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Adventures of Kira

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KIra's 5th Birthday - 12.3.14

December 3rd 2014 2:26 pm
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Thanks everyone for my B Day wishes and gifts. I sure wish that dogster was working properly. I've tried to switch some of my photos under photo manager, but its not working.

Oh well, I'll be sharing a birthday meat loaf with my brother Zack. Mom and Dad make me suffer through their Happy Birthday song, take a photo, then serve up some delicious meat loaf. Lots of fun!


Kira’s new title - 9.15.14

September 15th 2014 11:05 am
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Well, after a year of training, I finally earned my BH title in Schutzhund. Yay! BH is a foundation title in the German Schutzhund sport of tracking, obedience and protection. Mom says I am the most challenging dog she has ever trained. Reason is, I have crazy hunt drive. We’ve worked very hard on refocusing my strong desire to hunt rabbits, squirrels, deer etc. when we are out on walks, hikes and training on the field. I even like to hunt rattlesnakes!

Our next goal is for me to earn a title in tracking. This will be very challenging because I like to hunt rabbits and gophers, but we will try. I am a girl who needs a job…


Cooling Off the Hot Dogs – 5.14.14

May 15th 2014 8:46 am
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What a great time we had yesterday. We went swimming! It’s been very hot here in the bay area, so Mom took us to the San Francisco Bay to cool off. Zack and I played ball until we were tired. It was so refreshing! I can swim all day long, but Zack is not as sure of his swimming and likes to wade instead. As we drove away from the shore I cried all the way home. I LOVE the water! Mom thinks I may be part mermaid…


Springtime and Kira - 4.3.14

April 3rd 2014 9:14 am
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I love spring because Mom and I get to track in soft plowed fields. We drive to the country and track in the soil, early in the morning. Mom buries pieces of food and I have to try and find them and track the odor of her footsteps. As soon as I leave the car I’m ready to work. Once I get more experience, I will be looking for articles, like small pieces of wood, leather and fabric. I love this sport and almost knock over Mom; I’m so excited to search!


Evening Tracking with Kira - 12.19.13

December 19th 2013 6:55 pm
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This evening, Mom and I went tracking and practiced obedience at the park. We are practicing off leash healing, recall, and tracking. I am rewarded with treats and my lovely ball.

When we track, I find articles (gloves) on the track that Mom has laid by walking and dropping treats. This is so much fun, especially when she uses salami and hot dog bits as bait to keep my interest. I keep my nose to the ground to find her footsteps. As soon as I find an article on the ground I have to lie down in front of it. Then Mom rewards me by tossing salami or hot dog on top of it. Great game and tasty too!

On the way back to the car I spotted a deer and began shrieking and jumping. What can I say? I’m an excitable girl!

Happy wags,


An Adventure with Crows 12/17/13

December 18th 2013 8:52 pm
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Yesterday Zack and I were running through the field together, and suddenly we were dive-bombed by a couple of crows! They swooped down over our heads and were squawking at us. How rude! So we chased them to an old dead tree in the park and barked. We would have waited to see what their next move would be, but Mom and Dad called us to hike back to our car. Mom posted a photo of us for you to see us in action.

Your buddy,


Kira Celebrates Her Birthday - 12.3.13

December 3rd 2013 9:21 am
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Today is my 4th B Day and we’re celebrating it with a birthday chicken. Mom will be taking me tracking as a special gift with lot of hot dog bits for me to eat on the trail. The weather here has gotten colder so I am lounging on my comfy bed, warm and cozy….

Your B Day girl,


A Good Day for Kira - Friday, Oct. 4, 2013

October 5th 2013 10:35 am
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Friday was such a good day for me. Mom took me to obedience training and I cleared a 3 foot high jump. My rear leg has healed and I’m a lot more confident now. The instructor says I’m graceful, but I’m just having fun. My surgeon and physical therapist have given Mom and I permission to continue training. Yay!

Your happy girl,


Kira’s First Hike and Swim – 7.27.13

July 28th 2013 9:41 am
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Yesterday was so exciting! Zack and I got to go hiking and swimming in a vineyard called Kunde Family Estate in Kenwood, Sonoma County, CA. The hike and wine tasting was to benefit Marin Humane Society.

We hiked for over 2 hours and got to swim in 3 different lakes! At one point I climbed out of the water covered in green algae. Mom and Dad thought I looked very Irish… Before we went home they made sure I washed off in a clean pool.

At the winery, they provided lots of doggie snacks and flavored water bowls filled with bacon, chicken and beef. Mom had to pull us away from the bacon water bowl. Could have stayed there all day!

My x-rays were excellent, according to my surgeon. But, I still have 4 more weeks of aqua therapy to build up my muscle. If we keep hiking and swimming I’ll be back in training very soon. I love summer!

Happy wags,


Kira's Progress - 7.2.13

July 2nd 2013 10:29 am
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I'm really having fun with aqua therapy. All the staff at Holistic Vet in Oakland like to adore me. I get to walk on a treadmill in the water tank twice a week. The vet tech feeds me cookies while I work out. I'm getting better at walking slowing over low hurdles, and climbing on short platforms. Mom and I have homework: stair climbing, sitting on steps, and lots of squats. We're both getting some exercise. As long as the treats are good I'm eager to work. I'll know on July 11th, when I get my final x-rays if I can play off leash. Life is good!

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