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here we go :o)

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birthday and dog show

January 25th 2013 9:31 am
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my birthday was yesterday..
It wasn't a nice one :o(
First we all were in bed til about 4pm, cause mom was sick. Well, that was ok since we got to snuggle a lot.
Then mom got herself ready and we went for a walk for the ladies. On the way Jojo got attacked by a nasty and mean dog. She seems ok, but might have hurt her bad leg again. We got to wait and see. Mom will go see the dogs owner today - she was out with the dog walker - and tell them what happened. It was an awful fight this dog put on and I witnessed it. I screamed and was so scared about Jojo. Mom was desperate, she cried, because I just got over the attack several months ago. Jojo was attacked, too.
I had a hard time calming down. Mom called dad, who came home right away. He was really pissed, too..
At some point I calmed down, Jojo shook it off. She seemed ok. Just her leg, but she might just be sore.
Dad, mom and I decided to go to one of my favorite areas in the city to see how I was doing. The girls staid home and we took off.
First we went to our cafe. On the way we met several dogs. Mom gave me a jackpot, enormous, huge treat for every dog we passed. We decided to ignore all dogs we meet. Then we spent some time at the cafe. I was really good.
On the walk after the cafe visit, we met many, many dogs, I got jackpots for them all. That was neat :) We even went to my pet store!!
I got birthday treats and there were many dogs in the store. Mom did some group treat games and have me say hi to them. All cool :o) One dog made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but after I sniffed it and mom told me to come and sit, I was fine.
We bought food, too!
Then we went back home. It was a great evening walk and I am glad we did it. All those jackpots :D yum*
Today we will go back to our daily routine and do all the fun stuff, meet up with our pal.
Looking forward. I am sure this time I am just fine. Mom and dad handled it differently, with more confidence. That was a wise choice. I trust mom and dad and if they say that that's how we do it, then that's how we do it.

The dog show is coming up tomorrow and I will meet up with several of our SD friends and some non SD friends. That is awesome. I have never been to the dog show, but to the rodeo and stock show!
I will let you know how it was :o)

Thank you all for your birthday wishes..


yay, we wrote an article :o)

January 22nd 2013 9:10 am
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Mom and I wrote an article - have fun reading! and feel free to check out the youtube channel, link at the bottom of the article, and mom's facebook page where you can find many many photos of the training process and more videos! you can find mom under 'Sonja Ohldag' -training-chief

happy woofs to you all :o)


day at the beach, symphony, city and campus

December 8th 2012 11:36 pm
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Yesterday my brother Archer and I went to the beach with our moms. It was awesome. I think we ended up playing for like 20 hours with each other and with other dogs. The weather was perfect..!
When we got back home, we went on the old ladies' hike on the trail. Jojo did not have the brace on, because it did not fit properly. The wedge under her foot was too high. Mom did not want to hurt Jojo by putting it on.
In the evening dad came home for a few hours to take us to the symphony! It was great. I even got to scoot across the carpet *yay* and "accidentally" nibble a teddy bear under the teddy bear tree ;o) Just one nibble and my lame mom goes "no! don't do that". So I didn't.
Symphony was great, all three of us fell asleep ;o)

This morning, mom and dad sat down and adjusted the shoe, by shaving a chunk off the bottom of the foot. Now it's absolutely perfect!
We put it on her this morning and she walked like she never did before. Apparently it takes the pressure off the leg and supports it really, really well. What a great brace!
We hung out at our cafe, had lunch, walked around with the ladies and met our pal, Bonnie and her mom. I decided to take everyone to our pet store. We got loads of treats and love. Dad bought Bonnie a jingle collar, too and she does not mind it :o)
In the afternoon we drove back home, where we took a break. Mom had to do a few things. But at some point we did our daily "workout". I can now dunk three items after another by name. They are all on the floor at the same time, mom names them, I get them and put them in a bowl. That was a tough chore to learn, but I think I will be able to do it with even more items, soon. Mom said we should shoot for 20 different ones by name. That would be cool!
We practiced opening the door and getting the pouch, crossing legs, biting tail, shame..... it was fun - as always.
Once we were done, we went on a short walk with the ladies and got in the car to go visit dad at work to have dinner with him.. He is hardly home, due to his experiments. It's kind of sad, because our Hanukkah is lame, we still have no menorah - ours broke before last year's Hanukkah. We don't even have candles. What a shame. But celebrating Hanukkah alone is no fun either :*(
Instead mom and I ended up at a church on campus to listen to the caroling. It was beautiful. Mom does not go to church - long story..
The nice guy, who makes sure all are happy during the event, took mom to a special room, right next to the actual inside of the church. It was a room for people, who want to listen, but not be inside. Perfect. I was really good, cause church is already for advanced puppies. I can be a dork, but this night I was perfect. There was another woman with her dog, who listened to the caroling. I was so very tempted, but could resist. He walked in the door, all of a sudden, with his mom. Mom gave me a very, very, very "yousayawordorgetupandIwillkillyou" look. I decided that it was a great idea to stay put on mom's foot and listen to the beautiful singing.
Right before the end we left. What a nice evening and this beautiful silence felt so good.
sending warm wishes and happy thoughts :o)


