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Thads training

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Jan 8

January 8th 2013 2:17 pm
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Yesterday had a dr appt and he did real well staying down he only got up once to make sure I was ok. Later that night we went to our first class in novice and it is going to be great because it teaches a lot of things we need for walking better with his harness on. It is more advanced for competition training which I don't ever plan on doing but it will help in the areas we need.
Today we went to my dentist for my teeth cleaning and they thought he was a different dog because he had gotten so big from the last time we were there, he did get up twice though. We practiced some of what we learned in the morning and then again when we came home and are going to practice more now.


Jan 13 Training and illness

January 13th 2013 9:01 pm
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We have trained everyday twice a day since our last entry except 2 of the days. I was feeding Thad lamb and rice since he got back from his away time at the trainers and he vomited Friday and had diarrhea that night so Saturday I fed him what I had left of his old bag. I switched flavors not brands so I think his stomach is just sensitive to the lamb. I took his food back to PetSmart today and witched it for salmon for sensitive tummies in the same brand and hope this will solve the problem. I did train him the 2 times today and will add one more from here on out.


Jan 14-18

January 18th 2013 9:27 am
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We practiced twice a day everyday. Thursday the 17 we went to a noon meeting where Thad did a perfect under and stayed down the whole hour. At the end when everyone stood for the Lord's prayer he started to get up and I told him down stay and he did perfectly till I told him up. We have also been practicing front/finish where he was a little off center when he would do his fronts and now is almost consistently coming in straight before sitting. Does a great finish.


Jan 20

January 20th 2013 8:59 pm
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Took Thad to a meeting with me where he was catching on to my anxiety and I tried to get him to lay back down he smack me with his paw on the leg, nudged me then a real low growl and I let him back up and he laid his head on my lap and applied deep pressure. It was like I finally figured it out and he was so good after. We practiced fronts where he comes in straight after we came home.


Thad's day at novice Jan 21

January 21st 2013 10:00 pm
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We practiced our novice stuff at home today and tonight when we went to practice he was off the whole time. He had it today at home but did not want to do right at practice. Other dogs seem to be having the same problem this lady said she thinks its the weather. lol We had a meeting at the RROTC after and I volunteered to work the raffle table at the obedience & rally trails. He behaved and laid down at the meeting I was proud of him.


Learning Paws Jan 23

January 23rd 2013 12:10 pm
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Went to my friend Kim's office for a therapy secession and also she has been helping me with teaching Thad some of the task I need him to learn. Today we worked on paws where he will learn to put his paws on me and lean over for deep pressure. He can apply deep pressure, however, it will be more automatic and full deep pressure when we are through with putting together lap, paws then lean. He is now doing paws and we will continue practicing this several times a day till it becomes automatic. Lap is pretty much automatic and after he learns paws we will work on lean.


Jan 28

January 29th 2013 1:42 pm
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Did some practicing around the house. I have made my garage a practice area. We practiced paws on chair and also paws on me in chair he is making great strides there. We also practiced all the novice stuff. Went to RROTC that night and we practiced supervised separation and he did really well there it won't be long for the CGC. Also practiced walking around the ring with him sitting in place like for competitions. I don't ever plan on competing but think constant practice no matter what it is with other dogs is good.


Jan 31

January 31st 2013 4:22 pm
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Practiced paws yesterday and added lap to it with him doing it on me, he's got it just need to keep practicing. Later that night we went to RROTC for practice on down stays for 3min & sit stays for 3 min, also supervised separations. I am thinking about taking another beginners class just to have something keep us motivated and since I am a member its only half price. This Sunday they are having Barkus and Meow on the Riverfront and we have been asked to attend in a demonstration.
Today we again practiced on paws on lap and he is doing great. Then went to a meeting where he had perfect manners.


Feb 2

February 2nd 2013 5:18 pm
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Yesterday took Thad to the groomers and he is so handsome. She made him a bow on his collar for the Mardigra for the Barkus and Meow thing tomorrow. Practiced paws and lap with lean incorporated. I had glasses made for me to read with but they got the prescription wrong, now have to go back Monday after they call my doctor. The groomer told me about saddle soap and mink oil to use on his harness to soften it so he won't run every time I try to put it on him because it is so stiff. Then I ran buy the dollar general and I did all that while Thad was at the groomers but my chest started tightening so I ran back to PetSmart where I could see Thad. I went back by Vision for less after he was finished with his grooming and found out about the goof up on glasses. Cleaned his harness with the saddle soap before we went to bed.

Today we went to Kitchen Collection, Krogers, and the Dollar Tree and his manners where so great everyone kept telling me how well behaved he was. When we got home after letting others dogs out we retreated to the practice room and worked on everything we have learned so far and I even incorporated Take it. He seem to be getting the idea and does bring toys to me occasionally so I think he will pick up on it fast. After the people on this assistance dogs list I on schooled me in the way to use the mink oil I spent about a half hour working with it and the harness.


Feb 3

February 3rd 2013 1:52 pm
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Had breakfast Sunday at church and Thad laid down and stayed the whole time. He went through the line for food like a champ and did not try to get to food.

Went to Barkus & Meow this afternoon and did a demonstration with the other club members. There where so many people there, at first he was calm but after we got off stage there were so many more people who arrived and were still arriving that Thad & I were getting stressed so we left. When we introduced ourselves to the crowd I told everyone he has been training at RROTC since he was 10wks and was training to be my service dog. He did everything I asked of him during the demonstration just kept looking around at all the people when he was in either a sit stay or down stay. I was proud of the both of us for how we handled everything with all the people there. We bought him this hat that was green, yellow, & purple, it looked like he had colorful dreadlocks. Also people kept taking pictures of us, it was really bothering me, my husband said you two might be in the local paper. When he said that I could feel my chest tighten and my Thad came to my rescue keeping me grounded so I did not have a panic attack. We took a nap immediately when we got home then had supper.

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