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3 weeks today

April 3rd 2014 8:02 pm
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I wish I could tell you my recovery at home was an easy one, but I fill my mom's life with adventure, so I can't exacty say that. I got my stitches out last week, and I got to come home. The first day back, mom went shopping, and the blow-up neck cone that I had to wear with my plastic lampshade cone just wasn't doing anything for me. Mom came home to find it deflated and dangling around my neck like a rubber chicken. I had popped it. Mom didn't look happy about it, but I felt great. The next morning, Mom let us out to potty while she got our breakfast ready. We were out less than 10 minutes, and I came strolling in with my lampshade cone (perfectly intact minutes ago) flopping like wings. I had managed to split the cone from top to bottom with my magical poodle powers. It hadn't unraveled, still woven shut on the seam. I split it. Broken. Mom was so frustrated but I just tilted my head with the lampshade wings bobbing and my one eye staring at her. She burst into laughter. I don't know what was so funny...I was starving! Without protection, my eye started bleeding again. It bled and ran the rest of the weekend. She took me back to work with her on Monday, and the doctor said it should've been clotted by now, but I looked like a horror movie. He made a blood smear and said my platelets looked low. We sent off a clotting panel, and are still waiting for results. But, tonight I'm not bleeding! I think I'm headed toward recovery. Keep your paws crossed, friends.


Home sweet home

March 27th 2014 8:38 pm
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It is Thursday, exactly 2 weeks since the humans took my eye out. My stitches have all been removed this morning, and I must remain in this lampshade cone for one more week. I got to come home tonight with mom. I set foot in my home one again. My eye looks dreadful...a bit fleshy. The human kids don't like to look at it, but mom keeps telling them my hair will grow over it and no one will notice it. It is unsightly for sure, a bit open, but the doctor assures us it will granulate with the scarring process and seal properly. This is why I must live in the cone another week. Mom wants me to keep all toenails away from my face, she doesn't want to see any bloodshed. Sometimes I think she is just no fun at all. I will try my best to behave so I can stay home. My mom loves me, and missed me. She gave me a big hug. The kind I have to stand on my back feet for. My favorite kind of hug. Welcome home.


Back and forth

March 21st 2014 10:15 am
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I came home last night. I couldn't believe that mom came and got me out of my kennel. As soon as I got home, I saw Monty in the driveway and started shrieking. My old friend, Monty! I couldn't believe my eye! We greeted each other,and I wanted to play so badly, but mom had me on the leash. I went into the house, and there was the human kids! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Am I dreaming? No, banging the cone of shame around proved otherwise. I pranced around the house and began rubbing against the couch. My long neck allowed the cone the give a bit, and I managed to rub my stitched up eye against the couch. The humans yelled at me to stop, but it's so itchy! So, I cranked my slender body around, got my back leg inside the cone, and scratched that itchy eye. Mom yanked me up, but it was already bleeding. I ripped a stitch out. I hadn't even been home 15 minutes and the damage had been done. Mom had to take me back to the clinic this morning. The doctor said it looked like only one stitch came out, so we will leave it alone and let it drain. And so, I remain at the clinic until further notice.


Not out of the woods yet

March 17th 2014 8:24 pm
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I just wanted to update my friends. I am not home yet. I ended up getting a hematoma in my eye on Saturday. This morning, it was very swollen, and wasweeping throughout the day. They suggested I stay confined at the clinic until maybe Thursday. Mom had to hide from me all day, she didn't even get to see me. She was very fearful that I would get too excited upon seeing her. She wants me to heal, no matter how much she wants to see me. So, perhaps in a few days, my friends.


Diary of the Day!

March 15th 2014 9:07 pm
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I can't express how happy I am to find out I am the Diary of the Day at dogster! And all of my wonderful friends who sent me rosettes and pictures and dogmails was overwhelming! I love our wonderful community here at dogster, and the beautiful support that is so abundant here. I'm grateful that we have remained together, and I'm so grateful for all of you who are praying for my recovery and for my mom not to be so sad. You are all special and beautiful. I LOVE YOU! Thank you.


