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December 11th 2012 4:23 pm
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I have a twitter account! Come see! Come see!



December 11th 2012 4:22 pm
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December 11th 2012, This morning when we went outside,there was white stuff everywhere, momma says it is called snow,well, let me tell you, i ran all around and around in it! I even ate some! It was so much fun. I like this stuff called snow!



June 24th 2012 6:30 pm
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It is Sunday June 24 2012. I had so much funnish today! Momma and Auntie bought me something called a wading pool. It was fun! It was water I got to stand in. I love water. I recently started to put my face under water and stand in my water dish in the house, I don't think momma liked that, I guess that's why they got me this! It was mommas fault though. You see I love icecubes, and momma put some in my water dish, so I took them out. That's why I keep face diving in and standing in my water dish, to see if she put more in there. Well, they put some in my new wading pool. I had so much fun jumping in the pool and getting the ice cubes! Then, they showed me something called bubbles. Boy were those interesting. I had funnish chasing them and trying to catch them. Later, in the evening we always go outside when it cools off to sit for awhile. Tonight when we went out though, momma was picking up my toys, she does this every evening. You see I have special outside only toys. Well, Auntie suddenly yelled it's hurt! Now momma knew Auntie was not talking about me, I guess momma just knew Auntie meant there was a hurt animal of some sort in my yard. Sure enough! I saw it, and being a hunting dog by nature, I am part pointer, I went for it! It was a bird. But momma scooped me up and I dropped it. Momma and Auntie rushed me back into the house, I watched them from the window, the bird was gone. I heard them say they think it was just dazed from flying into my fence and it must have been able to just fly off. They brought me back outside, I looked and looked but I guess they were right, that bird was gone. I had a busy day! WOOF.

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