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My new friend

Roming free

May 31st 2013 3:30 pm
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Well it has been 7 days since I have been aay from my once loving family.. I will miss them so much but right now I have to focuss on living my fream with god and so this will be my last diery entery because i am no longer alive and i just want to say I WILL MISS YUO MY FAMILY AND BONES AND SCWEECK TOY AKA JERSY!!!!!! wow i never thought i would say that..... anyways peace out my once good friends and good bye life as i knew it!


The Time I whent on the bus with my none hairy sister

January 13th 2013 10:20 am
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It all started as a normal day for my sister she was coming home after a long day of school and the bus slowed down and Paige she paid no attention to that because you know buses sometimes stop and go etc. And her bus driver stopped and she asked Paige (my none hairy sister) "Is that your dog Sheba in the middle of the rode?" Paige saying "YES!!!!" not knowing that I chewed my way through the malarial that they used to use to keep me in the yard witch obviously that did not keep me in cause other wise a cop would not be holding me in the middle of the street in front of the bus.Anyways the cop that was holding me was telling the bus driver and Paige that I ran in the middle of the rode and almost got hit and that the person that almost hit me was the one who called the cops so the cop asked the bus driver if I could sit on the bus! And the nice bus driver she is she said yes. So I got to sit on the bus with my big sister and get pet by all of her friends. That was a good day but Paige told me never to do that again so I promised her...Last year. :)

Well I will tell you more about my upcoming doggy adventures.



December 19th 2012 1:56 pm
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oh winter how I love your cold snow!!! Its really fun to run in you and to play in you and it's fun and dig my nose into your frostyness and your chill. and after all that play it is nice to just dig a hole in you and to sleep until I cant sleep anymore. But..... there are some days that I love to just curl up in my house by the coal stove and just sleep all day!I don't quit know why I do this but hey that is what a house is for!! Right?... This dog with a blog is out! :)



May 26th 2012 4:55 pm
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My brother the pest has taking every thing from me MY family, MY bones ,MY couch, now MY own website. Sis says it is nice to share and that i should not talk (woof) about him but awooo. If you have ever read his dairy it is all about how he thinks we are friends but we are not we ONLY live under the same roof.

Well i will make more entries... love me.


by bone

May 1st 2012 12:32 pm
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Wooohhhhooo... i just got a tasty bone that the pest can not have and that i eat in front of him because he has ben a bad boy but sis says i should not brag becase that will onlt come rite back at me .... is that really true? well it was really meaty and the meat was beef my favorite kind of meat and it was rapped in a nice thick layer of bicute. my mouth is all ready watering and i ate it all ready... but i cant have another one till 2 WEEKS FROM NOW that is a long time that is like light centrys ( so i herd my sister say) but i can subsatute that will some beef strips a couple of days the week like i had today...

well i have to go because mom is cooking dinner and i dont whant to miss any scraps.


My new friend

April 20th 2012 12:29 pm
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woof i got a new friend... im not to happy he takes up all the attention and he can sit on the couch but i am not a lap dog to say of my parents.uummmmf i wish he could be my play toy and fling him back and forth but my mom says no because he is my brother if i like it or not... you all ready know what i have to say about that. Any ways the pests ( at least that is what he is some times called) his name is Jersey like the t shirt that is how i think of him. At least my nick name is not the pest.. i don't need to sleep in a crate.

Well i will have further entries( if pest does not take that to).

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