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Big Adventures of a Miniaturized Dog

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Waxing and waning

December 1st 2013 10:26 am
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Mom's got the big crockpot out, cooking my next two weeks worth of food. It is filled to the top and smells good. The problem is, I'm starting to hit a decline in my appetite again. Mom says I wax and wane - like the moon. I don't know what that means exactly, but it makes me sound important and interesting, so I'm going with it. I threw up all my food on Friday, so I couldn't go shopping with the family on the Black Friday. Yesterday I ate a little portion, but not much. I kept it down, so I got to go to Petco with Mom. Petco is my favorite place on earth to go! Everyone wants to pet me, and they all finally know that I'm a pomeranian without having to ask mom if I'm a chihuahua. I got a new fluffy bed to take for my kennel at the clinic. Mom told me it is my early Christmas present. I'm ok with that. She also got a new collar for Bridgit, but Bridgit has to wait. This morning I didn't eat very much again. But I tell Mom not to worry, at least I'm eating something. I'm waning, like the moon.


For the birds!

November 22nd 2013 7:05 pm
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Today was kind of a fun day. Mom went to town to do some early Christmas shopping while the kids were in school. It was just me and mom...out on the open road. Mom was tired of looking at the mud pawprints on the door that Bridgit so generously left, so she decided to start the day with a car wash. She was feeling real good about the sparkling car. We went to a store and mom found some good deals, stocking stuffers, pajamas. She was also feeling good about her finds. She walked to the parking lot and saw a large group of seagulls, and thought it was unbelievable to see so many seagulls! She reached the car, and the pretty birds had used the car as a communal toilet. Apparently, our newly washed car had goopy poo splattered all over the roof, the trunk, and both sides of the car. The hood was the only untouched part of the car. Mom's good feeling became words I'm not used to hearing. We had to go get ANOTHER car wash. We went to a different one because mom was too embarrassed to go back for another go round. This one was louder and scared me. Mom stopped being mad and hugged me. She told me I was ok. I believed her, and it turned out she was right. We both felt better after that second car wash. And we had a good day. We weren't gonna let a few birds ruin our special day.


The Foxman Cometh

November 17th 2013 10:06 pm
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My, oh my! I recently had a birthday and I turned 9 years old. I got some beautiful gifts and pawmails, and mom wanted me to thank everyone for thinking of me on my birthday. I had a bit of a scare. I stopped eating around my birthday, and mom got real worried because I was dropping weight again. We had to do the poke thing where they sucked out my blood again, and I had to get an ultrasound. They looked and looked for intestinal tumors, but never found any. What they did find was both kidneys looked very abnormal. So, we are back to kidney trouble. My hair has grown back and looks amazing, I might mention. Mom was super worried and thought about all the prescription diets I've been bounced around on. She decided to cook for me herself, whole foods. She makes a crockpot elaboration every 2 weeks and stores it in the freezer. I've been doing very well on this food, no diarrhea and no inappetance. I will need to recheck blood again, but mom says not for a while. I'm feeling my groove back!


Beach vacation

September 2nd 2013 6:22 pm
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This weekend, my mom took her human kids to the coast. I got to come along because mom says I'm special needs. We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights. I must emphasize that everywhere we went, I was the most popular member of our group. Everyone wanted to pet me and talk about me, even other dogs wanted to meet me. I've got to be honest and say, all I wanted was treats. When mom took me out to potty at the hotel, we had an oceanfront view. I kept hearing seagulls outside our window, and mom tossed out pieces of granola bar to the one that hung out on the sidewalk below our window. Mom became addicted to the ocean air. She sat at the window and watched the lighthouse light spin around, and I sat right beside her. We awoke every morning to the sound of ocean waves and seagulls. "In our next life, Foxie," she sighed, "in our next life." I don't know what she meant, but it sounded good to me. On our last day, mom went whale watching. The girls behind the counter were so smitten with me that I got to hang out with them while mom was on the boat, instead of being stuck in the car. All I have to say is, I'm sexy and I know it.


To The Sea!!!!

July 21st 2013 10:17 am
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It is my Gotcha Day today. I've been with my mom now for 5 years, but it feels like forever because I can't imagine any other life than the one I share with my mom. I've had a rough month. I dislocated my right hip, the humans blame Bridgit, but she didn't know what she was doing. I had to get it popped back into place, and it has stayed in so far. It's been a long recovery, and I still favor it and use only 3 legs sometimes. The good news is that mom has been feeding me lots of carbs, and I have gained half a pound. You can't even see my ribs anymore...the spine we're still working on. I still have to eat a highly digestible low fat diet, but it's working, and I get to eat like a little piggy!!! But, the best news of all, is that I got to go to the coast with my mom for the first time ever! The ocean is mom's favorite place in the world to go, and on my Gotcha Day weekend, I gotta ride shotgun! We walked on something called the Bayfront, and I have never smelled so much seafood in my life. Everyone wanted to stop and pet me, but I just wanted someone to give me treats. Mom had to pick me up when we passed a restaraunt or fish market because it smelled to good to keep walking. I wouldn't budge. Then we walked onto a pier, and I was scared. I saw huge birds called seagulls, and they flew real close. They weren't frightened like the birds at my house. And, they were loud. But not as loud as the sealions. They were the strangest of all, even more so than Bridgit. I was real tired when we came home, but mom says we're going back next month to stay the night for 2 days! I think I've grown my sea legs, and I'm ready for more! I had the best Gotcha Day a dog could dream of! Thank you to all of you who sent me gifts and mail. We love you all!



