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Through My Eyes

Sunshine, good times and a new brother (:

April 6th 2012 3:50 pm
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Today I just got home from a week long trip with mom! We went to this place called North Carolina with her mate to see his birth pack (: It was great! I got to romp in the ocean, which was fun except for the waves hitting me in the face sometimes. But I bit the water and showed it who is boss. Then we went on a huuuge walk over this mountain! Mom called it hiking. And we did it from sunrise until sunset. With a few stops for water and snacks of course. We also went in a boat on this river. I didn't like that part much. But it was a good week. Now that I'm back home, I'm kind of sad. Mom's parents decided that when we leave this summer, Motomo is staying with them. He doesn't actually belong to mom as humans would say. He is really her dad's. So he doesn't get to come with us. I'm going to miss my older brother. But mommy says I'm going to get a new brother (: She is looking for a male shepherd who's my age or younger. So I won't be lonely (: I hope she is able to find one soon. Now it's time for a nap! So much fun, excitement and thinking makes a shep tired (;


A New Pack

July 15th 2012 12:56 pm
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Well, it's wierd not having my big brother as a big brother anymore. Mommy still hasn't gotten me a little brother yet, but she promises she will before my 3rd birthday!!! For now, I have two new cousins to play with!!! Their names are Schatzi, Ellie and Rocky. Mom says Rocky is a "boxer" and that he was rescued from a bad place. He only has three legs, but he's fun to pick on. Ellie is a shetland sheepdog. She likes to herd stuff just like me!!! Ellie and Rocky are both a few months older than me, but right now we're all two! Schatzi is only seven months old right now. She's a shepherd, too! But mom says she is a "patterned sable." Whatever that means ;) I love to run and play with Schatzi. I'm teaching her a lot about being a shepherd and the rules of running the house.
I also have my friend Nick. He's older than my big brother was! And he is a lot bigger than me! Mom says he's American showlines. I can't wait to play with my friend Nick and my cousins together!!!
So, I guess I can wait until mom gets my new brother. Since I have great cousins. My pack is growing and it's really fun.

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