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September 20th 2012 6:47 am
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Well swash my buckle and call me a buccaneer, I got into my Dogster this morning and found well wishes from my buds. A BIG THANK YOU for sending me my buccanner flags!

In celeration, mom tried to put on a "paper hat", but I just wouldn't keep it on! I liked the "treat" she gave me instead. You all made my day and I thank you very much!!!

It's been pretty quiet here in Wisconsin. The summer has gone, the sweet corn and tomatoes were wonderful this year. Mom even let me have a taste of her homemade barbeque sauce and ribs (mmmmmm). The grandkids came up lots and I ran my legs off trying to keep 'em all in line. The fairies came to mom's garden and left their glitter and stuff. The oldest grandgirl gets so excited (you would think there were bones in that forest). They left silly stuff, like leaves in the trees to sleep on and moss with their footprints on. They are very small and only I can see them, but mom and the children just have to believe, that's all.

Mom says it's time to think about making "fall food" chili and homemade soups. I hope she'll share some of that chicken BEFORE she makes the soup.

In a few weeks we are going to something called a pumpkin patch to get some big orange ball thingie. Mom told dad to get the knives ready. I'm getting nervous...... :0. Then she said she was going to put some pumpkin seeds in the oven. What the heck? Next thing you know, some strange kids may be coming to scare me...yeah, right. I think mom got into some of the rum you guys sent me.

Until next time, maties, I wuv you all!!

Miss Skipper



August 3rd 2012 7:42 am
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Hi to my furfriends! Holy Schamoly, when mom went into Dogster, she found so many cakes for ME! Thank you all so very much! Mommy said that she will try to check Dogster so that she can get in on sending that stuff to YOU!!!

I love you all, thanks for beings such good pals.





July 23rd 2012 1:08 pm
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Hi Furfriends! It has been a bit since mom has gone into dogster, so I am making her tell my story. Holy furballs, it has been as busy as bees to honey these past few days.

I woke up last Wednesday and mom told me she would be back soon with a surprise. A surprise all right!! Mom brought back humankids that her and dad love alot. I could here 'em screaming and yelling as they ran (not walked) up the stairs. They happen to love me (I know everyone does :), but they kept yellin' my name. Then mom quickly set the pace and laid down the boom. "You all need to be gentle with Skipper!"

Before you know it, I had them eating out of my paws. They like to see my new tricks and they look out for me. Lordy, one day mom set up the small pool, slide, slip and slide, whirlygigs with water, put the music on in our back yard. They ran and I ran and we ran together!! I liked pizza on the picnic table the best. They played bean bag, and I tried to run back for forth to catch that darn bag. Then they had to get their jammies on and we ate popcorn, although mom is very "stingy" about me having that stuff...mmmmmm.

I hada rest one day, so they took the kids to the county fair. Our neighbor won first prize for the most beatufil rooster. Good, now maybe he'll shut up in the more cockadoodle from him!!!

Grandma went on a thinga ma jig called the Tilt-A Whirl!! Grandpa watched the little one (2) and laughed his head off as grandma thought, what did she say, she was going to,"Hurl her cookies". I didn't know they sold cookies there, only cotton candy.

I like it when the kiddos come, because I can kiss 'em and kiss 'em. Mom says that they should have named me Licker instead of Skipper.

Anyway Pup Pals, just thought I would write in my diary today. Oh, yeah, the oldest pawgirl 8, found tree frogs and put them in a bucket, and she let me jump with them, licked 'em, too!!

Love you all,
Miss Skipper



June 21st 2012 7:28 am
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It has been a great summer so far, (well, Summer really began yesterday), but everything is abloomin'. Mom's garden looks pretty, and the rest of the rabbits that I didn't eat are agrowin'. I can look down from upstairs in my house and see 'em hoppin'. I also saw mommy robin feeding her baby a worm. Can you imagine...A WORM! Funny thing about this is that they both are on the ground now, and the baby is as big as it's mama. I say, "It's time to fly the next". Oh Oh, I better not say that tooooo loud. That's okay, I know my mom and dad with never, ever want me to fly this nest.

Hey I learned a new trick. Now when I come in from playing outside, I quickly sit down, shake my paw, turn around and then is paw down to the floow and s t r e t c h out on all fours. Holy Schamoly do mom and dad get a kick outa that! They laugh and laugh and then rub my tubby tummy. I then get the best of treats. Speaking of treats, mom and dad had what they call company from Indiana last week. They love me very much, the lady, named Pat says I am a cutie pie. Anyway she brought this box with a handle on it. On the outside were stickers of dogs, bones and stuff. Wow, did I get excited!!! I could smell somethin' very nice....I quickly worked my charm on her and did all my new tricks. Just as I figured, she opened that box and Whaalaaa......homemade treats! I am not kiddin. Bones, donuts, stars, twistee thingamajigs. What fun to have friends.

They're all gone now. Mom and Dad's friends ..........any my treats. Gotta see if mom can get more....maybe she can make some homemade ones....oh oh there goes my diet again.

That's all for now,
Wages and Licks,




June 4th 2012 6:16 am
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Hi Furfriends!

It is Monday and my Mom and Dad had a busy weekend. Maybe I should start from the beginning.

