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Marley's Life :)

Progressing !

December 7th 2012 6:11 pm
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This morning i actually slept in!, my mom was suprised since i usually get up between 7am and 8am and sometimes earlier cuz i have to pee!... this afternoon the cable/internet guy came. At first my mom put me in the crate so i dont start barking, but once i calmed down she took me out. Me and mom sat on the couch and usually i try and protect her and bark but today i fell asleep on her lap... shes very happy with me :D... oh and did i forget, mommy was making me do "puppy push ups" which is (sit/down/sit/down) haha.. she says it was really cute :)


What we have been up to :)

December 6th 2012 11:20 pm
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Soo... my mom hasent had alot of time to write on here. Actually its been almost a year since she did. Heres what's been happening in the last 6 months :)... On July 16th, we moved to Grande Prarie, AB. We there for a month and then moved again to Sexsmith, AB which is basically a town right outside of GP... but it still counts as moving! :P. On November 26th we moved to Fort St John, BC and thats where i am now :). We have been soo busy!, and because of all of this mom hasnt been able to socialize me alot around other dogs... soo ive overcome this "bad habit" called barking?... im not sure if its REALLY bad because im just trying to protect her, i dont want them to hurt her!... She gets pretty annoyed by it, shes trying to get me to stop!... Shes knows its her fault though, haha.... Its hard to go for walks with other dogs right now because theres 4ft of snow and its -20 on most days, so i freeze!, come spring though my mom says shes going to take me to the dog park :), and become more social :), i cant wait i love walks!


Outside Tiime ! :)

February 22nd 2012 11:07 pm
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Yesterday was the first time mommy took me outside, just me and her. Usually I go out side with my brothers and sisters. Or just me and my real dog mommy... and our other doggy siblings :). But today it was OUR first time together :), i went pee outside and mommy was soo happy. But to me it was, just a pee. She picked me up and was kissing and hugging me :), i was happy about that :).

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