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Thads training

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Another day with Thumper

March 16th 2012 11:40 pm
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We went over to Toni&Thumper's today to for me to help paint and to help Toni teach Thumper some commands. I had treats in my pocket so I showed Toni how to do the sit command with hand signals. I also took the opportunity to take advantage of my own training time with sit, down, stand and stays. The dogs played together it was so funny because Thumper is a long haired chihuahua and he crawled on his back and displayed his dominance of being 7yrs old. Later we went to supper at a sandwich shop were Thad laid under the table so quietly. He is just so darn well behaved so young.


March 21

March 21st 2012 10:07 pm
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Toni came over today and went with us to training. Today we learned sit stay, down stay and just stays. Practiced when we got home.


March 22

March 22nd 2012 10:11 pm
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Practiced on sit stays, down stays come when called and sits and also targeting the hand for 1/2 hr in morning. Could not sleep so worked on theses things again at night.


March 23

March 23rd 2012 10:45 pm
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Went and seen my psychiatrist and practiced hand targeting while waiting, introduced her to Thad. She was very impressed because he just laid there and went to sleep. Then we went to the base salon and got my hair cut and Thad just laid there and slept and did not move once till it was done. We went to my husbands work after wards to show him my hair and he liked it. I went by Toni's after but she was not home so I called her and found out she was at a funeral of a old family friend in Arkansas. Went to PetSmart to get more treats. Next we went to Big Lots and he got car sick on the way. He has not been getting sick recently. I picked up some curtains for the house and other things, rain coat for Thad. Went by Critter Co and Krogers got some string cheese to for a training treat. I am looking for that ultimate treat to train with.
When we returned home we practiced with the string cheese and it is that ultimate training treat. We worked on sit stays with all my dogs. Also I introduced place and drop it. He is catching on real fast to everything I have introduced so far. Man is he smart. I always knew poodles where smart but this is great and he has a wonderful disposition. He barley barks and does not fight with other dogs. We practice what all we learn every day for at least 10 to 15 mins and sometimes longer. When this puppy class is through we have to wait till he is 6 mons to take the beginners class and will just take another puppy class in the mean time to continue socialization with other dogs which has gone good so far. Plus it will give us a chance to polish what we have learned before the more advanced class. I would like to take the CGC by the time he is a yr old so we can start on task & work training. I shall see how fast or slow he picks up on things in the mean time.


March 25

March 25th 2012 2:46 pm
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We practiced sit stay and down stays, come when called and sit in front, also hand targeting.


March 27

March 27th 2012 7:13 pm
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Today we went for a walk and worked on watch me's. When we got home we went to doctors and I comforted Mom while she got upsetting news. I continued comforting her while she did some labs. We went into order a takeout lunch and returned home. I missed my brother and sister when we were gone. When my Dad got home he took pictures of my family and me which you will see on my page.


March 28

March 28th 2012 8:48 pm
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Today we worked on touch and watch me's, sit stays and down stays. We went to our last day at Kindergarten class we worked on figure 8s ending in halts, going into a tunnel, jump over a board, walking in plastic pool, hola hoop, kongs push popper kids toy and all kinds of other distractions. At the end of class Ms Deb gave out certificates to show we completed the class. When we arrived home we worked on leave its and drop its. Afterwards we went to Lowes and Walmart where I behaved perfectly.


March 30th

March 30th 2012 7:26 pm
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Woke up at 6:00am this morning to work a yard sale, he behaved so good but was so wiped by the end of the day. It was 81 degrees out and he slept most of the time, at the end he got smart and laid under a table. Afterwards I used my earnings to go to the pet store and by him a harness and some bully sticks. He was just to pooped to party:) We are suppose to do another yard sale tomorrow and I am leaving for a couple of hours to observe a CGC. I just hope he does not get so tired tomorrow, am giving him plenty of water.


March 31

March 31st 2012 4:00 am
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It was so hot and hard on Thaddeus yesterday that I think I will leave him inside part of the time. I set up the yard sale and my friend set up hers at 9:00am I am going to watch try outs for therapy dogs CGC.
Turns out my car is leaking oil and my hubby has to tighten my oil plug so I am already running late for the CGC. Get there and they are already going on. It was surprisingly not as much or hard as I thought it would be. We still have work to do but at least I know what to work on. Thad is so well behaved and know hand signal for a few things and only has to be told once that he impresses people at only being 16wks old.
When I get back I stop by another persons yard sale and pick up somethings for the grandchildren then its back to my sale. It is 11:30am by the time I get back so I let Toni go and check out some of the other yard sales. I start dinner about 3pm and she returns back. We have a few more looky lews then we go in eat and close up for the night. After dinner I help her tear down and we went to a few stores to spend our earnings:) Then she leaves and I go to sleep.


April 3

April 3rd 2012 11:27 pm
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Mom took me shopping to buy a few things around 10am we practiced waits, sits, downs, leave its. Went to PetSmart to get new harness I was bored and mom left mine on me at bed time so I chewed it up. Mom met a nice lady there and talked a while and exchanged phone no.s she is going to help her train her SDit. Then we went to a Drs appointment and Afterwards we took home this paper(Articles Of Incorporation) for a non profit organization for SDs for people and typed it out. Then we took Sweetie and picked Boo Boo up from the groomers.

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