Mom and Dad have good friends that live close to me (but not so close that I have to go by car). They have been very busy getting read for our friends' mom, Helen's 80 birthday. Dad has been on our telephone lots and mom has been baking and singing in the kitchen (mom is happiest when she is cooking and baking). I have been going c r a z y with all of the wonderful smells in that kitchen (I could SWEAR I smelled rabbit stew)! :)

Saturday was THE big day! I jumped out of the car and hoorah! Furfriends! I could hardly contain myself there was my friend, Pup, she's a black lab; there was Timber she was beautiful her daddy is a policeman and she is a German Shepherd. Timber listens to her daddy better than I tend to do. Sometimes mom has to call my name loudly a few times because I get sooooo excited to see everyone. Then my friend Bentley came running to me. He was so excited to see me and he is a big mix of L O V E. His tongue is bigger than my whole head. Mommy won't have to give me a bath for a long time.

The day was so beautiful and then I saw her; Helen. Oh how pretty she looked. Helen had her hair looking so nice and she has the sweetest humanid face. She is a happy lady. She likes animals; and Bentley loves her sooo much, I can see it in his eyes when he looks up at her.

The children at the party were so nice; they had much respect for me and my furfriends. They threw balls and ran with heart was so happy; I LOVE the little children.

Anyway mom said that Helen was sooo happy and that her son wanted this to be a very special party because she is getting forgetful alot. Mom took so many pictures, that I am sure we can show her if she forgets sometimes.

Gotta go now buddies, hope your weekend was fun, too!




May 30th 2012 8:22 am
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It has been a busy weekend here at our house. Mom and dad's friends have come to visit and I am so happy that they can be kept busy sometimes, so that I can have a rest. Whew! They love me sooo much that sometimes I just like to rest; unless mom's making bacon to go with their eggs or something. And, now mom hasn't given me any bacon because of, "You know who." Spoil sports.

Anyway, Monday dad was very busy. Mom put our flag up in front of our house, and I barked because it flew in the wind alot. I knew something very special was going to happen today; I could "feel" mom and dad's excitement.

Dad put on a special outfit and even had white gloves! Mom said the white leather things on his legs are called spats. I have white paws, so dad and I matched.

Dad left in his car and was running late....why was he in such a hurry? Where did he have to be? Mom said it was a day called Memorial Day.

Mom took her car and we drove to a place called the Cemetary. There were a lot of people there, I met a cute basset hound named Stella. She smelled wonderful. Anyway, we stood on the side of the road and way, way up I could see a police car with the lights turning and horns blowing. Wow. Mom made me sit, which I do not do very well, but I tried for her.

Then I saw him. MY DAD! He was marching along side other men and women who had spats on, too!!! "Here I am Dad, I barked, "Here I am". Dad did not look at me. He was shouting sooo loudly, mom called it Cadence. I am so glad that he NEVER shouts at us like that at home. I would be so under the couch.

There were other people there, and many speeches. Two of the men that looked like dad put a big wreath on a stand and everyone sang. How glorious, I felt like everyone there were good people and I sure did feel love and even some tears. I tried to comfort mom by sitting on her lap and kissing her. She needed special love from me then.

Humans can be really emotional. I am so glad that my mom and dad are emotional, being part Chihuahua and all. They brought me home and I slept the rest of the day. I was soo tired.

Today our friends are leaving for their home, and I will miss them. They brought me a new bone and have kissed my ears soooo much! I love friends. I hope mom calls up Stella's mom to see if she will come over and play. I sure hope she got the telephone number!

That's is for now, Dogster pals. I wove you!

SKIPPER (aka Doodlebop)



May 22nd 2012 4:08 am
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I knew my day was going to be different when mom explained to dad that he had to take me in the car to go to, "The you know where". Hmmmmmm. I thought I had been there three weeks ago. Must be a different, "You know where".

Happily driving along with my poppa, wind in my face, smelling all the wonderful airs of spring, we turned into the dreaded veterinary clinic.

Darn! I really didn't mean to eat that bunny. I'll be good, I'll be good!

Everybody thinks I don't know that just because they hug me and are nice there, that sometimes a give me a shot, or look into my mouth. Then, after it's all done, they try to give me a treat! The nerve! I looked at Dawn, put my Chihuahua chin up, turned my head the other way and said, "No thanks!"

Okay, back to my story. They put me in a room with dad, close the door, and I am starting to sweat through my

My vet came in and had a talk with dad. Evidentally when I went in for my shots and stuff, they found me a tad overweight. Of course they did, my mom and dad love me and because I was a rescue dog, let me free eat.

However in the last three weeks, they have been taking me for long walks, and my dish gets much less food in it. I have grown quite fond of steamed french-style green beans...

The vet put me on a scale, hoorah, she is smiling. Hoorah, dad is smiling! What is a pound? The vet said that that is what I lost. Lost? I haven't lost anything! I still have my bones.

Then daddy said, "Well it's probably two pounds, but she ate that floppy ear thing yesterday.

I personally think what happens in our family should stay in our family, or with my dogster diary buddies.

That's all for now, I need to have breakfast. :)



May 19th 2012 9:59 am
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Hi! I am excited to tell you all about my day with mom. It was a typical, beautiful spring day when mom decided to go into her garden and make it prettier (I don't know, she calls some of her plants weeds, but they smell wonderful to ME!)

I had my breakfast, so out we went. Sniff, sniff.....mmmm. Mom did not see me find those beautiful little animals with the long long ears. Must have been five or six of them. Boy, do they like to have fun! One went East, one went South, and I was having a ball. Mom went straight to the house to get my dad. I thought he would join in the fun, but nooooo, he took the baby bunny away from me. Mom quickly escorted me to the house for a drink of water. After a nap, I went outside to find those wonderful smells again......only flowers and no weed...hmmm.

I forgot about all of that when mom and dad greeted my favorite friend, Pup, who came to visit me. She makes me smile and bark and even turn around.

That's all for now.


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