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I Light the Way

March 2nd 2012 3:33 pm
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Okay! If you've ever heard the Akita Hachiko story, I love it! Though it is a symbol of loyalism and perseverance, I've been thinking about it these 2 days. Guess what I figured out?
Starlight and Goldie waiting for Evelyn and Sophia!
You know what? It's not that hard to go to the class place, sit down, and wait.
I know what you're thinking: This is a simplified version of Hachiko. But in that story the owner dies, and no way Evelyn is only 17 and she is NOT going to die. Well, if so, I'm going to shine a star and save her life. Then I'm going to be the hero of the world. But what I care about more-is my owner and her lighting life.
Well, while Evelyn and Sophia were at class, we sneaked out of the house, pawed around and smelled and listened. Hmm... Turn left, pass the funny rainbow car...turn right, turn left at the weird naked statue (Evelyn says there's nothing much about it, just a work of art.) How could it be a work of art? I turned away and disappeared from the people's eyes.
Sniff... Sniff... Aha! "Goldie, do you smell them?"
"Yeah! I hear they're having baking class in the barkery up ahead. It sure smells wonderful!"
I smiled and tossed my head. "Lasagna?" We ran towards the barkery. Goldie rolled her eyes and stuck out his tongue. I laughed.
"Starlight!" Goldie skidded to a stop, sticking a paw in front of me. I bumped into it slightly.
"How could we react when she finds us there, sitting down like angels?"
I retorted as a deep thinker, "Maybe, you and I think, what would SHE do?"
Goldie tossed her head. "Duh! Be puprised, trying not to show it, if the teacher is looking. And stop being so bossy."
I rolled my eyes at Goldie. "Good work. Well, just then," I pulled her in a corner. "I got an idea on what to do. Speaking our your annoyed reply just now, we cock our heads and stick out our tongues. Then look loyal."
"OK, fine." Goldie is a smart, sly, loving but stubborn Golden Retriever. I don't plan on falling in love with my friend, so we smart Goldens have a sign hidden in our basket saying in red marker, "Spay and neuter us." When it's time, we plan on showing it to them.
Well, we sat in front of the barkery. The owners noticed us in slight shock and we cocked our head and stuck out our tongues as planned to. Then they both giggled, and we looked loyal-at least tried to-I am one no-good loyal looker.
Who said I wasn't loyal? We are going to do this until she graduates from college.
Well, we got some praise and attention from Evelyn and Sophia. This is so totally awesome.
The weird thing is that, I actually get to type on a computer. Goldie writes with pen. Some days, we just sit side by side and write in our journals (Diary sound weird for a record maker star like me.)
Well, that's the stardom of the day.


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