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DAY 400, Friday, 4/12/13

April 12th 2013 8:22 pm
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I’m so sad today. This was Miranda’s last day at work, and Nancy’s too. They’re two of my favorite people, and they’re leaving. I’m gonna miss them so much, and I know that Bob and Tony are too.


DAY 397, Tuesday, 4/9/13

April 9th 2013 7:42 pm
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Bob and Tony were so proud of me today. We were in the break room when one of the guys, Brian, dropped his sandwich, and it splattered all over the floor. I was close by, but I didn’t even try to go over and snatch up any of it. I just sat where I was like a good little boy. Everybody in the room was very impressed.


DAY 396, Monday, 4/8/13

April 8th 2013 7:18 pm
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Guess what we got today. SNOWWWW! Yeah. It turned to rain and then got all washed away, but it was nice while it lasted. We are supposed to get some more tonight and tomorrow night. I hope we got lots and that it sticks. I LOVVVE snow!


DAY 395, Sunday, 4/7/13

April 7th 2013 6:36 pm
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At the office, we have a board where people can post recognition cards for other employees. One of them is a thank-you card, another one is for a job well done, and the third is the “Rock Star” card. This week, I got a Rock Star card from Miranda and Veronica. It says, “To Biscuit: you bring joy and happiness to all of us! We just love this guy for making (our workplace) better!” In the corner, they wrote, “Oh, and Bob too.” Poor Bob: always an afterthought.


DAY 394, Saturday, 4/6/13

April 6th 2013 8:01 pm
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When Bob and I took this job at the office, I never anticipated that it would be such hard work. First, Tony had to work evenings and weekends, and now Bob and I have to. It’s no wonder I’m so pooped at the end of the day. When we started working there about six weeks ago, Bob put a bed in the office for me, but I’ve never used it—until this week. I’ve always felt that I needed to stay alert and not sleep on the job. My buddy Brian came in the office the other day to chat with us, and I felt like he could watch after Bob for a few minutes, so I walked over to the bed and crashed for a few minutes. Well, everybody’s entitled to a little work break now and then, right?


DAY 394, Friday, 4/5/13

April 5th 2013 8:21 pm
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There was a farewell party for Miranda at work this week. She’s moving to New Jersey, where Tony is originally from. At the party, she cried, so I went up to comfort her. That’s my job, but for Miranda, it’s much more than a job. I will miss her terribly.

Everybody knows what a huge ego Bob has. Well, this week it got even bigger. You see, a few months ago, he entered three of his songs in a big songwriting competition, and this week he got the results. He didn’t win anything, but apparently his scores and the comments from the judges were very flattering. He’s always been a bit difficult to live with, but now he’s bordering on insufferable.


DAY 393, Thursday, 4/4/13

April 4th 2013 7:16 pm
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Being popular is not as easy as it looks. Yesterday, for example, I was asked to give the opening address at our organization’s big annual health conference. I turned it down, but they begged and begged, so I told them that I would make an appearance and then turn the microphone over to Bob. He enjoys hearing himself talk, and I don’t mind throwing him a bone now and then.


DAY 392, Wednesday, 4/3/13

April 3rd 2013 7:58 pm
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Bob says I’m talking too much in meetings at work. Can you believe that? HE says that I talk too much. Anyway, today when he had to be in a meeting for an hour and a half, he took me to Miranda to dog sit. Now, I loooooove Miranda, but I did feel a bit abandoned, so when Bob came back to get me, I jumped for joy.


DAY 391, Tuesday, 4/2/13

April 3rd 2013 6:24 am
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Bob says he has noticed some changes in my behavior lately. For example, in the past whenever we would come upon another dog on our walks, I would always dash off to play with it. Recently, however, when I’ve spotted another dog and Bob has told me to “leave it,” I’ve just walked away. I even walked away from a squirrel the other day.

I’m not the only one who has changed lately, though. Bob has been acting strangely, but there are some things that a self-respecting Canine just can’t put in his diary, if you know what I mean.


DAY 390, Monday, 4/1/13

April 1st 2013 7:32 pm
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Miranda observed today that I seem to be more energetic on Monday mornings. Perhaps it is because I miss all my admirers on the weekends and am so happy to get back to the office on Monday mornings.

Bob and I go to lots of meetings. Sometimes I speak up in the meetings, and several employees have commented that those moments are their favorite part of the meetings. I’m not surprised.

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