doing well with the training :o)

December 6th 2012 8:48 pm
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Yesterday the mom and I went to visit the people at dogster!
They are funny and cuddled and kissed and goofed with me :o)
I truly enjoyed all the attention ♥
We wanted to meet up with our new friend Bonnie, who lives with Mocha's mom, now, but mom felt like crap, so went home *sigh*

We have been doing lots of trick fun, which I really, really like..!
We went through my repertoire, added a few new things, got into more detail with others, changed old ones, added distance, length, etc..
I like variety and so does mom.
She had to make a list of things we have been working on so far - it turned out to be quite long......
in random order:

1. basics, such as sit, stay, settle, heel, align, keep going, turn about, stand, come, go, wait, come on..

2. touch
3. nudge (ball with nose or any other item to make it move)
4. leave it
5. open and get the pouch for the meds
6. push (opening doors)
7. close (doors or drawers)
8. gimmie (items into my hand)
9. dunk it (items into a bowl)
10. chest (resting in a "settle" on my chest for seizures)
11. calm (on my lap calmly and quietly)
12. button (bottom door buttons and other fun buttons to push)
13. knock it over (items, slamming doors, kicking legs.. with his front paws)
14. paw
15. high fife
16. pray
17. ledge (open ledges - baaaad idea)
18. bow
19. weaving (legs and poles and arms)
20. socks (undressing in general - socks is just an example)
21. check (looking into the direction I ask him to by putting my fingers to my ear as a cue for left and right)
22. interrupting/alerting to the lip smacking
23. interrupting biting my cuticles
24. making sure I take my meds, by following a certain routine, which includes "touch" my leg until I take the meds and turn off the phone alarm)
25. watch (me)
26. shame *new* putting his nose inbetween his front paws and look awfully miserable
27. hide *new* (hiding a small item under his front paws by holding it like a squirrel holds a nuts - freaking cute!)
28. hold (holding an item in his mouth until released - he frequently carries them when asked, now)
29. picking up items, such as the leash, keys, shoes, socks, ...... by name.
30. tail (holding his tail) *new*
31. dig (digging on command)
32. sniff his own butt (funny) *new*
33. lift leg on command and not peeing!
34. count (barking) *new*
35. over and under and around (dogs, chairs, fence,....)
36. up and down
37. ramp (going up and down ramps by himself)
38. teeter (-board)
39. such (search items and Hendrik)
40. find exit, restroom, quiet spot
41. get the ball (hand retrieve)
42. on my back (jumps on my back)
43. crossing front legs
44. .................

wow* that's a lot! I am really great at most of them and flaky at others. But altogether I am doing really well, mom says.....
Great I got the list now or else mom would forget ;)

Today we had to go see the Dr for Jojo's new leg. I was a moron, whatever that is. Mom called me that. I just thought it was awesome, barking and pulling Jojo's and Jolanda's leash while we were waiting, making a fuzz, etc. It was fun. Mom looked at me with this "Iamgoingtokillyou" look, but of course, I get away with murder - so I thought. Mom let things be, cause she was busy with Jojo.
But then, oh boy......
Ever since this morning, my walks are super lame and really tiring. I have to do stuff on the way and work obedience things and heel and don't get to do what I want. I am off and on and off and on leash, sit here, watch me there, down, stays........ mom makes me work. She said she was a little "lax" with me. Whatever that it. It was better than the opposite ;o)
Later today we went to the dog store! We got our jingle bells :o)
Unfortunately they had no Hanukkah collars, which is awful, but the red and white ones are nice, too..
Happy holidays everyone!
Other than that we are all well.


