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Thads training

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July 23

July 23rd 2012 3:15 pm
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This morning we worked around the house on front finis and later went outside and worked on figure 8s.


July 24-25

July 25th 2012 1:31 pm
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Went to RROTC and worked with a trainer on Thad's skills we need for class next wk. We have one more class left before graduation Aug 7 and he has improved so much since our class last week. The cool thing is now that we have membership in RROTC we can now go and train for free on Wednesday nights beside the working we do at home. He now dose a down stay for 3mins, sit stay for 3mins, and stand stay for 2mins and this is with people walking around and touching him with me at a distance. He is right on with his heels the only thing he really needs work on is fronts being straight and a little closer.


July 31

July 31st 2012 3:37 pm
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This is our last class tonight and next wk the graduation test with no treats. I hope Thad is ready, he did not do good tonight with stand stays and that was usually one of his best moves. Lets just hope he will behave next wk. I will practice with him every day several times a day until then and tomorrow we will go to RROTC to practice with other dogs.


Aug 1

August 1st 2012 11:04 am
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I got my hair cut today cause it was pay day and I hate what she did. It is total not what I asked for and when I asked her to fix a few areas she messed upon she seemed to misunderstand and was making it worse. I will just wait till Patrica gets back. Went to a training class tonight and the foot I lead off with from to the my shoes I was wearing were all wrong, goodness I am all discombobulated as my friend Linda would say. We will work hard for the test next wk. I did get a call from this lady I met in Kroger and she invited Thad and I to a dog show, to meet and greet, on the 16. I also ordered his mobility harness and some patches for it today.


Aug 2

August 2nd 2012 10:58 am
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Went to vets office and picked up some more heart worm med and while we were there I weighed Thad and he weighed 47lbs. We went through everything we have learned thus far at RROTC and Thad nailed them all. He even held a stand stay for 3 mins and front/finish was beautiful.


Aug 7

August 7th 2012 8:06 pm
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Well tonight was graduation night at training and we had a obedience competition. I used hand signal but thought I had mess up more than I actually did cause we scored 196 out of 200 and came in 2nd place. They gave out ribbons and even a trophy for 1st place. I was so totally excited!!!! I got him a mobility harness to start getting use to wearing and walking along beside me so that is our next challenge.


Aug 10

August 10th 2012 2:53 pm
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Today we were late getting started because we had a home inspection so we can buy our home. Thad wanted to be in the middle of it all:) He turned 8mons today so he is officially in his teens.(I thought he was goody enough) We went over what he has learned so far and he was jolly on the spot. I think we will start doing doggie push ups in the morning. Wow I'm still trying to get over he won second place for his training graduation. We tried to call this trainer I know so we could work on the stuff for the CGC. The only thing I really think we need to work on is staying with a friendly stranger for 3mins. Anyways she has a sick dog so I will have to find someone else. I really don't want to use Randy again but I will if I have to.


Aug 12

August 12th 2012 11:43 pm
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Worked on doggie push ups with Thad yesterday and today. Also come when called and front heels. Took Thad to my first day back at Sunday school today he shook hands with people, they to pictures and he was in a down stay all during class. We are not going to the regular service till he is a year old and past his last fear period. We went to eat at a Chinese restaurant after and he was in a down stay under the table whole time and also shook hands with owners little girl.


Aug 15

August 15th 2012 1:16 pm
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Worked on what we learned so far and did doggie push ups. Went to visit a neighbor and she had a cat, Thad's first reaction was a bark then growled a couple of times but was quiet after I told him to leave it. He is such a good boy!


Aug 16

August 16th 2012 7:47 pm
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Took Thaddeus to get shampooed and brushed this morning. Went home did doggie push ups and got ready for this afternoon. Took my car to Rob's work and waited for Nancy to pick me up. She had with her the cutest little Toy poodle named Gracie. Went to this place called Azalea Estates Assisted Living it is a retirement community and turns out us and three other dogs who where all dressed up in clothes/some in costumes entertained these old ladies for two hours. I told them about Thad and what he does for me and had his mobility harness. He is no where ready to be a mobility dog yet just getting use to the gear. I explained he was a pysch dog and what he did for me and my PTSD. He was so good with the other dogs there and let the olde ladies pet him. This one kept telling Thad home much she loved him.

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