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Tony, Bob, and I work with some really nice people. Sherri, Nancy, and Maria have all brought us food so that Bob won’t have to cook. They haven’t brought me any food, but that’s OK. Tony and Bob make sure that I’m well fed, and when they don’t have to cook, they can spend more time with me. (smile)


DAY 378, Wednesday, 3/20/13

March 20th 2013 7:05 pm
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Every morning, Bob always walks me around the apartment complex, puts me in the car, and goes back to get Tony. This morning, we made a complete circle and ended up back at the apartment. Naturally, I stepped up onto the patio, thinking we were going in, but Bob said, “Let’s go to the car.” He didn’t think I would understand, but I jumped right off that step and made a beeline for the car. When is Bob going to realize that I’m much smarter than he gives me credit for?


DAY 377, Tuesday, 3/19/13

March 19th 2013 8:28 pm
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Well, it’s all over the office. Everyone is talking about how I pushed the button to open the outside door. Jeez! You would think they’ve never heard of a smart dog before.


DAY 376, Monday, 3/18/13

March 18th 2013 7:31 pm
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Tony sometimes likes to call me a goofball, but I guess I showed him today just how smart I really am. You see, Bob often leaves the office door cracked just a hair, and today I managed to open it and slip out. Before Bob could catch me, I ran down the hall and even managed to push the button that opens the door electronically. Bob caught me before I could run out, but he was shocked to find out that I could get the door open all by myself. Now, everybody at the office is talking about how I’m smarter than Tony and Bob.

Bob took me to see Miranda and told her that she needed to reprimand me, but all she could do was pet me and tell me how smart I am. Veronica, who shares the office with Miranda, said to her, “You’re lousy at reprimanding.”

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