June 23rd 2013 11:15 pm
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I have cancer. I had a lump appear 2 weeks ago, and another lump appear last week. Their suspicions were right. Mom has been trying to put weight on me by adding carbs to my diet, but I havn't gained 1 ounce. I am very thin. My mom wants me to enjoy the time I have left, so she took me out for my favorite thing in the world...a joyride! She took me to Home Depot and Wal-mart because doggies can go in with their people. She carried me, I didn't have to sit in the cart. I got hot in the car, so Mom took my shirt off. She got gas, but the girl who pumped mom's gas looked at me and gave mom a dirty look. She saw my shirtless, skeletal body and assumed mom wasn't taking care of me. It hurts to see that. Mom has taken so much care of me, and I love her so much. I had a good day with mom. Joyriding in the middle of summer. It doesn't get any better than that.


Update for my friends

May 29th 2013 9:39 pm
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Mom and I have been inseperable. We've been "on the road again" everyday, and she's been taking lots of pictures of me. I had a weigh in, and I have not gained any weight. You can see and feel my microchip, that is how skinny I am. Mom keeps me in a shirt everyday to keep me confident around the bigger dogs. I've tried 3 kinds of prescription foods, and I finally found one that works. I sleep alot, but I'm also eating and feeling happy. I want to thank everyone who keeps praying for me. I wish I had more positive news, but I just wanted to keep everyone posted. For now, I just want to spend every moment with mom, making sure she knows how much I love her. Humans keep themselves so busy that they need constant reminding.


Time to ask for prayers

April 29th 2013 7:13 pm
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It is Monday. I went to work with mom and she weighed me. I have lost almost half a pound in one week. I now weigh 4.0 pounds. They were going to switch me to a hypoallergenic food, but have decided to use a gastrointestinal diet. My energy is down too. I sleep alot more. I love riding in the car and looking out the window while sitting on the arm rest. Now I just go to sleep on mom's lap while she drives. The doctors don't really know what to do for me. I'm eating like a horse, but losing weight like crazy. I'm not vomiting, I'm not having diarrhea, but I'm losing protein. Please keep me in your thoughts.


I'm getting smaller

April 24th 2013 8:45 pm
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My mom had to take me with her to work. I was not acting like myself this weekend. I would wander off and get under a blanket. This is not how I operate. I have to be with mom at all times. Usually, I am too afraid to be alone, but mom knew I wasn't feeling good when she had trouble finding me. When I went to work with mom, I had lost even more weight. This is not good, as I don't have much left to spare. I'm wasting away at 4.4 pounds. The doctor said, "Let's run the ultrasound over him." I did not like laying with my stomach exposed, but mom held my front legs and rubbed my face, and made it better. They looked all through my lower GI tract. I'm so small that it presented some challenges. The doctors saw some wierd things around my gall bladder and bile ducts. There was "sludge." Perhaps my bile ducts weren't emptying properly, they thought. This led to blood tests, and I'm beginning to resent getting poked in the neck. I got extra hugs from mom, so I guess it wasn't all bad. The blood tests all looked good, as far as the liver was concerned, but my proteins are low. Somewhere I'm losing protein. They ruled out pancreatitis. It is IBD, and the doctor said it is a very real possibility that it could be cancer that is hiding. Off to the x-ray machine, but my x-rays looked wonderful. By the way I look, and the way I'm losing weight and protein, cancer is a very real possibility. It is just a matter of finding it. Mom is hoping that I can put some weight on, and put the whole cancer theory to rest. Time will tell.


Really? Dog of the Day!

April 17th 2013 7:26 pm
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I don't completely know how it happened, but I was minding my own business, and mom came home from work. She nibbled on some carrots that I really wanted to taste, and found out that I was chosen as Dogster's Dog of the Day. I looked around thinking maybe there was some mistake that had been made. Mom, did you read something wrong? Little 4 and a half pound, and shrinking, me is the Chosen One? My head was spinning, and then I saw all the gifts my friends had left for me!!! I would like to thank Nina for making me a commemorative picture for my page. Thanks to Abbie and Smiley Cassanova for sending me pawmail congrats; and to those who wanted to become friends with me. I want to thank everyone who gave me rosette gifties: Teddy & Casey; Natcho; Annie; Tinkerbelle & Natasha; Zoe, Inkspot & family; Precious Pup; Walker, Alexandria & family; Sammy Jo & family; Angelica & family; Angel Bosco, Kaci & family; Charlie, Abby & family; Angel Whisper & Dixie; and Quigley. A dog cannot ask for a better group of friends! I'd also like to thank 3 groups I'm in for recognizing my honor today: The Canine Lounge, Dogs Just Want To Have Fun, and Fur Frenzy. It means alot to me and my mom. And mom said that Zane was probably smiling down at me from heaven. That made me proud!

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