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DAY 560, Friday, 9/20/13

September 21st 2013 9:05 am
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Bob failed to win the lottery again this week. I don’t understand. Why doesn’t he just buy a ticket with the right numbers and be done with it?


DAY 559, Thursday, 9/19/13

September 19th 2013 8:58 pm
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Fall is definitely here. Not only have some of the leaves started to change, but Bob has taken to putting on a coat when he walks me in the early mornings and late evenings. I love the cool weather, but poor Bob. He’s so fragile.


DAY 557, Tuesday, 9/17/13

September 17th 2013 7:23 pm
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Bob and I went to see Dr. Romans today. I had a boo boo on my leg. I told Bob it was nothing, but he insisted on having it checked out. Dr. Romans gave me some antibiotic cream and showed Bob how to wrap a towel around my neck so I can’t lick the wound. It’s really annoying, but maybe it’s for the best. Bob has a pinched nerve in his knee. I wonder if we should wrap a towel around his neck.


DAY 556, Monday, 9/16/13

September 16th 2013 9:59 pm
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Today was odd. I woke Bob around 6:00 a.m., as I usually do, and took him out for his first walk of the day, but when we got back to the apartment, he went right back to bed. I thought it was strange that we didn’t go to the office, but he reminded me that we don’t work there anymore. We heard later that the CEO called a special all-staff meeting to announce my departure, which has never happened there before. Well, yeah, she mentioned Bob in the announcement too, but everybody knew it was really all about me. I feel kinda sad for all my pals there ’cuz I know how much they’ll miss me.


DAY 553, Friday, 9/13/13

September 14th 2013 4:21 am
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Remember when I said a couple of weeks ago that there was big news coming? Well, maybe this is it: Bob says that we won’t be going to the office anymore. He also says that we will be moving by the end of next month, but he hasn’t figured out where yet. That’s OK with me. As long as we have each other, we’ll be fine.


DAY 550, Tuesday, 9/10/13

September 10th 2013 9:08 pm
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It’s been a long day. Not only did I put in a full day’s work at the office, but then Bob and I had to drive to Winslow for a city council meeting. They were issuing a proclamation. I figured it was for me, but Bob said no, it was for National Recovery Month. We also went to dinner at a very fancy restaurant there. Bob said I made too much noise, but none of the other diners complained. You can get away with a lot when you’re as beautiful as I am.


DAY 549, Monday, 9/9/13 (DDDP)

September 10th 2013 9:05 pm
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I stayed home from work today. No, I was not sick. It’s just that Bob had back-to-back meetings all day, and he said he wouldn’t have time in between to take me out for walks. He did come home for lunch to walk me, though, and I thought that was very considerate of him.

He was all excited too. He said that the board of directors made the right decision in making the acting CEO permanent. He likes her, as do I and all the other employees.


DAY 547, Saturday, 9/7/13

September 7th 2013 7:05 pm
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I told you we were having company. He was a very nice young man from Phoenix who is hoping to go to graduate school at the university here. Bob offered to show him around. I could tell he was nice because he loved to pet me. I hope he does go to school here so he can come over and pet me every day. I’m sure he would enjoy that.


DAY 545, Thursday, 9/5/13

September 5th 2013 9:00 pm
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We must be having company tomorrow. Know how I know? Because Bob has been cleaning the apartment. I can’t wait to see who’s coming.


DAY 544, Wednesday, 9/4/13

September 5th 2013 5:40 am
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Our employer had its annual awards dinner tonight. Bob went, but I stayed home. People think that just because I’m lying around in the office all day, I don’t get tired, but they forget that even when I’m resting, I’m always on alert. Being a service dog is a full-time job. Bob said that everybody at the dinner asked about me, which, of course, is a given.

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