My eye is gone...

March 13th 2014 8:05 pm
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Goodbye, left eye. I've enjoyed your company, but it is time to part ways. Our relationship was becoming toxic, so I had to let you go. Mom helped me today. She works at the clinic, and I saw her before I fell asleep. My surgery to remove my eye ws not an easy one. Apparently, I bled more than I should've. The doctor told my mom that I lost too much blood, and that I would have to stay down at home. No running around, no playing, no being a dog. Mom said that it was not possible for me to stay calm. So, I have to remain over the weekend at the clinic. I have to heal. Mom had to spend the day avoiding me so that I wouldn't become excited at the sight of her. My missing eye was swollen and stitched shut, and I wear the cone of shame. Mom cannot see me until Monday. But all her friends are going to keep in touch with her, and they are going to take care of me. So, dear dogster friends, I will be home Monday, thank you for all your support and love. It means the world to us.


Having surgery

March 12th 2014 6:50 pm
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Hello to all my wonderful friends. Thank you all for remembering my birthday last month. I just wanted to update you all. As you know, I'm blind in my left eye. It has started to shrink, and it looks very bad. Mom was told the best option, to avoid infection (and perhaps maggots in summer, yuck), is to remove it. I go into surgery tomorrow morning and my mom is real worried about me. I told her I wouldn't even notice it missing, but I don't think she heard me somehow. I will keep you posted, but tonight mom is going to spend her time praying for me. Keep your paws crossed.



First snow

December 6th 2013 10:50 am
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Well, we've bumped up Jack Frost to full blown snow fall! Yesterday morning was a dismal 14 degrees, covered in white frost, and the sliding glass door was frozen shut. Mom kept pulling, and we kept jump starting for the bathroom, but the door wouldn't open. We thought she was playing some kind of cruel game until we heard a crack and the door when flying on it's iced track. Today, we awoke to a blanket of white snow everywhere. The kids have no school, mom is home and sitting by the fire. It's like a dream day. The other dogs don't like the snow, but I think it's great. It's something new to play with and munch on. And it lays on my black hair, and looks like my curls have highlights. So, we have a tree in the living room, and a playground outside...I could get used to this!


A Puppy's New Year's Resolutions

January 1st 2013 12:16 pm
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This is my first New Year's, so I thought I would join everyone else and make some resolutions for myself:
1. I will come when my name is called.
2. I will sit even if mom doesn't have a treat in hand.
3. I will refrain from biting the doberman's ears.
4. I won't bark at the deaf dog, waiting for a reaction.
5. I won't steal bottles that the humans put on the counters.
6. I won't step on the pomeranian.
7. I won't eat cat poop.
8. I won't chew every object within standing reach.
9. I will stay out of the garbage when the humans aren't looking.
10. I will not greet the humans with a standing hug when I've just come in with mud on my curly-haired feet.

Who am I kidding? I've already broken them all! Happy 2013!


I'm bored

December 2nd 2012 10:29 am
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My brother Zane has been gone for a whole week. I haven't had anyone to play with, Monty is too old and Foxie is too little. Monty says Zane is in the hospital, the same place I went when I went to sleep and woke up and my stomach hurt a couple months ago. Spay is the word I think mom used. Anyways, I have no one to play with. No ear nubs to bite, nobody to jump on or trip up, no one to play bite. It's been boring. I've taken it upon myself to find other outlets of self expression. I've been getting things off the shelves and chewing them apart. I've found garbage and ripped it open. Mom doesn't see the joy in my energy outlets. Monty tells me to knock it off. He says mom doesn't need this right now because she is sad about Zane. How does mom not need me? I am the key to mom's universe, he should know this. Am I the only one here who's got this figured out? I don't have time for this, I'm gonna go unravel that spool of ribbon.

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