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Thads training

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July 3-9

July 9th 2012 12:41 pm
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Went to training class and we worker on the usual but faster and also stand stays, going around our dogs at sit stays. I can do all that and walk over Thad already we just need to work on stand stays and downs on command.

We have been working on down stays and stand stays today.

Went to see a movie by ourselves and I got overwhelmed, Thad only laid down the first hour and would not go back down the second I think that was because of how I was feeling.

We worked on down stays and stand stays and other things like the weave 8s and heels all day today.

Today Thad went down without a problem on command and did a whole min on stand stays with me walking around him.


June 27

June 27th 2012 8:05 am
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After working on heeling and stay stands we called a friend and went to the sewing store with our mommies. They needed some down time after visiting the stores so we went to lunch at this place with red, white and blue stuff everywhere, mom called it the USA Cafe. While our moms took their time eating and talking me and my friend took a nap. I was so good when she was finished eating and paying for the meal she gave me a piece of duck jerky. when we got home we work on leash with down stays, sit stays and figure 8's.


June 26 A day at school

June 26th 2012 7:58 am
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It is my daughters 22 birthday today and we sent pictures of Thad and I.
Thad and I also practiced for class tonight and went to the park for a walk. At class we reviewed what we did the wk before and learned stand stay, weaving in a figure 8 around cones and speeding things up in a heel.


June 23

June 23rd 2012 3:30 pm
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Have not written all wk but Tuesday went to Urology Dr and had test run took hubby to watch Thad. He was so good and everybody was in awe of him, later that night we went to Red River for his class. We learned right turn, left turn, round about, sit stay and down stay. He said we are learning fast the first four wks and will refine the last. We have been practicing for 20 mins at a time everyday and he is getting what he did not do prefect better. We still have problems with me having to say down more than once, however once he's down I can jump and walk around him without him moving for a min.


June 16

June 16th 2012 2:36 pm
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My brother showed up from Afghanistan two days ago and have not practiced with Thad. We took off for TX last night and it has been a disaster being here but are heading for home today. Poor Robert(hubby) is so tired from Brian wanting to unload the truck at 2am in the morning. As for Thad this was his first trip and it was 4hrs and he did wonderful. Brian's house even has stairs we practiced walking up and down.


June 14

June 14th 2012 12:50 am
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Had our daily walk and went to our last class a PetSmart for intermediate distraction training, a filler between the puppy class and beginners class. We did 20ft come when called in sit and down with stays and waits, leave its and watch me at the door at PetSmart for 1min. Did the down stays in isles with lots of distractions, people and dogs through out whole store. Sir Thaddeus the Great passed all he was tested on and got a certificate of graduation for completing the class.
After the class we went by Brookshires and the Dollar General to pick up some stuff for dinner with my brother and as always Thad gets lots of complements for being so well behaved. Came home and made spaghetti and meatballs, asparagus, and garlic bread for supper with triple layer chocolate cake for dessert. Tomorrow Thaddeus and the rest of us are packing the remains of his things heading for Tx after he talks to his attorney and then back to Afghanistan he goes.
My brother had originally paid for Thaddeus for me so I could have a Standard Poodle to have a better chance this time.(I paid him back) Thaddeus has been the biggest blessing to me since I've gotten him and my brothers unselfishness just amazes me with what this women has put him through, however I believe he can do more to put her on the hook for what she has done to him, their children and the animals she has had and killed out of neglect.


June 13

June 13th 2012 12:24 am
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Went for our daily walk today and in a couple of stores where I was told Thad is so well behaved they can't believe he is only 6mons. Did our 20 mins of practice today and he did very well on his heels. I was even impressed on his stays both sitting and laying down. Not sure about stopping the sitting it just feels wrong to stop that think I will ask some people on my list what they think about it. The person who said about never sitting has a program trained dog and the person using the SD is short and going blind it might not be the same recommendations for me.


June 12

June 12th 2012 12:16 am
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Today we went for a walk were they are putting the new dog park, went to our therapist appt and had a play date with her son's SD Nanda. Loren has to have surgery on his neck so until his hallow is off which will be about three months our appts are suspended. She said she will call when she gets back home, they are going to a hosp in Min.
Tonight is our 1st class in the beginners and we are excited. Our instructor is the man at RROTC with the GREAT DANE, she is so pretty. I like his teaching style and he said he will work with me and Thad at what ever we need separately. I have high hopes for this class. Hubby's car is broke down so had to pick him up from work on the way to practice tonight.


June 7

June 7th 2012 8:11 pm
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At PetSmart training class today we were the only ones there so we worked on sit stays with distractions and watch mes at the door with distractions, also worked on come when call from a sit stay at a distance with distractions.


June 6

June 6th 2012 5:30 pm
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We worked on sit stays which he did several times for 1min at a time. Then he did comes when called successfully 4 times. I am so proud of him!!!!!

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