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Thads training

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May 23

May 23rd 2012 6:07 pm
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I rented to videos from Bowwowflix one on training and the other message. Today we worked on things we learned early in training that was on the video like sit, stay, no pulling, take it, leave it, drop it and also gave Thad a message.


May 24

May 24th 2012 6:16 pm
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We got up early and went for a walk around the block hubby, Thad, and I. We played hard this morning so when we got to intermediate doggie class he was calmer than he was last time. WE reviewed what we had worked on all the weeks since we had started, the trainer Brittany was having morning sickness, she also stressed how we need to be working on come when called at home. Next week there will be no class because she wants to go on vacation but we will just have class into the 2nd wk of June. Today is also my Birthday so we went to Goodwill, Walmart, Graces Closet, and Brookshires finally for lunch. We practiced a little while on our come when calls.


May 25

May 25th 2012 6:46 am
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Worked again on heels today and sit stays. He seems to be getting real good at heels but he does not hold his stays for longer than 20 sec. We also worked on watch me, Thad, clicks with mouth and he is real good at thoughs.


May 26

May 26th 2012 6:49 am
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Worked on heels and dang he's improved so. Stays are about the same and he is showing improvement on come when called. Worked on leave it to I think he has got that one down.


May 29

May 29th 2012 3:30 pm
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Thad, hubby and I went for a walk today worked on heels and with me. Went to the therapist and her son's SD played with Thad and even tried as he might to get Thad to play with the ball with him of no avail. I don't know why but have to work later on getting him to retrieve items he just is not interested in it now. He will play with things I throw but run off with them like I should retrieve them from him and that is not happening:) After we left the therapist we went to the Wonder Bread store, then to Brookshires, Walgreens and finally to the Caddo Library to return some books. When we returned home we napped for half hour and then went for another walk.



May 31st 2012 6:26 am
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We went for a ten minute walk this morning and worker on with mes. Went to get some soap free shampoo from the vets for Thad and Boo Boo then to Krogers and bought a sandwich and a soda. After that we went and walked some more at a shopping center and then later that night we took another little walk. Thad is getting into everything so I am not only working on the with mes but I once heard a tired dog is a good dog;0)


June 4

June 4th 2012 9:25 am
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Thad and I just laid around all weekend and played lazy. Today we worked on with mes. Went to Urologist and found out I need to get 2 test they think I have tumors in my bladder. They all loved Thad and he was such a ham. We took Boo Boo to get groomed and took Sweetie(long haired dachshund) with us to and all she did was bark and Thad kept his composure the hole time. I bought Thad a new collar till the leather one I bought comes in the mail and I guess I did not tighten it enough cause he got loose. Thank the lord there were people in the parking lot cause the kept an eye on Boo and Sweetie while I got Thad back in his collar. We went and signed up for our next class at Red River Obedience Training and already got our first assignment. I hope Thad and I get this recall thing down good cross your fingers.


June 6

June 6th 2012 5:30 pm
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We worked on sit stays which he did several times for 1min at a time. Then he did comes when called successfully 4 times. I am so proud of him!!!!!


June 7

June 7th 2012 8:11 pm
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At PetSmart training class today we were the only ones there so we worked on sit stays with distractions and watch mes at the door with distractions, also worked on come when call from a sit stay at a distance with distractions.


June 12

June 12th 2012 12:16 am
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Today we went for a walk were they are putting the new dog park, went to our therapist appt and had a play date with her son's SD Nanda. Loren has to have surgery on his neck so until his hallow is off which will be about three months our appts are suspended. She said she will call when she gets back home, they are going to a hosp in Min.
Tonight is our 1st class in the beginners and we are excited. Our instructor is the man at RROTC with the GREAT DANE, she is so pretty. I like his teaching style and he said he will work with me and Thad at what ever we need separately. I have high hopes for this class. Hubby's car is broke down so had to pick him up from work on the way to practice tonight.

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