I am diary pick today

July 11th 2012 8:25 am
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but dogster did not tell me about it!
Redford did, though.. Thanks Redford :o)
Happy woofs to you all and lots of tail wags


busy busy

July 8th 2012 9:34 pm
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So sorry the link did not work last time I posted.....
I just put all the photos in another album and hope you can open it.
Have fun checking it out :o)
one day I will write a little more - promise. So busy right now.


happy woofs :o)


my trainings album :o)

July 2nd 2012 9:37 am
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I have my own SD trainings album!
Check it out.
Happy woofs from all of us :o) 3.2125874.1214801277&type=3


Archer and BART

June 9th 2012 1:12 pm
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I have been busy busy busy.. you know, we puppies and retired pups are always busy, in a hurry and got no time ;o)
As always mom took photos of the last week, which was bloody brilliant.
My brother Archer was here for an entire week! We had the bestest time ever.
There are more photos, which mom hasn't uploaded yet, but will add them to the Archer album soon :o)
Have a good time checking out the photos!

Archer visiting!!

but then there is more....... mom and Jolanda and I have been practicing for the Service Dog work. I mean, my life is all play and fun, but the fun mom does with me has to do with that work actually. Hard to believe, cause I don't even realize it. I think she hides in the play and cuddle so I won't be suspicious. I love what we do and want to show you how cool life is:

bart practice

the I forgot, have I told you about how I met my sister June the other week?
Boy, we had a really good time. She looks very pretty. Still scruffy, but beautiful. She has a fine life with a fine new adopted brother. Happy girl :o)

Junie, the Fort Fun and my late afternoon playdates <3

and sure enough the mandatory peanut butter photos ;o)

it's peanut butter day!

Have fun! I will keep you posted..


keeping track..

May 29th 2012 7:15 pm
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Can you imagine? Mom said that it takes a village to raise a puppy!! No idea what she is talking about. I have been really good.. Well, ok, a little loss is always included, right?
I go to the beaches a lot, to small doggie meet and greets, I have been on two real hikes even!
I got a swim vest, so I can play around the lakes. Mom and dad were worried that I might drown! Well, I might ;o)
I look really nifty in this new vest :D
I am learning a whole lot of stuff, which I really enjoy.
Also we met up with one of my brothers at the beach last week! He will come visit me for a week very soon :o) That is neat... Jolanda told me that we will meet up with my sister and my brother very, very soon :o)
We took many photos, because mom was already worried that we might not have the time to sit for more than 5 min and write diary entries......
Smart move ;o)
Here they are!



practice at the Memorial

at the beach with my bro Archer


if you are on facebook, please friend us:
sonja ohldag
happy woofs, Chief and sonja :o)


training camp, adoption event, kids playground, the pool and- the soccer kids

April 20th 2012 8:14 am
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Our training camp is coming along great :o)
Mom says we are really smart cookies. Let us show you a few photos, that might be more fun than reading :o)

puppy trainings camp :o)

Mom Jetta went to an adoption event on Sunday. She did very well and did lots of off leash obedience stuff inbetween people and bikes and dogs. Mom said that Jetta was a star. We even got applications for her. For some reason they haven't gotten back to the rescue organization after filing their interest. Mh.. Hope they will.
She really wants her own home..

Jerome and I do lots of going places, meeting up with humans and learning about all sorts of stuff.
For instance playgrounds, which is one of our favorite places. It has children, who we love and moms and dads to say hi to.
We also spent time at the pool and listened to the music they had on for the aquarobic. That was fun. All those nice people.

We did crate training, too! Not a big deal.. The crate takes us fun places and we chose to sleep in it as our bed - therefor it's a nice box.

Then yesterday we went to visit the soccer kids. Mom let us run around with them during practice. They all had a fantastic time and enjoyed helping us get used to stuff. We got cuddled, kissed, we ran with the boys and the moms spoiled us with attention :o) Soccer practice is our new favorite. Mom says that she is very proud of us for being so happy and interested in all sorts of stuff..
No problem ;o)
Enjoy the photos!

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