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Thads training

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Puppy class

March 7th 2012 11:53 am
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This puppy class went rather fast on showing us sit, down, stand, and heel. There are three more classes then we start beginners at 6mons. They don't use hand signals but I do and also use clicker with no complaints. Thad was sitting already and working on down, also said he has a fantastic heel(I only have him walk at my left at this time) and stand is going to be something new to him, plus they don't do watch me and we do.
He had his first hair cut today and it looked really good. I watched from afar so he did not know I was there. A little trouble with the face but all and all he did not complain and gave the girl kisses.


Friday March 2

March 3rd 2012 10:38 am
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Did the normal routine this morning, worked on watch me and sit. He went poo poo twice tonight!!! Went out in front of Wal Mart and let people pet him. Went to big lots to pick somethings up and brought Thad inside.


Day 4

February 28th 2012 8:04 pm
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Went walking this morning and worked on watch me while walking. Thad met my therapist this afternoon and made a good impression. He got sick again on the way home. Just played the rest of the evening till bed.


Day 3

February 26th 2012 9:33 am
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Worked on watch me and he seemed to be picking up on it good. The potty training going pee is doing fine, but pooping is another story. He has used it outside a few times since he's been here. Took Thad for walk he is doing great at the not pulling and staying at my side. Went to meeting with him and he laid down the whole time he was there.


Day 2

February 25th 2012 7:16 am
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Took Thad out for a walk at 8:00am. Then I took him to Petsmart it's adoption day and we made an appointment for his first grooming. After leaving there we went to Dollar General where I me a girl who was training a therapy dog we were denied access because he was not a seeing eye dog. (Please) The cashier said that the manager called his district manager and they all said it was unsanitary because they sold food. I asked for corporates phone number which I called and stayed there and waited till it was all worked out. I Probably would not have done that in the past but my listserv through PSDS help me out a lot. Thad got sick again on the way home.
Feed Thad when we returned home and now just doing the crate thing trying to get him to go and not play or not do it outside and wait till he's in the house to do it.


Socializing day 1

February 24th 2012 1:37 pm
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Got up and used it first thing then went for a walk and ate something and used it again a half an hour later we went to pet smart to return a collar that was to big I had bought the day he arrived. We met several people, dogs and shopped, for a first outing he did well a little shy. He relieved Himself before we went to our way to our next location. Did ok at Graces Closet no one was there and it was a little easier, plus I held him. He did have an upset tummy and vomited in the car on the way home.


April 3

November 30th -0001 12:00 am
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I started a new class to night with Thaddeus and I think we will like it. It has to do with continuing the training we have already been doing. Tomorrow we finish up on another class we were taking.
Been continuing training with Paws and touch.

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